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  • Guilds of Excitement

    Ali sifts through the preview season to find the cards he's most excited to build around when Guilds of Ravnica releases!
  • Looking Towards Guilds of Ravnica Standard

    Mike Likes takes a look at some speculative lists for the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica Standard!
  • Checking In With The Pauper Metagame

    CoolStuffInc welcomes Kendra Smith in her first article exploring the current Pauper metagame!
  • Mother of Invention

    Create an inescapable lock with today's Modern decklist!
  • Sullivan Library: Guilds of Ravnica Red Review

    With Guilds of Ravnica fully previewed, Adrian is ready to do his Red Review!
  • Become Human

    Take a top tier Modern strategy into Legacy with today's decklist!
  • Guilds of Ravnica Modern Highlights

    Jeff Hoogland takes an early look at which cards from Guilds of Ravnica are likely to make it in Modern!
  • A Pauper History of Magic: Mirage Block

    David's history of Pauper rolls on as he highlights many of the most impactful commons from Mirage Block!
  • Ancient Spirits

    Prove that the spirit of victory is eternal with today's Legacy decklist!
  • The Five of My Dreams and Nightmares

    What does it take for a 5-drop to make it in Constructed? Mike thinks a freshly previewed five might have what it takes!