New Player Series - Commander Decks
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  • The 4+3 Things I Learned Testing Modern Last Week

    Mike Flores shares bits of wisdom from his recent bout of Modern testing!
  • Abzan Hero Primer

    Despite Standard being mostly settled, Jeff has found a sweet new deck to shake things up!
  • The Secret Best Decks in Modern

    With Modern somewhat settling, Rudy thinks a couple of decks are well-positioned to take on the Faithless Looting and Ancient Stirrings decks!
  • Mulligan to Nine with Serum Powder Eldrazi

    Jim Davis mulligans in style as he pilots a sweet Serum Powder Eldrazi list in Modern!
  • Revisiting Niv-Mizzet for Best of One

    Adrian returns to his beloved Niv-Mizzet, Parun, looking for ways to make him work in Best of One Standard!
  • Standard Mardu Theater

    Ali takes to the stage and puts on a showstopping performance with a Standard Mardu Theater deck!
  • New Player Commander Decks: Azorius & Izzet

    Abe rounds out the in depth look at the New Player Commander Decks with upgrade ideas for the Azorius and Izzet decks!
  • New Player Commander Decks: Simic & Golgari

    Jason shows off the Simic and Golgari New Player Commander Decks, with some very 75% upgrade suggestions!
  • Bugler Brews

    Mike sounds the alarm as he showcases some sweet Militia Bugler brews in Allegiance Standard!
  • Battle of One: Omni Mill

    Ali's opponents won't know what hit their libraries when he breaks out his latest best of one brew!