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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Ed Grabianowski

    Mogis and Merieke

    Ed brings two Commander brews with very different goals. Close games out fast or have an answer for everything!
  • Ed Grabianowski

    Lost in the Wilderness

    Ed embraces the call of the wild with a fast and furious Samut, Voice of Dissent list that makes big mana to cast big threats!
  • Ed Grabianowski

    Interchangeable Parts

    Ed has a bunch of cards he wants to play, so why not throw them together in a Commander deck and see what happens?
  • Ed Grabianowski

    The Command Score

    Tired of mismatched power levels in games of Commander? Ed has a solution!
  • Ed Grabianowski

    5-Color Commander: Building a Budget Mana Base

    5-color mana bases can be expensive, but Ed thinks they don't have to be.
  • MJ Scott

    Cosplay: Wildseeker Elf and the Toughest Climb

    Cosplay. An artist. Fiction. MJ has a bit of everything flavorful for you this week.
  • Ed Grabianowski

    Vela's School for Wizards

    Vela isn't playing games, but Ed's latest take on her truly brings things to life.
  • Ed Grabianowski

    Isperia, Supreme Judge of Fun

    Flavor court is now in session, and Ed and Isperia are ready to pass their judgment.
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