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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Matthew Lotti

    Lore and Consequences: Karona, False God

    Matthew Lotti brings a close to the story of the Odyssey and Onslaught Blocks with a decklist featuring the central figure!
  • Matthew Lotti

    Wilhelt's Frosty Zombie Aristocrats

    You're in for a ghoulish good time with Matthew Lotti's flavorful take on Wilhelt!
  • Matthew Lotti

    Lore and Consequences: Phage vs. Akroma

    Relive the core conflict of Onslaught block with these flavorful Commander decks featuring Phage and Akroma!
  • Kendra Smith

    The Brothers Urza and Mishra

    With a set covering the Brothers War announced, Kendra is inspired to give the titular brothers Commander decks of their own!
  • Jay Annelli

    Preparing for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

    As we prepare for a second return trip to Innistrad, Jay is here to catch you up on the goings-ons of Magic's Gothic Horror plane!
  • Matthew Lotti

    Oswald's Artifact Ale

    Hopefully Matt's build of Oswald Fiddlebender will crash and burn a lot less than Oswald's ship!
  • Matthew Lotti

    Lore and Consequences: Dakkon vs. Piru

    The battle between Dakkon Blackblade and the Elder Dragon Piru has been rekindled thanks to Modern Horizons 2!
  • Jay Annelli

    Modern Horizons 2 Flavor Gems

    Much like the original, Modern Horizons 2 is bursting at the seams with flavor deep cuts from Magic's past!
  • Matthew Lotti

    Lore and Consequences: Rakdos vs. Kraj

    Ravnica continues to be a rich vein of inspiration for flavor-packed Commander battles! Next up, Kraj and Rakdos!
  • Jay Annelli

    The Blackblade-Dihada War

    Dakkon Blackblade's appearance on the Modern Horizons 2 packaging inspires Jay to tell his story!
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