Magic: The Gathering Skirmish Decks
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  • Revisiting Chromatic Black

    Ali Aintrazi revisits his Chromatic Black deck, adding in some of the new cards from Ravnica Allegiance!
  • Battle of One: Bant Vannifar

    Ali gets experimental with a sweet Bant Vannifar list in the latest Battle of One!
  • Standard Gruul Monsters with Jim Davis

    Jim gets ready to smash Standard as he pilots a Gruul Monsters deck that hits like a truck!
  • Third Place with Simic Nexus

    Ali shows off the Simic Nexus deck he took to a third place finish at the SCG Classic Baltimore!
  • Light 'em Up

    Burn has been a constant, but Skewer the Critics shakes things up as Jim Davis takes on Modern with the classic archetype!
  • Ali Plays Mardu Control

    Ali sleeves up a sweet Mardu Control list for some Best of Three on Magic Arena!
  • Battle of One: Rainbow Gate Lich

    Ali makes some gate-filled updates to Rainbow Lich as he brings it into Ravnica Allegiance Standard!
  • Jund Chainwhirler with Jim Davis

    Jim rattles his chains in Ravnica Allegiance Standard with this sweet Jund brew featuring Goblin Chainwhirler!
  • Lighting Em Up with Rakdos Spectacle Burn

    Jim lights up his opponents as he takes a new Rakdos Burn list into Allegiance Standard on Arena!
  • Ravnica Allegiance Stream Event Highlights

    Check out Ali's highlights from the Ravnica Allegiance Arena Stream Event!