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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jay Annelli

    Preparing for Ravnica

    Jay does his best to plot out the history of events on Ravnica in preparation for the upcoming return to the city plane!
  • Jason Alt


    Do you like to win? Today Jason explores how to win in all kinds of ways.
  • Nick Vigabool

    Standard Snapshot: Metagame in Review

    What was the real story of Standard? Nick tallies the final numbers before the slate wipes clean again.
  • Nick Vigabool

    Standard Metagame Review Quiz

    Think you know Standard? See if you can answer these questions from everything we know before rotation.
  • Jim Storrie

    Gearing Up for Theros

    What will the decks of tomorrow's Standard look like? Jim reviews those you need to know today.
  • Chingsung Chang

    Grand Prix Providence – A Retrospective

    A narrow miss from among the top of standings left Chingsung in thought. This is what his team learned from coming so close.
  • Nick Vigabool

    Standard Analysis: Saint Louis

    Modern Masters may have absorbed your weekend, but Standard continued to evolve. Nick shares what you need to know.
  • Adam Styborski

    Christensen Crashed Gothenburg

    Oscar Christensen won Grand Prix Gothenburg, featuring Return to Ravnica Block Limited.
  • Max Sjoeblom

    Ravnica Block Sealed & Modern Masters

    Max shares how cracked the Ravnica Block Sealed code, yet finds Modern Masters Limited a little lacking.
  • Matt

    Return to Ravnica Block Retrospective

    How has the entire Return to Ravnica block reshaped our cubes? Kranny is joined by Usman as they review the hits from the golden block.
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