New Player Series - Commander Decks
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  • Preparing for Ravnica

    Jay does his best to plot out the history of events on Ravnica in preparation for the upcoming return to the city plane!
  • Winning

    Do you like to win? Today Jason explores how to win in all kinds of ways.
  • Standard Snapshot: Metagame in Review

    What was the real story of Standard? Nick tallies the final numbers before the slate wipes clean again.
  • Standard Metagame Review Quiz

    Think you know Standard? See if you can answer these questions from everything we know before rotation.
  • Gearing Up for Theros

    What will the decks of tomorrow's Standard look like? Jim reviews those you need to know today.
  • Grand Prix Providence – A Retrospective

    A narrow miss from among the top of standings left Chingsung in thought. This is what his team learned from coming so close.
  • Standard Analysis: Saint Louis

    Modern Masters may have absorbed your weekend, but Standard continued to evolve. Nick shares what you need to know.
  • Christensen Crashed Gothenburg

    Oscar Christensen won Grand Prix Gothenburg, featuring Return to Ravnica Block Limited.
  • Ravnica Block Sealed & Modern Masters

    Max shares how cracked the Ravnica Block Sealed code, yet finds Modern Masters Limited a little lacking.
  • Return to Ravnica Block Retrospective

    How has the entire Return to Ravnica block reshaped our cubes? Kranny is joined by Usman as they review the hits from the golden block.