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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Yo! MTG Taps!

    YMTGT Episode 26: Chunky Cold

    This week, Joey and bigheadjoe are joined by special guest Jonathan Medina to discuss the Mythic Championship, Pioneer, and more!
  • guest

    Beyond the Clouds

    What did banning Cloud of Faeries do to Pauper? Guest author John Rohan finds out.
  • guest

    Burning to Eleventh at Grand Prix Pittsburgh

    Modern is heating up, and Brendan had the Burn deck to prove it in Pittsburgh.
  • guest

    Building Multicolored Mana Bases in DGR Limited

    If you've found mana trickier in Draft and Sealed recently, Danny has a simple system to help you sort it out.
  • Inkwell Looter

    One in the Oven: Filth Casserole Magic

    Guest author, and community artist, Inkwell Looter is here to introduce a new casual format he's excited about: Filth Casserole.
  • Jesse Mason

    Welcome to Magic

    A wild guest author appears! Jesse @KillGoldfish Mason puts his first article on GatheringMagic.com, and in it he welcomes all new Magic players with some helpful advice.
  • guest

    For Love of the Game: Balance

    Guest author Josh Begerow talks about finding balance in your Magic life and your real life.
  • GatheringMagic.com

    Judging and Your Competitive Edge

    Alternatively titled, "Or, How to Not Lose by Knowing the Rules"
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