Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North
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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Preparing for Ravnica

    Jay does his best to plot out the history of events on Ravnica in preparation for the upcoming return to the city plane!
  • Drafting with Numot: Guildpact Flashback

    Join Kenji as he time travels back a decade and traverses the RAV-RAV-GPT draft format!
  • Tour de Cards – Ravnica, Part 2

    Why did we return to Ravnica? Brandon breaks down the reasons in cards.
  • What Goes Up – Return to Ravnica

    What's returning in Return to Ravnica? Brandon has the scoop on some old cards that just got way better!
  • (r)eturn to Ravnica

    Still not sure if the original Ravnica is the bee's knees? Bruce has even more awesome cards for awesome use!
  • Ravnica Guidebook – Izzet

    Will it blend? That is the question for every Izzet. See how you can make red-blue the innovators of Commander!
  • Cards from the First Ravnica Block You Missed

    Return to Ravnica is strange for those who missed the first trip. Abe has the scoop on today's tech from the original era!
  • Drafting with Big Nass, RGD #4

    If you want to see what multicolor madness is like, see how Nassim handled another old school Ravnica draft!
  • Drafting with Big Nass, RGD #3

    Bring on the nostalgia! Gear up for your Return to Ravnica at the end of the month with another classic RGD draft with Nassim!
  • Drafting with Big Nass, RGD #1–2

    Prereleases may not be until the end of September, but Nassim is having his own Return to Ravnica!