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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Michael Flores

    Eight Combos that Made Me Fall in Love with Magic

    There are some card combos that bring us closer to the game than ever before!
  • Michael Flores

    Eight Decks No One Liked to Play Against

    The history of Competitive Magic has had some truly miserable decks. Here are eight of the worst offenders!
  • Jay Annelli

    A Brief History of Magic Art Books

    Magic Art books haven't always been. How did they start, and how have they changed over time?
  • Michael Flores

    Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

    Standard has seen bans many times before, so where do the latest bans fall in the scope of History?
  • Jim Davis

    My Signature Spellbook

    Jim looks back at his Magic career and talks about cards that would make up his Signature Spellbook!
  • Kendra Smith

    Revisiting Kamigawa

    Despite its less than stellar original run, Kendra thinks it's high time for a return to Kamigawa!
  • Frank Lepore

    The Problem with Titans

    Are these new cards humongous mistakes? Frank weighs in on what the future might hold in Theros Beyond Death!
  • Jay Annelli

    The Magic of Tokens

    Jay takes a break from Theros to talk about one of his favorite things in Magic: Tokens!
  • MTG 101

    MTG 101: Serra

    Reuben takes you on a journey to discover the story of Magic's resident Angelic planeswalker, Serra!
  • Did You Know Magic

    Did You Know Magic: Slivers ft. Ashlen Rose

    Ashlen Rose returns to Did You Know Magic to tell you all you need to know about Magic's resident hivemind: Slivers!
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