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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jason Alt

    Dream a Little Bigger, Darlings

    Jason goes above and beyond the obvious choices for Thryx, the Sudden Storm and makes room for some of his favorite pet cards in Commander!
  • Jason Alt

    75% Cards in Theros: Beyond Death I Can't Wait to Use

    Jason picks through Theros: Beyond Death to find his favorite 75% Commander Cards!
  • Jason Alt

    The Economics of Stacking

    Jason gets to theorycrafting around a sweet new legend from Theros: Beyond Death!
  • Jason Alt

    Beyond Excited

    Jason can't wait to start building with Theros Beyond Death in Commander, and he gets a head start with one of the previewed legends!
  • Jason Alt


    In the midst of articles decrying the design mistakes of 2019, Jason takes a moment to be thankful for everything Commander received this year!
  • Jason Alt

    The 75% Wish List

    Gift-giving can be stressful, so Jason has taken it upon himself to build the best wish list a 75% Commander could ask for!
  • Jason Alt

    Incorporation Incorporated

    Jason takes a page from his other writings and breaks down how much play some Throne of Eldraine cards are seeing in Commander!
  • Jason Alt

    Legen- Wait for It

    Jason builds a truly legendary Commander list that takes advantage of some of the legendary permanents from Throne of Eldraine!
  • Jason Alt

    Super Pramikon

    Only Jason could take a misheard phrase and a deck archetype from 2010 and make potentially his most 75% Commander deck ever!
  • Jason Alt

    The Sac Pact Attack

    In his quest to steal opponents creatures, Jason turns to an unexpected commander in Ayara, First of Locthwain!