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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jason Alt

    CoreJump 21Start Set Review

    Jason gives you two set reviews for the price of one as he covers JumpStart and Core Set 2021!
  • Jason Alt

    It's Better to Give and Receive

    Jason is revitalized by a sweet new Commander from Jumpstart!
  • Jason Alt

    Let Opponents Fear Your Greed

    Jason builds perhaps his greediest deck yet when it comes to maximizing on lands!
  • Jason Alt

    Sweet Child of Mine

    With the recent ruling on Commander death triggers, Jason revisits the idea of building with Child of Alara!
  • Jason Alt

    Build a Bad Deck (That Wins)

    Jason builds a Commander deck that can rumble with Precons worry free!
  • Jason Alt

    Hulk In For Once

    Jason pays tribute to the fallen Flash Hulk combo the best way he knows how: by building a deck!
  • Jason Alt

    Sudden Spoiling

    When Jason tires of a freshly built deck, he turns to something a little more dynamic to spice things up!
  • Jason Alt

    A Kinder and Gentler Kinnan

    Has a Simic commander been released that will finally let Jason raise his Kydele and Thrasios deck from the ashes?
  • Jason Alt

    Discard or Dat Card

    Jump on the discard train as Jason builds a sweet deck around Rielle, the Everwise!
  • Jason Alt

    The Building Restriction that Wasn't

    75% deck-building loves restrictions, but maybe Umori's restrictions aren't that harsh after all!
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