Throne of Eldraine
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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Throwback Thursday: Pro Tour Philadelphia 2011

    Modern is almost four years old. Look back at its inauguration at Pro Tour Philadelphia in 2011.
  • The Seven-Layer Cake

    Layers are well-defined, but deep and difficult for many players to understand. Justin's primer will help freshen your memory and let you explore the intricacies of the rules! (This article originally ran July 14, 2011.)
  • The New IPG and You

    Hearing things about the new "IPG change" issue? Justin's here with the Level 3 rundown, and a call for questions!
  • What to Do As a Judge

    Getting to be an L1 judge is awesome. What's even better is what you do from there!
  • How You Can Become a Judge

    Ready to level up? Justin shares how to add your first level counters as a judge!
  • Why You Should Become a Judge

    Justin lays the case for you to don the black shirt and maybe, one day, the red shirt. Here's why you should become a judge.
  • Abilities and Mechanics – Scars of Mirrodin

    Justin is here to tackle the mechanics and keywords in the Scars of Mirrodin block. From Infect to Emblems and Zeniths.
  • Abilities and Mechanics in Zendikar Block

    This week Justin takes on the Zendikar set with a look at its mechanics and keywords such as Landfall, Colorless cards and more!
  • Abilities and Mechanics Series – Alara Block

    This week Justin delves into the Alara Block and its mechanics and keywords, from Devour to Cascade, check it out.
  • Lorwyn Mega-Block Abilities and Mechanics

    Turner's series continues, moving on from Time Spiral and into the Lorwyn block to discuss the mechanics and keywords in the block.