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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • MTG 101

    MTG 101: Memnarch

    Dive into the history of Memnarch in the latest episode of MTG 101!
  • Jeff Hoogland

    Karn, Scion of Urza in Constructed

    Jeff tackles GM's Dominaria Preview from a Constructed perspective, exploring Karn's potential in Modern and Legacy!
  • Did You Know Magic

    Did You Know Magic: Karn

    Master of Magics ventures into Karn's past to tell you everything you didn't know about Karn, Silver Golem!
  • Jason Alt

    Color Me Not

    Will Oath of the Gatewatch finally make Karn, Silver Golem easier to build? Jason's latest Commander deck hopes so.
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    26 Decks in a Year, Week 27 — Social Contract

    26 decks across all the colors just wasn't enough. Mark is back to share just one more deck and his philosophy on Commander.
  • CMDR Decks

    Karn, Silver Golem

    Before Ugin there was Karn. CMDR Decks looks at the original colorless leader.
  • CMDR Decks

    Karn, Silver Golem

    CMDR Decks brings us a video and card-by-card breakdown of a Karn, Silver Golem Commander deck!
  • Jon Corpora

    52 FNMs #8 – Barn Liberated

    In a step back from his week to week FNM grind, this week's article is another Sharpie-altering gone... right?
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