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  • Mavericks and Mystics

    Kendra revisits her favorite deck in Legacy as she breaks down Maverick!
  • The Best Deck in Legacy

    What is the current best deck in Legacy? Rudy has a good idea and he's ready to explain!
  • Takings Breaks

    Sometimes your favorite formats get you down, but Kendra is here to show there are plenty of other ways to enjoy Magic!
  • The Decks I'm Playing Right Now

    Adrian caps off 2018 with a look at the decks he's currently playing in Legacy, Modern, and Standard!
  • Playing Bitterblossom in Legacy

    Kyle takes a moment to consider what place Bitterblossom has in Legacy!
  • Sideboarding and You

    Rudy breaks down some of the finer points of figuring out your sideboard!
  • Reaching Beyond Pauper: Upgrading Decks

    Kendra talks about using your Pauper lists as springboards for Modern and Legacy!
  • Three Decks in Columbus

    Jeff reports on the decks his team played in the SCG Team Constructed Open in Columbus!
  • Take the Helm

    Dominate your opponents and take control of the game with today's Legacy decklist!
  • Blue Metal

    Take control using powerful artifacts with today's Legacy decklist!