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  • Standard Grixis Amass

    Ali rallies his forces and takes on Standard with his Grixis Amass deck on Arena!
  • Standard Dimir Tezzeret with Ali Aintrazi

    Ali embraces the power of Tezzeret as he ventures in to Standard on Magic Arena!
  • More Best of One

    Adrian jumps back in to the Best of One waters to show off some of his favorite decksin the format!
  • Battle of One: Living Twister

    Ali enters the Best of One Arena with a sweet brew built around Living Twister!
  • Standard Bant Walkers

    Ali ventures into Standard with a sweet and powerful Bant Walkers list!
  • Evolving Orzhov Angels in Standard

    Frank shares his decklist from the most recent competitive challenge on MTG Arena!
  • Battle of One: Green Lantern

    In brightest day, in blackest night, no opponent shall defeat Ali's might! Check out his latest venture into Best of One Standard!
  • Getting Red Dead on Arena

    Danny goes to great lengths to stomp all over Red decks on Arena in the wake of SCG Richmond's Top 8!
  • Standard Tamiyo Nexus

    Ali jumps into War Standard on MTG Arena with a sweet update on Simic Nexus!
  • Battle of One: Five-Color Planeswalkers

    Ali gets a taste of the rainbow with a sweet five-color Planeswalker brew in Best of One!