Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • 99 Problems: Going for Distance

    Robby revisits his Brion Stoutarm deck to see if recent sets can help it go the distance!
  • 99 Problems: Gatekeeping a Queen

    Robby returns to the days of Dragon's Maze to update a Maze's End deck with the new toys from Guilds of Ravnica!
  • 99 Problems: Super-Toys Last All Rotation Long, Part 2

    Robby rounds out his primer of current Standard cards to pick up as they rotate with a look at Amonkhet block!
  • 99 Problems: PAXing Around

    Robby is back from PAX and has plenty to talk about thanks to the news about Guilds of Ravnica!
  • 99 Problems: Moneyball

    Robby Rothe makes his return and breaks down his approach to Commander, what he calls the Moneyball method!
  • You Don't Need Staples

    Robby, the man of MTGColorPie, shares his perspective on staples in Commander, and why they might be as overplayed as you think. (This article originally ran March 28, 2011.)
  • YouTubing the Magic Brand

    "It's just that I feel that there could be more done to get Magic out there as a positive influence."
  • Confusion in the Ranks

    The changes to Organized Play, as announced by Wizards, struck Robby's mind and he gives some thoughts on it as a casual player.
  • Rotation Is Coming! Rotation Is Coming!

    Robby explores what the rotation can mean for Commander players, what cards might see a price dip afterwards.
  • Fictitious Death

    Though the fervor has mostly diminished for double-faced cards, Robby wants to reassure everyone that this sort of change has happened before and will happen again.