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  • Power Creep is Infecting Commander

    Bruce Richard talks about a slow-growing issue in Commander, and what it means for the format going forward!
  • The Cards that Should Really be Banned in Modern

    Jim Davis says Faithless Looting and Ancient Stirrings are fun and healthy cards in the Modern format… has he lost his mind?
  • Magic Mics: Say Mess to the Dress

    Another week has passed in the Magic community, bringing with it all sorts of goodies for Magic Mics to discuss!
  • Commander Nomads at MagicFests

    Bruce tells a story of the all-too-familiar for Commander players attending MagicFests!
  • Reacting to the Nexus of Fate Ban

    Jim talks about the Nexus of Fate ban on MTG Arena and how it might not have gone far enough!
  • The End of Magic

    Abe takes a moment to stop and think about what would happen in Magic ended today.
  • Much Ado About Alex

    Editor-In-Chief Evan Erwin weighs in on the recent outrage surrounding the return of Alex Bertoncini to Organized Play.
  • I Am Not a Marvel Comics Writer

    Too much of a good thing has left Abe exhausted and asking for a slowdown on new product releases.
  • Making Improvements to Coverage

    Rudy thinks coverage could be better and opens up the discussion on how to improve it!
  • Standard Defibrillated

    The Metamorphosis 2.0 announcement was enough to bring Brandon back to write about the inevitable changes to Standard!