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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Kyle Boggemes

    Embracing Arena

    Kyle takes his first steps into embracing MTG Arena when paper Magic just isn't an option!
  • Abe Sargent

    White is the Best Mono-Color in Multiplayer

    Abe's tired of people badmouthing White and is out to prove it's actually the best Mono-color for Commander!
  • Stephen Johnson

    CommandFest DC Recap

    Stephen returns from CommandFest DC and tells all there is to tell about his experience!
  • Jim Davis

    Five Things I'm Thankful For

    Jim reflects on the things he's most thankful for from Magic in 2019!
  • Kendra Smith

    Back to the Beginning

    Kendra looks back on how she got into Magic: The Gathering through the Pokemon TCG!
  • Kyle Boggemes

    Kyle's Mailbag

    Kyle takes a bit of a break from Constructed talk to answer your questions!
  • Kyle Boggemes

    The Importance of Looking Back

    Kyle walks down memory lane, remembering the moments and decks that brought him to where he is today!
  • Danny West

    An Indestructible Interview: Part 2

    Danny rounds out his interview, discussing his time with SCG, Commander VS, and more!
  • Danny West

    An Indestructible Interview: Part 1

    Danny thinks it's finally time to lay it all out there in an interview with a close personal friend.
  • Stephen Johnson

    Know Thyself

    Stephen reflects on a Commander game gone bad and what he learned about himself as a player!
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