Dungeon of the Mad Mage
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  • The Event Decks of Innistrad

    Jay closes out his look at the Event Decks of 2011 with the two ghoulish offerings from Innistrad!
  • The Event Decks of Magic 2012

    Jay's journey through the history of event decks continues with an exploration of Magic 2012!
  • Rise of the Event Decks

    Jay continues his journey through the history of event decks by looking back at New Phyrexia's offerings!
  • Dawn of the Event Decks

    Jay explores the origins of the Event deck, taking a look at more competitive Preconstructed Magic!
  • History of Mono-Blue Theme Decks: Finale

    Jay finishes out his look back at the history of Mono-Blue Preconstructed decks!
  • History of Mono Blue Precons: Changing the Game

    Jay delves into the time stream for a history lesson on Mono-Blue Preconstructed decks!
  • Remeddling Chandra

    The flames are stoked as Jay takes another crack at meddling the Chandra Planeswalker deck, now with Aether Revolt!
  • Re-Meddling Nissa

    Aether Revolt is out, and Jay has taken on the challenge of remeddling the Kaladesh Planeswalker decks!
  • Meddling Ajani

    It's all about Ajani as Jay takes on the Valiant Protector's Planeswalker Deck!
  • The Planeswalker Decks of Aether Revolt

    How do the Aether Revolt Planeswalker decks stack up? Jay breaks them down to find out!