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  • Explanations for Success

    There's more than one side to stories. Natasha looks at how we tell ours, and what the truth of games means.
  • Productively Happy

    Time is more than money: It's how we find happiness. Natasha shares why.
  • Change in Action

    You have the power to change your Magic habits for the better. Natasha shows you how.
  • Contemplating Change

    Change, in Magic and beyond, is hard. Natasha shares what we know about moving on to something greater.
  • Lesson Three: Hitting the Books

    Compulsive Research isn't just a great card, but exactly what Alex wants every Magic writer to do.
  • Positive Magic, Part 2

    How can Magic make lives better? Natasha continues her exploration of the positivity of Magic.
  • Positive Magic, Part 1

    How can Magic make lives better? Natasha shares some of the positivity of Magic.
  • Create and Discover

    Magic is as engaging as life because you can explore and discover. Natasha shares the research that backs that up.
  • Competing Constructively

    Losing is hard. Winning after losing can be harder. Natasha looks at developing your mindset for the game.
  • Understanding Complexity

    How complex is Magic? Natasha looks at how complexity drives, and hinders, the game.