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  • A Post-Hogaak World

    Rudy takes a look at some deck with the chance to succeed in a Modern without Hogaak!
  • Rudy's Mail Time

    Rudy rounds up a bunch of questions from readers and answers them in his latest mailbag!
  • Feather's Fly-by

    Modern might be the format du jour, but Rudy has his eye on some sweet Feather lists in Standard!
  • Starting Your Own Team

    Rudy offers some advice for anyone looking to form their own competitive Magic team!
  • Wrenn and Legacy

    Rudy explores how Wrenn and Six have been changing deck-building in Legacy!
  • Rudy's Temur Elementals

    Elementals have impressed Rudy in the new Standard format, so he decides to give the deck a chance!
  • Rudy's Core Set 2020 Picks

    Rudy's got his eyes on some spicy cards from Core Set 2020. Check out Rudy's picks from the latest core set!
  • A Plague on Modern

    Rudy finds the perfect home for Plague Engineer in Modern!
  • The Giver

    Rudy thinks Giver of Runes shows a lot of promise in Modern and he wants to find a home for the new 1-drop on the block!
  • Mono-Red in Vintage Cube

    Rudy gets aggressive with a Mono-Red deck in the latest version of the Magic Online Vintage Cube!