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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Mike Likes

    You Only Need One Color in Standard

    Mike Likes highlights some Mono-color Standard decks that have been performing well!
  • Mike Likes

    Variations on Standard Dragons

    Mike Likes takes a look at several Dragon decks that have proven their worth in Standard and Alchemy!
  • Mike Likes

    A Trio of Tribal Decks

    Before Kamigawa previews hit full swing, here's a trio of Tribal decks to take on Standard!
  • Michael Flores

    The Limit of Almost Every Deck

    Mike takes a look at the big limiting factor for every deck's potential: what it can get out of its mana base!
  • Mike Likes

    Last Standard Decks of the Year

    Mike Likes wraps up 2021 with some final Standard lists before we ring in the new year!
  • Michael Flores

    Present and Future Black Decks

    Black decks continue to perform in Standard, and Mike is eager to figure out what future awaits them with a new set on the horizon!
  • Mike Likes

    Crimson Vow Standard Tokens Decks

    If token decks are your thing, Mike Likes has a few Standard lists you might be interested in!
  • Michael Flores

    The Case for Azorius Control in Standard

    Mike makes the case for what he considers to be the most fun deck to play in Standard: Azorius Flash!
  • Jim Davis

    I'm Sorry, Did You Say "Ninja Planeswalker?"

    We have a look at some cards from Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, and Jim is ready to give his first impressions!
  • Mike Likes

    Standard Brews for the Holidays

    Whether you like Aggro, Control, or Midrange, Mike Likes has Standard lists you should check out!
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