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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Mike Likes

    Cleave-r Ideas

    This week, Mike comes out swinging with some exciting new decks!
  • Zvi Mowshowitz

    Searching Along the Trail of Crumbs

    Zvi goes deep on the intricacies of the Cat Food deck, laying out the options and some sweet Food brews!
  • Ali Aintrazi

    Battle of One: Niv-Mizzet on Fire

    Ali stokes the Fires of Invention, taking a Niv-Mizzet packed list into the trenches of MTG Arena Best of One!
  • Michael Flores

    All Roads Lead to Embercleave

    Mike Flores has read the signs and has come to the conclusion that Embercleave is where it's at in Standard!
  • CovertGoBlue

    Azorius Decks for Every Arena Format

    CovertGoBlue continues his Color Challenge, building Blue/White decks of every flavor for MTG Arena!
  • Ali Aintrazi

    Esper Hero with Ali Aintrazi

    Ali holds out for a hero as he ventures into the MTG Arena meta with a sweet Esper Hero list!
  • Mike Likes

    Rising to the Top

    Mike shares some of his favorite top-performing decks of the weekend!
  • Danny West

    The Truth About Banning Standard Cards

    Danny responds to Jim Davis's article on banning philosophy with a fresh take of his own!
  • Michael Flores

    Three Burning Questions Raised by the First Post-Ban PTQ

    The first post-ban PTQ on Magic Online has come and gone, and Mike Flores has gleaned some important info about the format from the results!
  • Zvi Moshowitz

    Jeskai Sphinx Fires

    We welcome Zvi Moshowitz to talk about updates to his deck of choice for Standard, Jeskai Cavalier Fires!