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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #27 – Off-White Tokens Revisited

    Mike's back with another budget brew, this time revisiting an aggressive W/b deck to update it with Avacyn Restored. If you're looking for a new deck for FNM, this is one you shouldn't miss!
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #24 – Twofer, Part 2

    As promised, Mike is back on his new day to share another budget-based Standard deck. Tried and true "Red Deck Wins" is always easy to build, and surprisingly effective! Try this at FNM tonight!
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #12 – Red Deck Wins

    Mike Cannon looks at the popular budget option of Mono-Red, how does it fair against the popular Solar Flare?
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #11 – Intangible Lives

    Intangible Virtue, Parallel Lives, and more from Innistrad in this week's budget building from Mike Cannon.
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #10 - Boneyard Mill

    Mike Cannon looks at a possible mill strategy for budget deckbuilders using a number of new Innistrad cards.
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #9 – Vampires

    Mike Cannon is back with a look at a budget Vampires build for post-Innistrad Standard. Enjoy!
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #8 – Puresteel Mentor

    Mike talks about a budget standard deck built after Innistrad's release using cards like Mikaeus and the Mentor of the Meek.
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #5 – Bant Pod

    Mike Cannon is back and this week he looks at building Bant Pod on a budget, is Birthing Pod the savior to players on a budget?
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #4 – Grand Architect

    Mike returns with another week of building on a budget exploration, this week looking at what Grand Architect can do for someone on a budget.
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #3 – Mono-Black Infect

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