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Top Ten Ways to Wild Research


Hello folks! I hope that your day is going well! Today I wanted to run a card for this Top 10 from the Theros: Beyond Death spoilers, but this early on my choice hasn't been confirmed. Instead, I am going to write about Wild Research, as I just spent 35 minutes researching a card to write about as confirmed by any official source, and was unable to find one. I thought you would enjoy the meta-textual aspect of that instead.

Wild Research

This is Wild Research. As you can see, it's a 3-drop Red Enchantment with activation costs in White and/or Blue. That means for Commander, it needs to be at least Jeskai in colors, if not more. And yet despite that, we have more than 750 decks that run this awesome thang over on EDH.rec.

You folks respect it, and I respect you for respecting it.

Here's is what it does. Activate. Search up the given type (instants for Blue, enchantments for White). Discard at random. It's an activated, repeatable tutor effect that can't be used easily in a lot of shells as it needs either enough enchantments, or enough instants, to make it work. It's cost is cheap though, and you tutor first. A repeatable Gamble is not a bad card at all.


Let's look at some fun cards that work quite well in this shell with Wild Research! For today's list, I will only look at cards and archetypes that work well within the Jeskai colors, in case you are looking at it for a potential shell with those colors.

Honorable Mention #1 - Threshold

Mystic Crusader
Pardic Arsonist
Cephalid Sage

Sometimes you just want to get enough cards in your graveyard for Threshold. Sure, thing boss! As this gives you a guaranteed discard on activation, you search, and fill up that graveyard with some sweet cards to get you to that threshold early and reliably.

10. Madness

Circular Logic
Broken Concentration
Fiery Temper
Violent Eruption

There are times when you'll want to use Wild Research with no cards in hand. When you want to discard the card immediately. Did your opponent assume that your naked hand meant you were unable to counter that spell they just cast? Stupid! Activate the Research to fetch up a Circular Logic or other counter, discard it, and then cast it and disabuse them of that notion! You also have some awesome burn spells, as well as some other cards to consider. Nice!

9. Cards that Care About a Certain Type in the Graveyard


There are many decks and cards that care about the graveyard. I'm using Cognivore to give you a funny example, but that idea holds true for many folks. This style of creature is happy to see the Research of the Wild putting a number of instants into the 'yard to amp up a Cognivore-style card, like these two:

Spellheart Chimera

Both of those are better examples of what is happening.

8. Non-Madness Discard Triggers

Bag of Holding
Curator of Mysteries

Drake Haven
Glint-Horn Buccaneer
Spirit Cairn

Other than madness, there are some ways to abuse discarding a card. Unlike madness, they don't require an empty hand to be reliable, and will thus always work with a Wild Research. Hence, they are hitting here, higher than the madness that came before us at #10. Here you can see five options that I grabbed, but there are many there out there. Here we have the free scry 1 or damage alongside a one-mana mana sink that makes a 2/2 flyer and/or 1/1 as well, or even a Bag of Holding that will get you all of the discarded cards later. All of these dorks work great, and the Drake Haven and Spirit Cairn, as enchantments, are fetchable with the Wild Research itself!

7. Flashback // Jump-start

Chemister's Insight
Burning Oil
Snapcaster Mage

This synergy works if you have a hand with cards or without it. You can grab an instant you need to cast with flashback. Whether or not you discarded it accidentally you can flash it back for your dark purposes. No worries or muss. Unlike madness above, there are a lot more useful instant in the three colors I've looking at. That way you have more options on the front or back end.

Shout out to Jump-start, although it's discard makes it a non-bo off an empty hand, but it does work with cards in the hand.

6. Enchantment Creatures

Purphoros, God of the Forge
Nyx-Fleece Ram

Hypnotic Siren
Keranos, God of Storms
Aegis of the Gods

They may not have existed when Wild Research was made, but today we have a number of Enchantment Creatures. We have a number of dorks out there that we can now fetch out with the Wild Research, which increases its range considerably. It would be like printing a number of Lands with the Instant type or something similar. Tutoring for Gods, and powerful bestow dorks among many others is really cool. This number will only rise with the upcoming return trip to Theros.

Also don't forget the Spear of Heliod cycle as well, by the by, as they are Enchantment Artifacts.

5. Pitchstone Wall

Pitchstone Wall

This is more of a "Break in Case of Emergency". If you have a card out here that you have to get in order to either not-die or to win the game outright, you can make sure that the card is tutored for. If it was accidentally discarded, no problem! Just sacrifice the Wall to put it back into your hand! This will also work if you need a card right now and you don't have anything else in your hand at all.

Cast Out

For example, someone might be attacking you with a creature that will kill you and win the game for her. You have a Cast Out in your deck but no hand. No worries! You can search for Cast Out, discard it, sacrifice the Wall to bring it to your sweet hand, and then flash Cast Out and move on. This is also a good way to finish off someone if you have an instant/enchantment that will win the game. Like a combo piece that will kill everyone, but it was discarded, or you are handless, no problems. Maybe you have enough enchantments to win outright with an Opalescence attack for example. Wall away! The Wall is also useful as an early roadblock that's on theme that you can drop while you set up.

4. Kindles

Accumulated Knowledge

Please note that this combo only works outside of Highlander formats. There are several cards out there that have an improved effect based on the number in your graveyard, and this is particularly true of the Knowledge. Fetch one for need. If you accidentally discarded it, fetch again. Then cast the version that stuck. The Knowledge is a key way as a four-of to rebuild your hand. A later three or four of it can win the game with its card advantage.

3. Cast Triggers

Jeskai Ascendancy
Kykar, Wind's Fury
Monastery Mentor
Saheeli, Sublime Artificer

Everyone likes frees stuff. That's one of the reasons that these folks adore Wild Research! No matter if you are grabbing an instant or an enchantment, it'll be a non-creature for things like Jeskai Ascendancy, and you can find triggers or just the first or second. Jeskai is loaded with free triggers that will build up a nice little amount of value over time, for no additional cost!

2. Library of Leng

Library of Leng

The Library is amazingly synergetic with the Wild Research, and even works on a naked hand. In a naked hand, it turns every activation of Research into a Mystical Tutor or Enlightened Tutor:

Mystical Tutor
Enlightened Tutor

You can spend the two mana, and then discard to the top of your library. Do it at the end of someone's turn right before you untap, and then you can draw it on your draw step. I assume you grabbed it because you wanted to use it, right? Do so! Then as long as you have a naked hand, you can continue to fetch out the best card for the situation and put it right on top of your deck.

Super-Secret Combo - Null Brooch AND Ensnaring Bridge

Null Brooch
Ensnaring Bridge

Since a few of these combos (Library of Leng, Madness, etc) best work with a naked hand, use that to fuel Null Brooch. This way, you don't have to give up control. You can easily discard your non-existent hand to counter non-critters. In a similar way, Ensnaring Bridge can keep you from dying to foes' swinging your way while you have no hand to answer their mighty swings if you run Ensnaring Bridge.

Super-Secret Combo with Library of Leng

Narset Transcendent

Narset Transcendent is amazing at drawing a card with her +1 but only if the top card of your library is not a land or a dork. How will you know? Library of Leng! If you use the Wild Research to fetch up the best instant/enchantment in your deck, and then drop it to your library, you can+1 and reveal and draw it and use it immediately. Here are some of the benefits of this combo in action:

  1. And the end of a person turn, spend 2 mana. Use Leng's Library to discard to the top of your library.
  2. Untap
  3. Draw what you fetched during your draw step.
  4. Cast it.
  5. Activate Wild Research on your turn, load to your library.
  6. Use Narset's +1. Reveal and draw.
  7. Cast it.

Net result? Two tutors for awesome cards for your situation, you have spent just two extra mana on your turn, and you +1'd a useful planeswalker who has a powerful -2 for the build as well as a darkly nasty ultimate you can build towards.

All right! Ready for my top choice?

1. Recursion

Starfield of Nyx
Dance of the Manse

Recursion matters. Eventually everything dies. It's true of life as well as games like MTG. Everything dies. In this case, it may also be heading that way from an unfortunate, or planned, discard. But rather than getting one final usage with threshold or getting a discard trigger on its way to the graveyard, what if you could get it back?

Replenish is perfect at this role; it'll recur all your dead-too-soon enchantments for another go. You could easily activate the Research a few times prior to grab some sick enchantments and then toss them out. You could grab one of these in case the Research itself dies. You have the ability to bring back many dead things in these shells, either slowly like Izzet Chronarch or slowly over time, like Starfield of Nyx, or all in one big giant go! Whatever your need, we've got you covered!

And there we have it! I hope you enjoyed my look at some fun synergies with Wild Research! Anything in here you want to try out or that I missed? Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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