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The Top Ten Blue Card Draw Spells Ever Printed


Hello awesome MTG players, wow do I have a fun Top Ten for you today, with my final Top Ten in the card draw oeuvre that is good for each color. This list is for Commander, multiplayer, Highlander, Five Color, Pauper and Peasant so all kitchen table play. This will only consider the Banned list for Commander as eligible for the list. So, stuff like Ancestral Recall won't be here. Also, it must have a Blue color identity and then nothing else.


Honorable Mention #1. (#15 Overall) - Tidings


This is my favorite set drawing card in Blue. What do I mean by set drawing? It draws a given number, in this case four for five mana, one more mana and card than Harmonize, Concentrate or Ambition's Cost. I regularly run this card in my Commander brews for you folks and it's an uncommon for Peasant slots. It's also a strong powerhouse reprint from Starter products that people forgot about. Since it's always been an uncommon, it's cheap here at a quarter for purchase, making it budget too.

Honorable Mention #2. (#14. Overall) - Treasure Cruise

Treasure Cruise

Our next card in this section is this eight-cost sorcery common to draw three cards. However, this has delve and seven generic mana, so if you exile stuff from your graveyard as you cast this, this could be as cheap as a single mana. That's pretty nasty! It loves Wheels, self-mill, discard, sacrifice shells, and other things. It's so powerful it was banned in formats like Pauper, Modern and Legacy. But it's legal in things like Commander, Five Color, Peasant and more. I wouldn't have an issue if you ran it against me in Pauper Commander since it's a one-of, but your milage may vary. It's great, but you need to run it in the right deck, not every deck can get cards into the graveyard and some want to save them for reanimation like Living Death or recursion like Eternal Witness.

Honorable Mention #3 (#13. Overall) - X Spell Draws

Stroke of Genius
Blue Sun's Zenith
Mind Spring

Next are all of the X spell Card draw from Braingeyser to Stroke of Genius! They are more flexible than Treasure Cruise, are awesome in Simic Ramp with Cultivate stuff from Green or Izzet Spellslinger with Treasure makers for things like Guttersnipe or Dimir with Coffers and Urborg or with mono-Blue Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. These are amazing mana sinks, and all have awesome things to recommend them all day long. I particularly enjoy the instant ones.

Honorable Mention #4. (#12. Overall) - Future Sight with a shout out to One with the Multiverse

Future Sight
One with the Multiverse

Next is this five-cost hard to cast enchantment that was so good it dominated the era of things like Five Color even though it was harder to cast there but was valued alongside Mirari's Wake as the best option to drop for free from an Academy Rector or in power. Why? You play with the top card of your library revealed, and then you can play them. So, in order to maximize that, you'd drop lands and cards from your library first, and then your hand second. So, this isn't per se, "card draw" but card advantage massively. The only trade off here was your foes would know what you had there. This was amazing with shuffle effects like fetch lands and Gamble or with rearranging like Sensei's Divining Top or setting with Brainstorm or Sylvan Library or Scroll Rack. See how nasty this is? It's brokenly good. Also a shout out to One with the Multiverse that combined Future Sight with Omniscience sort of with one spell cast each of your turns.

Honorable Mention #5. (#11. Overall) - Distant Melody AND Kindred Discovery

Distant Melody
Kindred Discovery

Check out this kindred caring twosome! The common (Pauper, Peasant, Pauper Commander) costs four for a sorcery that draws you cards equal to the creature type you choose when you cast it. The rare is a five-cost enchantment with the ability to draw when a dork of the given type either ETBs or attacks! This pair is obviously great in kindred creature type matters brews which are pretty common at kitchen table formats and play from Simic Elves to Mono-Blue or Azorius Merfolk to Wizards to all color Slivers. Love this pair loads and the card draw that emits from them.

#10. Coastal Piracies

Coastal Piracy
Bident of Thassa

Next on our list are the four-cost permanent artifact/enchantment things that draw you a card when your dorks deal combat damage to a foe. If I recall there are four, the Piracy first, Reconnaissance Mission with cycling, the Bident above that can be tapped with two mana on an opposing turn to force them to attack and then the recently printed Vehicle called The Indomitable. Nasty quartet for going wide brews like Kindred above, aggro, Hate Bears, Azorius flyers, Dimir or Esper Faeries, and loads more!

#9. Archmage Emeritus

Archmage Emeritus

Everyone's favorite Spellslinger trigger in Blue for Izzet, Jeskai or mono-Blue with Talrand, Sky Summoner is this four-drop 2/2 body. When cast (or copy) an instant or sorcery this triggers, and you'll draw that card! Note that this is a cast trigger, so you'll draw before it resolves. Then note that this is a great thing for Spellslinger alongside Young Pyromancer or cantrips to cast a bunch of cheap stuff to refill twice now, and then draw two or with Forks matter since will draw twice for Fork spells once for it and one when it resolves. Love this in so many places!

#8. One-Mana Cantrips


I prefer Tidings and Concentrate, but these are pretty commonly played. You should Ponder and Consider to Opt to try out something else even though they are beloved. The best is Brainstorm since you draw three and then return two, so it's strong with putting back lands, expensive stuff, hiding from discard and reshuffling with fetch lands et all. The rest manipulate your library and then draw. Sleight of Hand? Portent? Serum Visions? I do sometimes run them in archetypes like cantrips or Spellslinger and maybe one or two here and there. Note these are commons for those formats that care!

#7. Teferi, Master of Time

Teferi, Master of Time

Let's turn to our only planeswalker! We are halfway done!!! This four-drop can use his abilities on any turn! On your turn you drop him and then +1 him to draw and discard so you Loot one. Then you can -3 him to phase out an opposing dork to drop attackers, blockers or Commanders for a bit to pseudo-answer them. Then you can -10 him to Time Stretch him. Let's look at why he's here on my list. First, in a four-player multiplayer game, like Commander, you can gain 4 loyalty by EOTing him to draw four and discard four. That means in one round of turns, he'll be at 7 loyalty in your second turn and by your next turn you'll be at 11 enough to ultimate and keep him around. That's why he's here! Also, he's very strong at playing defense with his instant speed able Phasing out and if you can protect him, you can win fast in a multiplayer game, and the more in the game the better he is!

#6. Windfall


This three-cost uncommon sorcery is a classic often banned or heavily played during Combo Winter and is uncommon for a Peasant slot. This Wheel of Fortune forces everyone to discard and then draw equal to the highest number, so this is often a pseudo-Wheel with a game based draw equal to who has the most. It's nasty for formats that care about some, and sometimes you'll draw around 7 and sometimes more (Reliquary Tower et al) and sometimes around half or so.

#5. Rhystic Study

Rhystic Study

From here on out are bombs and multiplayer/Commander Classics. Enter this three-drop common that will draw a card if your foes cast a spell without spending one. That makes this a classic mana taxing card. And here's what happens, once you start drawing from this, your foe's will be like, "Well, they're already drawing from others, so I shouldn't worry about it and pay the tax." And then you draw more. Note that there are no brakes here like once per turn or one class of spell like non-creatures. It's everything! So, would you delay your Cultivate to drop your five-cost Commander next turn? And when card draw and your mana meet up mid-game, are you going to cast two or three spells per turn or just one and pay the tax? See why this thing is here? Yup!

#4. Mulldrifter


Everyone's favorite five (three) drop dork that's our second highest charting critter!!! This smaller 2/2 body has flying and an ETB trigger to draw two. Since it flies you can draw two and then chump block and prevent damage. Then if you trade with a two-toughness dork or pull a removal spell like Wing Snare or Terminate you'll be a three for one. Nasty! And if it's the third turn and you don't have the mana to cast this with just three lands, you can evoke this to find lands or interaction. And you can run evoke in reanimation decks that can evoke for three and then recur with something like Karmic Guide. I run this is the vast majority of my Blue Commander decks, since, unlike Rhystic Study, this is nice and no one will feel hurt with your taxes or massive card draw. This works in most decks! Also, Mulldrifter created the "Baneslayer Angel or Mulldrifter" dichotomy of reviewing dorks.

#3. Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction

The card that dominated Standard and Vintage so much it was restricted and created the famous anagram FOFEOTYL! (Fact of Fiction End of Turn You Lose) - I run this way more than those dopey Ponder and Portents. This is my highest scoring instant. You reveal five, a foe separates them, and you draw one stack, so this is a guaranteed three of the worst cards or two of the best whichever makes sense! I have seen multiplayer games where people will let you draw all five too, like temporary allies or to give your removal like Swords to Plowshares for that Blightsteel Colossus one-shot kill. It also can be used as an event when it's cast, which can be fun, and it's the best way to draw cards in Blue for fun. My only issue here is that their foes control the stacking, so you only choose which one to draw. But I still adore it loads. The vast majority of my Blue Commander decks toss this in.

#2. Consecrated Sphinx

Consecrated Sphinx

Welcome to our highest dork, permanent and 2nd highest scoring card overall! This is the multiplayer crazy six drop 4/6 flyer that doubles opposing cards drawn when your foes draw that sweet, sweet card, you draw two! Then your normal card draw is in play too. Since this is mean and has no brakes, this is nasty! It's too good and broken, and I don't often run this in my decks since, like Rhystic Study, it can be a bit of a feel bad since you cannot outdraw it. It's also pricey on the secondary market since it's so powerful and dominating at around $20 here at CoolStuffInc.com but it's worth it.

#1. Timetwisters

Time Spiral
Echo of Eons

It's so good it's restricted in Vintage. Our top sorcery is also...pricey since it's on the Reserved List, but it costs just three, and then everyone shuffles their deck, graveyard and hand and draws a brand new hand! This is so strong in all of the formats! Also hitting here is the free six-cost untap six Time Spiral and the flashback-able Echo of Eons and assist-able Game Plan and Time Reversal too that created the "Draw Seven" archetype with Windfall above and Wheel of Fortune stuff in Red.

And there we are! I hope that you enjoyed the best Blue card draw of all time!

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