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Top Ten Colorless Card Draw Cards


Hello awesome folks and happy day to you and yours! Today I present the finale of my series looking at the card draw options available across different colors. We're looking at Colorless cards, with a focus on kitchen table formats like Commander, Five Color, multiplayer, Highlander and Peasant/Pauper.

Let's do it to it!

Honorable Mention #1. (#14 Overall) - Arch of Orazca

Arch of Orazca

Let kick things off with a land that taps for colorless mana, has ascend, and if you have ascended you can tap this with five mana to draw that card! Love this in ramp with lands, tokens, aggro, Auras/Voltron/Equipment and other permanent heavy builds where you can hit this reliably. But its unreliability and heavy mana commitment make it my first Honorable Mention in today's list.

Honorable Mention #2. (#13. Overall) - Karn, Scion of Urza

Karn, Scion of Urza

This colorless planeswalker costs four and drops with five loyalty, nasty good. Karn is here for his +1 to draw one from the top two of your library chosen by your foe and then the other is exiled. Choose a foe with a mutual enemy like someone with nasty permanent that is dominating the table like Rhystic Study, Smothering Tithe or Esper Sentinel that needs to be answered to get what you need. Or you can draw what was exiled with his -1 on a later turn. Or you can -2 him twice with his starting loyalty to make a Construct artifact with size equal to your artifact count so he's a win con in artifacts but good everywhere in politically minded brews. Karn is our only planeswalker on today's list.

Honorable Mention #3. (#12. Overall) - Geier Reach Sanitarium

Geier Reach Sanitarium

This legendary land is next! It arrives untapped, taps for colorless, then taps with just two to force everyone to draw, discard too so everyone Loots one (Merfolk Looter). It's very strong in decks that need to dig, fill up the graveyard, want to force foes to discard, and loads more! If a foe doesn't have a hand, this does nothing to fill it, so that's pretty nice. It makes friends without giving the farm away to them. This little legendary thang is so cute!!!

Honorable Mention #4. (#11. Overall) - Staff of Nin

Staff of Nin

This six-drop classic artifact used to get played pretty heavily soon after print and I still run it many of my brews, especially budget ones since it's so cheap here at CoolStuffInc.com. From here on out, you will always draw a card in your upkeep, no mana, no tapping, no life loss, nothing, just draw that card! Then for no additional cost you can tap it to shoot something for a damage, so it's a dork, planeswalker or player removal too! It combines Jayemdae Tome and Rod of Ruin without any mana taps after dropping it so it's much better! This thing has all of the mad value!

#10. Bonders' Enclave

Bonders' Enclave

Our first card in the top ten proper is this colorless tapping, ETB untapped land! What makes this so good is that you only need a dork of a power four or more to work, so every Commander with it should toss this in, as welk as in ones that pump your Commander's power like auras, equipment or Voltron. Love this power loads, and it's easy, but still not guaranteed and needs the right battlefield to make this work.

#9. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth

Our only creature on today's countdown is this fun Eldrazi Titan that costs ten, has a nasty 12/12 body with annihilator four, and then when you cast it you draw four fat cards as a cast trigger so it cannot be stopped with traditional countermagic. Even if you can counter the trigger with Voidslime they get an Eldrazi, which no one wants!

#8. Staff of Domination

Staff of Domination

This artifact was so good it was banned in Commander for years as an infinite mana sink. You tap this three-drop with two to gain a life, three to untap a dork, four to tap it, and five to draw and then one to untap this. So if you made infinite mana you can draw your library with this, but it's pretty pricey as a five mana tap outside of that deck so it's back here halfway through my card list between an Eldrazi Titan and a powerhouse equipment. But the Staff works and I often add it to my Commander brews for you where appropriate!

#7. Sword of Fire and Ice

Sword of Fire and Ice

Here is a powerful piece of equipment for the masses! Printed as a three-drop, two to equip to give a boost of power and toughness of two and then protection from Red and Blue! Then it has a double combat damage trigger to draw a card and Shock something! That draw a card is why it's here! It's removal, card flow, dodge 40% of removal and dorks and boosts to power for the stuff. This is my favorite of the Sword of X and Y cycle.

#6. Howling Mines

Howling Mine

Ah yes, the card so iconic in the first set that it created an entire archetype of similar cards that led to the "Group Hug" Archetype of casual play with stuff like Temple Bell. The Howling Mines are all here at my final spot before the Top Five begins in proper! This is awesome to make people like you as you all draw cards, but it's not ideal since in multiplayer you are being outdrawn 3:1 in a four-player game naturally and now 6:2 with you. So, to make this work, run Reliquary Tower and other ways to keep from discarding, on the sly, and then run things like cheap spells and permanents to keep you up in your colors.

#5. Sensei's Divining Top

Sensei's Divining Top

Welcome to my Top Five! You can spend one mana, sort the top three cards of your library which is bonkers good, and then tap it to draw and swap with the Top for no mana to save it from removal or draw a key piece of removal or counter. Then you can reshuffle your deck with fetchland, ramp, and tutors to see three new cards reliably and this will draw you all of the cards! Next is our top scoring land!

#4. War Room

War Room

This colorless land arrives untapped, can be tapped with three mana to swap life for a card of your color identity. In a 40-life format, this is essential in colorless, one and two color decks all day long, especially ones that don't get good reliable card draw like Red, White and Green. I run this little land all day long in all of my Commander decks with the right lack of colors. And then there were three!

#3. The One Ring

The One Ring

Our highest scoring legendary card is this four-drop artifact! You can tap it for no mana to add a burden counter and draw that many cards. Then you lose life equal to that counter count in your upkeep. Then this is hard to answer since it naturally has indestructible and then you get protection from everything for a turn after you cast it so that's nice protection for you too. This thing is so good in formats that it's a pretty pricey cost on the secondary market already. Although it's worth it. Nasty! What two cards beat this out?

#2. Mind's Eye

Mind's Eye

Our second highest card is this multiplayer classic so good it's dominant in many formats. This five-drop has one ability. When your foe draws? You can swap a mana for a card to draw too. There are no brakes here like just once per turn or skipping the first card drawn in their draw step, just one card for them is one card for you as long as you have that mana. This Commander/Multiplayer Classic has to hit highly here! But...what clear better card hits the top spot?

#1. Skullclamp


Could there be anything more appropriate for the top spot for an equipment so iconic that Trinket Mages in Five Color were shaded with "Gets Clamp" since that's why there were added! This one-drop equipment equips for one, gives the equipped dork a boost of +1/-1 and when it dies you draw two cards! It's more of a classic than Mind's Eye because you can kill tokens or X/1 dorks to draw, trigger death triggers like Blood Artist and draw all day long! This dominated Standard when printed, and is beloved even through today! Nothing else could be here!

And there we go! I hope that you enjoyed my looksee at the best Colorless Card Drawing stuff ever printed!

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