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Top Ten Needed Reprints


Hello folks! I hope your day is going very well indeed!

With more than 20,000 cards and counting, many cards have been forgotten to time and have never been reprinted, especially older ones from the pre-Modern era. That's mega-sad. Most modern folks have never heard of or seen these cards and they have been forgotten to time.

Today I want to give you ten cards that would be awesome to see reprinted in 2020, in main or supplementary products.

In order to make this list, a card must meet these qualities:

  1. Not be on the Reserve List.
  2. Never been reprinted in any form, including promos. (Being reprinted online only won't count)
  3. Must have been printed during the pre-Modern era. I don't want to see a card from last few years or that's still legal in Standard.

But is this list do-able?

Cunning Wish

Here's a good example of the "promo" question. It was reprinted as a Judge's foil back in 2007, which doesn't show up in Gatherer. If Cunning Wish counted, it would be the clear, "Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner" of my list and smash the top spot. If I remove one or two judge promos, or an FNM prize foil once, then I can add in a lot of powerful cards. Do promos count as a "reprinting"?

I think so! There should be more than enough quality for this list to count.


Honorable Mention #1 - Chainer, Dementia Master

Chainer, Dementia Master

Chainer is a nice gentleman who can rock those glasses. I love him! He's unique and used as a leader of many Commander builds, but we've never seen an injection of new cards to help drop his cost and bring his name into the forefront for a new generation of Commander enthusiasts. Don't you want to run a Chainer and Ashiok deck, with their mutual love of Nightmares? I bet you do!

Honorable Mention #2 - Moggcatcher, Seahunter, and Skyshroud Poacher

Skyshroud Poacher

In all of these cases, these are amazing additions to your Tribal builds for three of the most popular tribes out there! In EDH you can tap and fetch from a thick library of tribals for just a humble three mana each. Getting a free Fish, Goblin, and Elf without paying for it is very cool. All of these have been giving the Human type so you can also use that. They are also fetchable themselves with Rebels and Mercenaries. Ready to fetch a dork?

10. Oath of Scholars

Oath of Scholars

The only member of the Oath cycle that's reserved is Oath of Ghouls. Oath of Scholars is a fun card that let's folks trade their hand for three cards in their upkeep, as long as someone has a bigger grip than them. I've run it as a four-of in many of my builds. I also love, love, love it with the #2 card below, and I think of them as a power couple. They really do love each other! But the Oath of Scholars ain't bad, and it'll soothe many an aching heart. It also makes friends as many want to Oath up!

9. Morality Shift

Morality Shift

Yes! I've written an entire article on the power of this card. It's massively synergetic with this game called Magic: theGathering. Pretty much every card! Living Death? Reanimation? Threshold? Delirium? Flashback and Jump-start? Incarnations? Creatures and effects that care about the graveyard (like Mortivore or Ire of Kaminari). Boom! It's also amazing in many a Commander shell and would make a great reprint in Black decks that care about their graveyard. Drop the Shifting Morality.

8. Commander Eesha

Commander Eesha

Commander Game-Winner is awesome as a way to add a fun shout out to the (new) name of the format itself. And the card is amazing as well. Four mana for a drop that cannot take damage from creatures or be blocked by them is awesome. Many creature removal spells are blanks as they are on dorks. It's both a perfect blocker and a perfect swinger and rocks flying as well! What's not to love? Nothing! Eesha this thang up!

7. Crush of Wurms

Crush of Wurms

Hello Crush fans. (You must be out of your mind, Jellyhead!) Crush of Wurms is one of the ultimate Timmy cards of all time. How has this thing never been reprinted? It's such an obvious hit. And I won't spoil a Standard or another format, so Crush on! Crush on! Get those 18 power across three Wurms of staggering size. Then do it again after a Wrath of God hits!

6. Sun Ce, Young Conquerer

Sun Ce, Young Conquerer

Of the various Portal: Three Kingdoms legendary dorks that haven't been printed anew, this is likely my favorite as the Commander. I ran it first online after the Masters Edition printing. I also love it in the real card game as well. Five mana, 3/3 (usually) unblockable dork, and bounce something on arrival. Note that unlike many modern templates of this ability, it doesn't only target an opposing dork. You can self-bounce your things. Shoot, you can self-bounce your own leader! It's a strong and powerful mid-range body for a Mono-Blue shell that I have always found useful.

5. Amnesia


You did, didn't you? You forget about this (mostly) Mono-Blue Mind Twist. It happens. No judgment. If you seek to add in some on-color discarding into a non-Black deck such as a Commander build might I remind you about Amnesia? And why wasn't it reprinted yet? No clue, but get rid of your Amnesia for Amnesia.

4. Stone-Throwing Devils

Stone-Throwing Devils

This simple common is lot of fun! It's just a Black Tundra Wolves, and yet it's always been a fun and useful card. You could toss it in a deck that cares about first strike, such as Kwende, Pride of Femeref or Path of Mettle. It's an easy card to toss into a Commander or other build, or as a common in a Conspiracy or Battlebond style set. Get them on!

3. Dong Zhou, the Tyrant

Dong Zhou, the Tyrant

Hello Dong Zhou fans! The Jowl King is great and needs a new run in the sun. His enters-the-battlefield ability to make a dork punch its controller in the mouth is very Red. And very useful. Wouldn't you want to run him as a leader for a Commander build? Or something else? I bet! Dong Zhou is a powerful and unique presence who is worth the price of admission at five splashable mana.

2. Attunement


Hello fans of mass draw and discard effects! Do like cards like Bazaar of Baghdad and Faithless Looting. I bet! You can draw cards early for powerful effects and fill up graveyards with others. In its first run, it set up enchantment decks with Replenish and Opalescence that invested your battlefield with many swinging enchantments. You can discard the Attunement to itself or just keep on drawing that gas. It can also trigger cards that care about enchantments arriving to the battlefield such as those with constellation, as this will self-bounce. It's not Reserved, and could be printed tomorrow. It might (doubtful, but might) even be too powerful for Modern! It's a powerful tool for your deck-building fun times!

1. Collective Restraint

Collective Restraint

Hello Super Propaganda! In a two color deck it's another Ghostly Prison effect, and in more colors it's even better. When you get all five? It's shut down central! Five mana a pop to swing per dork? Who has that sort of mana available to swing? Collective Restraint gets better and better the more colors (and thus lands) you have access to. I am shock-hammered that we haven't seen one in Conspiracy or Commander 20XX or anywhere similar. It should not be in Standard, but you could even add it to Modern with a future Modern Masters. This card speaks volumes. And punches hard hard.

P.S. - Want to see how my Huntington's Disease has affected my mind over the last 7 years?

P.P.S. - Before this P.P.S., I was at 1337 words in this article. You are welcome.

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