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Top Ten Cards from Murders at Karlov Manor Commander


Hello awesome folks! I hope that your day is going as well as can be! Today we are looking at the new cards from the Commander pre-cons from Murders at Karlov Manor. This will only be considering them for kitchen table play like Commander, multiplayer, Highlander, Five Color, Type Four and more.

Ready for my list? I got you! We have an epic ton of cards here, a massive six Honorable Mentions since there are so many great things I wanted to discuss!

Honorable Mention #1. (#16. Overall) - Take the Bait

Take the Bait

This useful four cost Boros instant is first on my list! You can only cast this on an opposing combat phase. All damage dealt to you and your planeswalkers is prevented this turn, so it's a Fog. Then the attackers untap and are goaded, so they'll attack elsewhere there is another attack step like a reverse Relentless Assault, so they'll get hit too. And everything that didn't attack you to keep back for defenses will attack too! They'll be super tapped out. Use this to save you, your friends, or kill a foe. Nasty!

Honorable Mention #2. (#15. Overall) - Sophia, Dogged Detective

Sophia, Dogged Detective

Welcome to our first Commander eligible dork in today's list! This four-drop 3/4 ETBs with a 2/2 legendary Dog with trample named Tiny. You can spend a mana to sac an artifact token like Clues or creatures to toss a +1/+1 counter on all of your Dogs. Then when your Dogs deal combat damage to a player, you make a Food and Clue to sacrifice to her ability. Then this is worded to happen for each Dog, not just once per combat damage. See how fun she is? Love her loads! Sure, there might be cards here and there that are better, but few as fun as Sophia will turn out to be!

Honorable Mention #3. (#14. Overall) - Havoc Eater

Havoc Eater

This seven-drop 3/ 3 flyer in red is here because of how well it works in multiplayer, since it's overcosted for that size. When it ETBs, you can goad one dork for each opponent you have. Then the total power of those goaded dorks will pump this permanently in the form of +1/+1 counters so it can get big fast. I just wish it had haste to swing hard. But it's in the color of haste like Anger and Hammer of Purphoros. Love this powerhouse loads since it'll amp up fast the more players you have to goad.

Honorable Mention #4. (#13. Overall) - Printlifter Ooze

Printlifter Ooze

Hello morph/disguise fans! I have your 2/2 Bear Deathtouch dork here. You disguise it turn 3, reveal turn 4, and make a free X/X equal to your dork count, so minimum one. That's nasty for going wide brews, like tokens or landfall with Scute Swarm style stuff. And you can block a big fatty, reveal, make an X/X, and then trade with deathtouch. A deathtouching morph has always been rough to deal with and this brings a friend! This is very strong at all of the awesome play you'd get!

Honorable Mention #5. (#12. Overall) - Otherworldly Escort

Otherworldly Escort

I adore this four-drop splashable flash 4/3 to block and kill and keep yourself alive. When this dies, it comes back once as a Spirit with four Charge counters. You can tap it with two mana to destroy something that damaged you this turn. This is a brilliant rattlesnake since no one will want to attack you when this is out with two mana and untapped. You can flash it out, save or trade with an X/4, bring it back, and then use it once your turn passes. This is actually my favorite card in the set for multiplayer, because it does a few things very well from my Advanced Multiplayer Series just now - it's a dork for the Density of Creatures, no one will kill it so it's a Treasure Trove Effect, and then it will keep you alive, so you can see it in that fourth article too about not dying. But I try to be objective in my ratings, and this list is for more than general multiplayer anyway.

Honorable Mention #6. (#11. Overall) - Nelly Borca, Impulsive Accuser

Nelly Borca, Impulsive Accuser

Our final Honorable Mention spot is this four-drop Boros 2/4 vigilance dork with an attack trigger you can do with vigilance and then hold back to get your block on! You suspect a dork when you attack. Then all suspected dorks from anyone are goaded. They cannot block your attacks this turn with suspect and then they'll get evasion when they attack each other! Then this has the ability that when your foes deal combat damage to each other, they and you will draw that card, so they may want to smash anyway to get their draw on! I love Nelly leading a Boros colored goad deck.

#10. Case of the Shifting Visage

Case of the Shifting Visage

Our first scoring card on the Top Ten proper and enchantment is this three-drop Blue Case! You surveil 1 in your upkeep, nice card selection. Then if you have 15 or more cards in your graveyard, you solve this, so you'll love this in self-mill brews. Then you can double your creatures that ain't legendary for another copy. That's pretty fun from where I am sitting and the copies have no additional brakes like once/turns, just all non-legendary dorks will copy it. I love this with Sultai where you want to mill dorks for effects like Sidisi.

#9. Unexplained Absence

Unexplained Absence

White tends to want flexible fast instant speed stuff that gives their foes something like Swords to Plowshares or Path to Exile. We just got Generous Gift a few years ago, and this past year Stroke of Midnight and Get Lost. Now we have the next card in that genre that exiles a nonland of each foe, you too, if you want, and they great a free ward 2 2/2 from their library. I adore this so much! Since it exiles, hits multiple things from multiple players and leaves them something so they won't be mad! This thing is awesome-sauce! Love it loads!

#8. Marvo, Deep Operative

Marvo, Deep Operative

Our next legendary Commander dork is this fun thang! It costs five for a big-butted 1/8 that likes toughness matters things. Then when it swings you clash it all up and down. And make that choo-choo sound. When you win you draw, and then you can cast a free spell with mana 8 or less in your hand. Free stuff from your hand way bigger than its 5 cost? That's happens when you win any clash, not just the swinging one. So, add this to your Clash brew or make a new one here! I really like Marvo with a hasted equipment like Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots to get that smash in a turn early. Yay for Octopuses!

#7. Innocuous Researcher

Innocuous Researcher

This four-drop Green dork with a 3/4 size is next! When it attacks, you parley and everyone draws and you make a free Clue for those nonlands drawn for future card flow. Then you can untap your lands in your end step to get more mana, but only for not casting spells until your next turn. You could use that extra mana for cracking Clues, or activating lands. Any way to double mana like this will be quickly broken, even with the no-spell use caveat. Everyone draws, you get Clues, and double land use can happen. People might want to keep this around since they are drawing that sweet card each of your turns. Good stuff for the win-tough!

#6. Duskana, the Rage Mother AND Kaust , Eyes of the Glade

Duskana, the Rage Mother
Kaust, Eyes of the Glade

Check out this morph/megamorph/disguise caring duo in Naya colors in the same deck! The first one costs five for an on curve 5/5. When it ETBs, you draw cards equal to your 2/2 dork count, which could be everything from Grizzly Bears to the hidden stuff mentioned above. And it's in the color of blink in White to draw a ton of cards. Then when one attacks, it grows into a 5/5 for the turn instead so this is all about Bear and Morph Beats.

The second one has hybrid, so it's cheaper than you would expect at 2/2 body for a two-mana investment, also on curve. Also note it counts for Duskana. When one of your face down dorks deals combat damage to a foe, you'll draw that card all up and down the block. This is a Coastal Piracy for them, and you can draw as many cards as you deal damage. Then you can tap this for no mana turn up one of your attacking face down dorks! Nasty combo of card flow stuff. Love them loads! These are my highest scoring legendary dorks.

#5. On the Trail

On the Trail

Welcome to our top five with this two-drop enchantment! It's simple. Each turn, when you draw your second card, you can ramp a land tapped. Since you'll be drawing tons with Clues after this set, just delay until after a cantrip like Opt on a foe's turn, and then your turn too to grab two extra ramps. This is amazing in pretty much every Simic deck where you'll be drawing instantly like Brainstorm and hit this easy. I also like this in Group Hug brews with things like Temple Bell tapping for card draw by everyone on another turn after your Howling Mine two draws plus one Clue cracking with your mana and more. See how awesome this thing can be in those brews? Also, this is cards drawn, not cards kept, so Merfolk Looter will tap for one and discard one.

#4. Merchant of Truth

Merchant of Truth

Check out our fourth spot! This flying four-drop 2/5 blocker plays great defense in the air. Your non-token dorks will make a Clue for you when they die. Nasty! Note that there are no breaks here like once per turn. It's all of them. And then your Clues you make en masse now gain exalted for you to win fast in the red zone with a White Commander. I adore this so much! Since you are spending two mana per Clue to draw, I doubt it gets the fire from foes like Consecrated Sphinx or Soul Harvester, but the exalted might push it over the edge. It's a dork for Density of Dorks, it has a big flying toughness for defense, and it could slide past most removal for the Treasure Trove effect.

#3. Final-Word Phantom

Final-Word Phantom

Here we have another cheap, flashable dork, this time a 1/4 flyer for blocking big stuff for three mana. Then this gives your other stuff flash too, like Leyline of Anticipation or Vedalken Orrery. But only in your foe's EOT step. That's usually when you want to flash out tricks, but then you cannot flash out blockers or sorcery speed answers like Vindicate or Wrath of God. You are stuck, until you can cast things EOT. Nasty! But that restriction drops this to #3, although it is cheaper than most flash enablers, and it has flash too. Nasty!

#2. Counterpoint


Our penultimate card in today's list is this five cost Dimir instant that counters anything. Once this resolves, you may cast, for free, one of four types of cards (creatures, instants, sorceries or planeswalkers) with that cost or fewer from your graveyard. Nasty free stuff for you. I really enjoy my counters which do something like replace themselves (Dismiss), bounce (Cryptic Command), give it to you for free (Desertion), make a fat flyer (Draining Whelk), make a bunch of flyers (Access Denied) and this is right up that alley! This is my favorite spell from this new slate of cards! And then

#1. Boltbender


Our top dork and card and Red spell is this disguise 4/2 with a flip of just two mana. When this Goblin Wizard is turned face up, you can redirect any number of spells and abilities. If you played Commander/multiplayer during the era when morph was first printed, then you know just how great and dominant Willbender was. You drop it with two mana open to flip it, and then redirect anything. You could move Player B's Swords to Plowshares on your Darksteel Colossus to their Serra Angel. It also works on abilities, so their Nekrataal on your Consecrated Sphinx to Player C's Shivan Dragon. Well, now you get a bigger powered dork, ward 2, and can redirect more things for the same cost.

I hope that you enjoyed my Top Ten at these pre-con decks! Next week I'll countdown my Top Ten Planeswalkers for Constructed.

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