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Boros Battalion Free Stuff with Paladin Elizabeth Taggerdy


Hello awesome MTG/Fallout fans! I hope your day is going super mega well! Today I wanted to build my 2nd deck around a newly released dork from the Commander precon set called Fallout. Ready for the new wave to begin? I got you!

We are building a Boros Free Stuff brew today around a certain lady:

Paladin Elizabeth Taggerdy

Elizabeth costs three for a 3/2 body with the Battalion keyword. When she and two more get their swing on, you get to draw that precious card - rare in Boros. Then you can drop for free a dork with a power equal to less than her power. Nasty free dropping, and then that's a base of three, but will raise as her power does. Love her loads! Last week I built around someone for flavor since it was in my home state and city where my family lives, this week's I like her for power!

Mana, Ramp, Lands, Rocks

Knight of the White Orchid
Stoic Farmer

Let's kick this thing off with mana stuff, namely dorks you can drop early or late to keep up your battalion flow. The four-drop 3/3 ETBs and you'll search out a Plains to your hand, ETB tapped if someone has more.

Dockside Extortionist is a Commander Classic that makes a bunch of Treasures on arrival to the battlefield to drop the good stuff. Cartographer's Hawk has a combat damage trigger to ramp out a Plains if they have more lands, but it will self-bounce.

Now let's turn to land! Since I have card draw in my Command Zone, I am running Reliquary Tower and Thought Vessel in mana rock form to stop discards. Minas Tirith usually ETBs tapped. It'll tap with two to draw if two or more attacked this turn. I am also running card draw War Room in my land base as well.

Now let's turn to some token maker lands. Since battalion will work with tokens, we'll look at Sokenzan, crucible of Defiance that ETBs untapped, you can discard it for no more than four mana to make instantly two 1/1 Spirits that have haste. That's battalion in one go. Castle Ardenvale ETBs tapped, and then you can tap it with four, make a 1/1 Human token.

Slayers' Stronghold
Rogue's Passage

Let's finish this section with this pair! The Boros one ETBs untapped, taps for colorless, and taps with two mana to give your dork haste, vigilance and a double power boost. Note the cheap power pumping to make your leader drop a bigger dork. The uncommon taps for colorless too, also ETBs, untapped, taps with four to give something unblockable for the turn!

Aggro and Voltron Stuff

Pre-War Formalwear
Angel of Invention

Now let's turn to power pumping stuff. The equipment costs three, when it ETBS, you recur a free three-drop dork from your graveyard and equip it, and then this gives it +2/+2 and vigilance! Then you can equip after it dies for three mana. The creature costs five for a 2/1 (note dropping for free) that rocks flying, vigilance, lifelink and then is an Anthem on legs to pump other stuff and then rocks fabricate 2. Nasty pair!

Let's turn to game winning equipment. Commander's Plate is one to cast but equips for five but Commanders with three. It gets a massive +3/+3 in size and then protection from non-Boros colors. That's nasty here! Blackblade Reforged equips anything for seven, but legendary stuff for three too. It gets a huge power and toughness boost equal to your land count!

Bloodforged Battle-Axe costs one, equips for two, gives a +2 power, and then has a combat damage trigger to make a copy, and then that will make copies, and it's a game winning mana sink. Love it loads. Bastion Protector costs three for an on curve 3/3 beater that gives your Commanders a +2/+2 boost in size and then indestructible.

Synergies and Winning Conditions

Blade Historian
Grim Reaper's Sprint

Now let's turn to synergies and winning conditions that weren't already mentioned like Rogue's Passage or Blackblade Reforged. The dork costs four hybrid mana for a 2/3. All of your attacking stuff gets the game winning double strike, to kill twice as fast for Commander damage and swinging stuff that you need for your battalion swings. The Aura costs five, gives the dork +2/+2 and haste, and then you untap all of your dorks and get another attack step this turn like Relentless Assault. Then this costs three less if a dork by anyone died this turn. Great way to kick off this section!

Now let's turn from double strike giving to these keyword givers. Archetype of Aggression costs three for a 3/2 dork that gives your team trample, and then removes it from your foes stuff! I am also running the White one to gives your stuff first strike (Archetype of Courage). Rising of the Day costs three, gives your team haste like Fervor, and the pumps your legendary dorks by one to drop a bigger dork. Giving your team haste to get in a swing of battalion a turn early is nasty. I am also running Anger.

Whispersilk Cloak
Grafted Exoskeleton

Let's finish with this artifact win-con pair. I need an unblockable group, enter the common, that costs three, equips for two, and the dork cannot be targeted and cannot be blocked either. I am also running the Prowler's Helm and flashable Silver Shroud Costume. The uncommon costs four, equips for two, gives a +2/+2 size boost for anything and then infect to close out the games fast. If Commander Damage or regular damage is stopped, grab a poison win instead. I also have Mirrex to add to that too.


Boros Charm
Guardian of Faith

Now let's turn to answers! We'll start with answers to answers, like the obvious Teferi's Protection and Fierce Guardianship. I also love this pair. The uncommon instant costs two to shoot a player or planeswalker for four, give something double strike as a combat damage trick, or give your stuff indestructible to stop answers. The rare is a creature that costs three for a flashable 3/2 vigilance. When it ETBs, you can phase out your other critters if you want to remove them from the battlefield to stop any interaction with them!

Now let's turn to removal on dorks as they ETB. You can drop these for free early. Avalanche Riders is famous for blowing up a land when it ETBs, and has haste to swing, but has echo. Then I tossed in Ravenous Baboons to destroy nonbasics. Both are great at hurting nasty cards in land form like Academy Ruins, or Gaea's Cradle. Loran of the Third Path has a 2/1 for three mana vigilance body and then will ETB and blow up an artifact or enchantment, so she's a Disenchant on a stick. I am running many more...like...

Cavalier of Dawn
Martial Coup

...this five-drop 4/6! With just a four power, he'll be an easy drop off your Commander. Then you rock vigilance and an ETB to destroy a nonland and give them a 3/3 like Beast Within. I also tossed in Vindicate on a stick Meteor Golem. When it dies, you get a free recursion of an artifact or enchantment to your hand from your graveyard. Then I tossed in two mass removal spells - the X cost above that destroys everything else that wasn't made by it and then the overloading Path to Exile for your foe's stuff called Winds of Abandon!

Card Flow

Aurelia, the Law Above
Esper Sentinel

Let's finish with card flow! The Boros colored five-drop 4/4 legendary rare just printed has haste to swing, flying to add evasion and vigilance to keep back. Whenever anyone swings with three or more dorks, you'll draw, just like your Commander. Five or more? You can shoot each foe for three and gain it too. I am running, like Minas Tirith, the entire "attack with two, draw" section of stuff like Chivalric Alliance here too. The one-drop mono-White rare has a 1/1 body, and when your foe's cast their first non-dork spell you'll draw unless they spend mana equal to its power, which can scale up strongly in this power pumping build!

Horn of the Mark
Trouble in Pairs

Let's finish my deep dive with this pair! The artifact costs two. When two or more of your dorks swing, dig five, and draw a dork from them. The enchantment costs four for a recently printed with two abilities. If a foe would take an extra turn, shut it down. Then when a foe would attack you with two or more dorks, draw two or more cards or cast two or more spells in one turn, you draw that previous card!

Let's turn to my deck!

Boros Battalion with Elizabeth Taggerdy | Commander | Abe Sargent

Card Display

There we go! I am running a bunch of basics and more Plains since I need them for early drops like Knight of the White Orchid and then ramping them out. I am also running every Boros colored dual land save for Plateau to fetch out. I hope you enjoy my take on this deck!

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