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Top Ten Fallout #3


Hello awesome MTG/Fallout fans! Wow do I have something fun for you! Today we'll be knocking out my final Top Ten for the recently released MTG/Fallout Commander Pre-cons. This is for the aforementioned Commander, sure, but also Highlander and Multiplayer in other formats, Five Color, Pauper/Peasant and Type Four. Love this loads! Since I normally have a Top Ten with three Honorable Mentions, this week we'll do four(ish) to get to an even Top Forty. We'll be playing those hits that you love!!!

Ready? Let's do it to it!

Honorable Mention #1. (#41. Overall) - Elder Arthur Maxson

Elder Arthur Maxson

This awesome creature tokens matter Orzhov three drop sizeable 4/2 that gives them training to pump them as they swing with +1/+1 counters! And then creature tokens matter is beloved in Orzhov with pumpers in white and tokens in both like Lingering Souls. Then you can sac a dork for free to give this indestructible and save from targeted or mass removal and keep on giving that training to your stuff! Get you Commander on!

Honorable Mention #2. (#40. Overall) - The Nipton Lottery

The Nipton Lottery

This four cost Rakdos colored sorcery will kick the Top 40 off! You randomly Threaten a dork. Everything else is destroyed, so this is pretty cheap mass removal, but one thing will randomly survive. Note that this is destroy, not sacrifice or exile, so indestructible things will survive too. Four mana is the cost of a Day of Judgment or Damnation, so you add in red for the Threaten and random stuff. But it's not bad at all and scales up the more folks you are playing against and creatures on the battlefield. Love it loads!

Honorable Mention #3. (#39. Overall) - Lumbering Megasloth

Lumbering Megasloth

This 12-drop 8/8 trample ETBs tapped. It costs one less for each counter on anyone or anything! Not each thing or player, but each counter.... That could easily be two mana minimum in a poison, rad counter, planeswalker or +1/+1 counter brew. Wow that's nasty, and in multiplayer that's a big thang. You can swing with your heavily discounted 8/8 trample-ly beater! Love it loads!!!

Honorable Mention #4. (#38. Overall) - Mister Gutsy

Mister Gutsy

Our only scoring colorless artifact dork from Fallout is this two-drop 1/1! When you cast that precious Equipment or Aura this grows permanently with a +1/+1 counter! It's nasty in both of those archetypes or Voltron that combined them. Then when this dies, you gain Junk tokens equal to the counters here! That makes this also great for +1/+1 counter decks to add your counters here, and that's the fourth biggest Archetype, so you get three Top Ten Commander Archetype in this for any color deck!

Honorable Mention #5. (#37. Overall) - Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect

This aura is next. See how awesome they are together! This six-drop Selesnya Aura will give the enchanted dork indestructible and then 9/10 power and toughness! Nasty! This also changes the base power for your earlier hitting Commander eligible Curie to draw a massive 9 cards each time she deals combat damage. I love this for Type Four with infinite mana but just once/turn, barring an alternate cost like the pitch spell Force of Will, since mass removal is so common there, and many dorks have smaller bodies but are run for their ability like Consecrated Sphinx or Karmic Guide where this will turn into a game-winning beater.

#10. (#36. Overall) - Mariposa Military Base

Mariposa Military Base

Our final scoring land is this powerful colorless tapper. When it ETBs, you can get two rad counters for it to arrive tapped, which you'll want since those can help you with self-milling brews, or the next ability. You can tap this with no more than five generic to draw that card! Pure card draw in land from is always awesome, so this, War Room, and Minas Tirith always make my multiplayer and Commander brews. This tap cost is reduced by your rad counter count, so it's obvious there. I love this in any deck needing card flow in a hard to answer form, and then it's nasty in decks that are about self-milling, rad counters, or decks that care about your graveyard like recursion, or flashback stuff and it has no color identity so every Commander deck can toss this in. Love it loads!

#9. (#35.Overall) - Colonel Autumn

Colonel Autumn

I love it when a Commander forges a new archetype with it. This happens in Commander Precons built around new stuff, like the one with Rad Counters the previous card comes from. What I really enjoy is when an old mechanic or creature type gets a new Commander or mechanical identity. Enter this three-drop Orzhov 2/3 lifelinker. This has exploit. Your other legendary stuff has exploit too! Then when anything you control exploits, you toss a +1/+1 counter on all of your dorks! They'll grow permanently! This is also awesome with Mister Gutsy above by the by! This creates a new "Exploit" matters identity! That's why it's here. It's also adds in legendary matters stuff or can be in that 99 or can be in the 99 of +1/+1 counter stuff as well.

#8. (#34. Overall) - Wasteland Raider AND Powder Ganger

Wasteland Raider
Powder Ganger

Next up is this Rakdos duo! They each have squad 2 and a powerful ETB 187 ability to add to your removal section. The Mercenary costs four for a 4/3 that has everyone sac a dork on arrival, so you can sac it to itself if you don't have anything better. Note sac to get past hexproof and indestructible, but they'll sac their worst, but squad here can destroy all their stuff with enough mana. Then the Rogue costs three, destroys an artifact on arrival to the battlefield so it's a Uktabi Orangutan that you can make copies to really blow up that stuff. I adore this pair so much since it's so good at taking out stuff and scaling up as you have options.

#7. (#33. Overall) - Mr. House, President and CEO

Mr. House, President and CEO

Hello random fans! I got your three drop randomly selecting 0/4 Mardu colored dork! When you toss a 4 or more on something, you'll make a free 3/3 dork - that's half the time with a d6. There are no other breaks here like once per turn or tapping or mana. If you tossed a six, you'll make a Treasure too. Then you can tap it with four mana to toss a d6 for that roll and more for each Treasure spent for this ability. It's fun, and that's what people like. This is in the color of Treasure makers like Red's Dockside Extortionist and White's Smothering Tithe. Nasty! And dice are legal in the D&D sets and illegal in the Un- stuff too like Goblin Bookie from the first set. This is pretty strong!

#6. (#32. Overall) - Marcus, Mutant Mayor

Marcus, Mutant Mayor

This Simic colored five drop 4/4 legendary dork is next! It's got vigilance to hold back and swing and trample to smash through - an ideal combo. Then when your encountered stuff smashes face, you draw a card. There are no other limits there, like once/damage dealt. It's all good stuff. If not? Toss a counter on it for card flow next turn! This has all sorts of potential leading a +1/+1 counter deck, which is a beloved archetype, or in the 99 of another!

#5. (#31. Overall) - Lethal Scheme AND Break Down

Lethal Scheme
Break Down

Welcome to my Top Five! Let's turn to these Golgari instant answers. Each can destroy two possible targets - dorks and planeswalkers for the black one and artifacts and enchantments for the Green. Then they will add something too! The Black one can be cheaper with convoke and the convoked stuff will connive. Draw, discard for card flow, and then toss counters here too. Then the green one also adds card flow with a Junk token for one fewer mana and a more splashable cost. I love this pair loads!

#4. (#30. Overall) - The Prydwen, Steel Flagship

The Prydwen, Steel Flagship

Hello awesome Vee fans, I've got a fun thing to add on! This six-drop 6/6 flying Vee legendary has crew 2. When another nontoken artifact ETBs, so not Clues or Junk, you'll make a 2/2 White Human Knight with 4/4 size if an artifact ETBed, and that's enough to crew this. A Vee that makes its own crew can be quite the powerhouse. I love this good ol' flyin' beater! Love it lots!

#3. (#28. Overall) - Struggle for Project Purity AND Battle of Hoover Dam

Struggle for Project Purity
Battle of Hoover Dam

Our next three cards are Blue! This duo of four cost enchantments with choices on arrival to the battlefield and different triggers for each one! The blue one will let your foe's draw in your upkeep and you'll draw that many, or you'll have each player that attacks you with dorks get twice that many rad counters to kill them with mills and pings. Just you, not your planeswalkers. The White one will choose an option to in your end step recur a cheap (three or fewer) dork from your graveyard with a finality counter on it, so just once each dork. The other choice will let your dying stuff put two +1/+1 counters on a dork you control - ideally your Commander. Note there is no nontoken break there, so it can get very big very fast! They are both splashable, and my highest hitting enchantments!

#2. (#27. Overall) - Elder Owyn Lyons

Elder Owyn Lyons

This Azorius four-drop legendary dork is next with the ability to grant your other artifacts a bit of targeted removal protection with ward, but just one. Note it will count tokens like Clues or Junk. When this ETBs and dies you get to Raise Dead an artifact too, so this really likes the most popular archetype ever printed in Commander - Artifacts Matter. Love this new entry for protection and recurring too! It's also card advantage with the ETB and leaves play ability each granting you a free artifact.

#1. (#27. Overall) - Nick Valentine, Private Eye

Nick Valentine, Private Eye

Our final card comes with a better fear/intimidate that cannot be blocked, save by artifact stuff, not stuff that shares a color. When this or another artifact dork you control dies, you'll make a free Clue for drawing that card or adding to your artifact for things like Master of Etherium. This will work quite well with the above dork's recursion. It's a very strong card and duet to end this list with!

And there you go!

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