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Naya Mounts and Vees in Commander? Oh My!


Hello awesome folks! I hope that you are having an amazing day today! This is my first Commander deck built around a newly shown six-drop legendary lady! Let's take a gander!

Annie Flash, the Veteran

This six-mana, Naya-colored, 4/5 legendary with flash and an ETB ability to Sun Titan a permanent of the same cost for free to the battlefield from your graveyard. Great recursion! Then when she becomes tapped, you'll use her red colored identity to exile two and cast then this turn. So that's impulse card flow, which might miss a spell here and there, but you have six mana when she is cast, so that should be enough. Note the tapped ability must happen, so be careful with her! I like using her to tap and send out Mounts and Vehicles. Mounts are preferred since you can swing when you don't have the dork to Mount them up, but there will be some cool Vehicles here and there as well.

Mana, Ramp, Land

Relic of Legends
Cultivator's Caravan
Aerial Surveyor

Now let's turn to on theme ramps, like these three three-drops! The uncommon taps for any color, so it's a Manalith and then you can tap your legendary dorks for mana too, it's here to tap your leader, but we have a bunch of legendary dorks randomly here and there. The colorless Vee also taps for any color of mana, and then crews with 3 to make a 5/5 body. The White Vee has crew 2, flying, 3/4 body, and an attack trigger to ramp out a basic Plains if who you attacked has more lands.

Now let's turn to two-drops. Sakura-Tribe Elder can be sacrificed for a land. It's here to be brought back for free from my Commander on arrival. Earthcraft will let you tap your dorks to untap a basic land only. Use it for your leader. Magda, Brazen Outlaw can also tap her for Vees/Mount stuff too. I am also running mana tapper Intrepid Stablemaster to tap for two for Vees or Mounts.

The Shire
Bucolic Ranch

Now let's turn to synergy lands The Green tapping one will usually ETB tapped. You can tap it with three mana to tap a dork and make a free Food for life gain, and to trigger stuff like the Dwarf or Commander. The Desert taps for colorless, any color for Mounts, and you can tap it with three to look and draw the top card if a Mount, and then if not it heads to the bottom of your library.

Cool Mounts and Vees

Now let's turn to Mounts and Vees! We'll start with a Boros rare Mount duo that's legendary. (Relic) Fortune, Loyal Steed costs three, has a 2/4 body and saddle 1. When it ETBs, you scry 2. When it swings while saddled, you flicker it (scry 2) and maybe what saddled it. Ideally here your Commander to get the Sun Titan ETB trigger again. Calamity, Galloping Inferno costs six for a 4/6 with haste and saddle 1. When saddled, you can make a copy of a non-legendary that saddled and it's tapped and attacking. We have tons of non-legendary stuff like the Sun Titan or more to copy.

Stubborn Burrowfiend
Unlicensed Hearse
Nautiloid Ship

The Mount costs two for a Bear sized 2/2 with saddle 2. When you saddle it, you mill two for your leader and grow this in size equal to your dork count in your graveyard. The two-drop Vee taps with nothing to exile two cards in a graveyard - answering of foes. Its size is equal to their number. Crew 2. The last Vee costs four for a 5/5 flyer that exiles an opposing graveyard on arrival, again, removal. It has crew 3. When it smashes face, you can put a dork exiled here under your control.

Let's finish with beaters! Thunderhawk Gunship costs six for a 6/6 with flying and crew. When it ETBs, you can make free two 2/2 White Astartes Warrior dorks with vigilance to crew this with. When it swings your attackers gain the evasive flying. I also have a mount that gives your team trample when saddled. Necron Monolith costs seven for a 7/7 with flying and indestructible to make rough to answer. It has crew 4. When it swings, you mill three (fodder for leader and Sun Titan) and then for each dork milled that way you'll make a free 2/2 Black Necron Warrior artifact dork. With our dense creature count, that could easily equip itself in one or two smashes. Love it loads here!

Synergies and Winning Conditions

Annie Joins Up

Now let's turn to synergies and win-cons! Since I have a few legndary dorks here and there, I tossed in Annie's enchantment costs four Naya mana and then when it ETBs, you shoot something for 5 dmaage as removal, and then when a triggered ability of a legendary dork trigger, it'll trigger again, so our leader, the attack saddles of Calamity, the ETB scry 2, and more. Love it loads! The two-drop Vee imprints a card from a graveyrd, crews for tap two things, then it becomes the imprinted dork copied. Love it loads on opposing stuff too!

Now let's look at some key synergies. Selvala, Eager Trailblazer has a cast trigger (Copy, Relic) to make a 1/1 Merc token to pump the power of something by +1 at sorcery speed for casting dorks, which we are loaded with! She has vigilance and a 4/5 body to swing and then tap for mana equal to your different power amounts. Nasty! Then since we are tapping stuff all up and down the block, I tossed in Drumbellower to be a three-drop (Sun Titan) 2/1 with flying to untap your dorks in the other upkeeps. Then I also tossed in powerhouse Seedborn Muse!

Quintorius Kand costs five and when you cast a spell from exile (Commander), you shoot each for 2 and gain it too. Then you can +1 him to make a free 3/2 Spirit dork to crew and saddle. Then you can -3 him with his starting loyalty once to Discover 4 to cast free for a trigger too. I like him just making that 3/2 token and occasionally draining that life too. Miriam, Herd Whisperer can, on your turn, your Mounts and Vees have hexproof and cannot be targeted for removal. Then when they swing, they get a boost of +1/+1 permanently in the form of counters.

Seraphic Steed
Emmara, Soul of the Accord

Let's turn to two Selesnya two-drop 2/2 rares. The one just printed in this set has first strike and lifelink and saddles for 4. Then when this attacks, it'll make a free 3/3 with flying Angel to win, crew, saddle, or block attacks. I am also running saddle into dork maker Bridled Bighorn. Then the older one when tapped will make a free 1/1 White with lifelink Solider to crew or saddle and you can tap her as a legendary to make mana with Relic, or double tokens with the enchantment.

Squirrel Nest costs three, equips a land, and you can tap it with no mana to make a free 1/1 Squirrel dork to crew, saddle, block, or swing for wins. It's here as a backup win con since we have Earthcraft, so you can enchant a basic, tap, tap the Squirrel to untap, and make any number of 1/1 Squirrel tokens to win the game with. Selesnya Evangel costs two for a 1/2 dork that taps with one to tap a dork and make a 1/1 Saproling for blocking and smashing each in fun ways.


Selfless Spirit
Dauntless Escort

Now let's turn to answers and I start with answers to answers, in a going wide deck like this, we cannot get the board Wrathed away and leave our Vees unable to participate, so I have things like Heroic Intervention, Teferi's Protection and then this dork duo. The flyer costs two for 2/1 and then sacs to give my team indestructible for the turn. The grounded dork costs three for a 3/3, and also sacs to indestructible. They can be recurred by your leader and Sun Titan effects here.

Cathar Commando
Loran of the Third Path

Now let's look at targeted removal like the flashable two-drop 3/1 mono-White common that can spend one to destroy it, and has three power for crewing and then a two-drop for recursion. I also tossed in Qasali Pridemage with exalted as well in this space. The three-drop legendary (Relic, ETB) has an ETB trigger to destroy an artifact and enchantment and then leave behind a 2/1 with vigilance for crewing. You can swing and then post combat tap to draw and your foes will too. I am also running instant speed targeted removal Beast Within and Generous Gift to destroy anything.

Let's finish this section with burn from Vees. Skysovereign, Consul Flagship ETBs and shoots a dork or planeswalker on arrival for 3 damage. That'll happen when it swings too, and It's crew 3 for a 6/5 flyer. Surgehacker Mech has a smaller 5/5 menace body, crew for 4. When it ETBs, you shoot a dork or planeswalker for damage equal to twice your Vee count, so minimum two. This pair can kill while adding to your board position!

Card Draw

Wylie Duke, Atiin Hero
Bygone Bishop

Now let's turn to card draw, and we'll start with this duo of three-drop White rare dorks! The legendary one has a vigilance to swing and tap after combat for stuff, and a 4/2 body, high power for saddling/crewing. Then when she is tapped, you'll draw a card and gain a life too. Nasty. Since she's legendary, that tap trigger will get copied. The flyer has a 2/3 body, and a cast trigger. When you cast a Sun Titan-able dork, you'll get a free Clue to crack for cards. Since we are building around smaller stuff for our Commander and friends, that felt right.

Let's turn to card flow Vees and Mounts. Reckoner Bankbuster costs two, has a 4/4 crew three body, ETBs with three charge counters, taps with two and removes one to draw, and then the final one removed will make a 1/1 that powers as a 3/1 to crew this. Gila Courser costs three with a 4/2 body and saddle 1, when you attack you'll exile and cast like your leader, and then you can trigger Quintorius if cast.

Ohran Frostfang
Toski, Bearer of Secrets

Let's finish with this trio! The mono-Green dorks will have combat damage turned into card draw, with no cap. The Snow one gives your attacking stuff deathtouch, so they might not want to trade, especially with the tokens attacking. The legendary one costs four, cannot be countered, has indestructible, must attack and then is legendary for your stuff. The Vee costs four, is legendary, flying 4/5 with crew 3. It has a combat trigger too, this time you dig five and draw a historic card like Vees or legendary thang.

Ready for my decklist?

Naya Mounts and Vees | Commander | Abe Sargent

Card Display

There we are! I hope that you enjoyed my take on Mounts and Vees!

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