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Top Ten from Outlaws of Thunder Junction


Hello all! I hope that your day is going super mega wel With a week or so after the spoiler, I've had time to sink my teeth into the lists. Today I wanna start my look at the Top 40 from the set for casual play like multiplayer, Highlander, Type Four, Commander and Five Color and Pauper/Peasant too. Like normal, I will look at the Top Cards from the Commander set at a future article. Ditto the Big Score which is powerful enough to have its own list too. Here's my list!

#13. Dance of the Tumbleweeds AND Map the Frontier

Dance of the Tumbleweeds
Map the Frontier

This set has two ramp spells sorceries that are pretty strong and add Deserts to the potential to ramp out. Dance (Common, Pauper, Peasant) costs two normally, rocks spree, and then for one more, Rampant Growth but it's not tapped. You can use it then! Then your 3 extra mana later will make an X/X land sized Elemental. The Map costs four, and ramps out two basics or Deserts, this time tapped, so that's an Explosive Vegetation, but since you can ramp Deserts too, this is better. Love this pair loads!

#12. Gisa, the Hellraiser

Gisa, the Hellraiser

This five drop legendary dork (Commander) has a 4/4 body and ward two mana and two life too, so it's double warded. Then your Skeleons and Zombies get evasion with menace and a size boost too. Then you get a trigger once/turn when you commit a crime to make two tapped Zombies that are 2/2 base 3/3 with her out. This works once/turn, but each turn, so in multiplayer you can do it each turn, theirs and yours too!

#11. Selvala, Eager Trailblazer

Selvala, Eager Trailblazer

Our first multicolored dork is also great as Commander too! Your four mana nets you a strong 4/5 body with vigilance which is great with her tap ability after combat to swing and still net it. She has a cast trigger for dorks - make a 1/1 Mercenary dork that can tap to pump something up. Note there are no other restrictions here like once/turn, so all creatures you cast will trigger her and we know how many great creatures are in her color identity already! Then she's a Mana Elf since you can tap her for mana equal to your different powers, minimum two with her and a token she just made and if you tapped one to increase the size of another, three mana made! She is awesome everywhere!

#10. Hardbristle Brandit SHOUT OUT TO Intrepid Stablemaster

Hardbristle Bandit
Intrepid Stablemaster

This two drop 1/1 common (Pauper/Peasant) is my top scoring common from the set for casual and other play. It's a mana dork too, this time one that taps for any color of mana, but untaps if you committed a crime, but just once per turn. Ideally, you can use that like Gisa to untap each turn to cast one cost interaction spells like Lightning Bolt or Swords to Plowshares or Pongify or Unsummon. Love it so much. I wouldn't be surprised to see it in Standard too. Also, a shout out to the other two drop mana tapper in Green has a bigger size as a 2/2 and reach to block flyers. But it only taps for one, unless you are also tapping for Mounts or Vees, then it's two. Love this pair way much!

#9. Rush of Dread

Rush of Dread

Another Spree card, get used to it, these are awesome! This mono-Black thang costs three base, four to force a foe (crime) to sacrifice half their teams, +2 to make someone discard half their hand and +2 for half their life. In four player multiplayer, you can just destroy one player who is Archenemy or spread it out for one each who are the most damage by each. That's eight base mana for massive effects, but you are in Black like Cabal Coffers and Urborg, or in other colors since there is no Black in the spree costs.

#8. Sandstorm Verge

Sandstorm Verge

Our highest charting land and colorless card is this new take on Rogue's Passage! Note Desert type for #13 above. Then you can tap this for colorless and it ETBs untapped ready to be used! Then you can tap this with three mana at sorcery speed to make a dork unblockable. Sure, sorcery speed means you cannot use it on a foe's turn to make them unblockable, but you drop a mana in cost! This is the same cost as Access Tunnel and way better. You now have more reasons to run LD in your colors to handle this win con in land form! Get your Desert on!

#7. Insatiable Avarice

Insatiable Avarice

Hello sorcery spree fans! I've got another Black sorcery one! One base, plus two is Imperial Seal no life loss and plus two is drawing three and losing three life. I think the base default here is the second one to draw one more than Sign in Blood for one more Black mana. It's awesome, but it's not easy to cast third turn outside of mono-Black builds or Urborg. Combining both for just five mana seems amazingly awesome!

#6. The Key to the Vault

The Key to the Vault

This is our top scoring artifact and equipment! This two drop mono-Blue thing equips for three. When you deal combat damage? Dig that many cards and exile a nonland and cast it for free! That counts as exile casting for triggers that care by the by. Free casts that you can dig deep on? That's nasty! I love this on any Blue color Commander that has an evasive ability like flying or wants to swing for triggers.

#5. Oko, the Ringleader

Oko, the Ringleader

Welcome to our Top Five! Back-to-back Blue legendary permanents, and another will be next! This four drop Simic colored three loyalty planeswalker is next! It has four abilities. The static will turn him into a copy of a dork you control save he'll have hexproof to keep him safe! That suggests a Clone-Matters brew, or creatures matter, or even tokens since he'll copy those too. Then you can +1 him to draw two, and the discard two, so he's looting to fill your graveyard, unless you committed a crime, then you'll only discard one and draw. That +1 is great without committing a crime, and dangerous with it! You can -1 him to make a 3/3 Elk token to copy. J'adore Oko!

#4. Marchesa, Dealer of Death

Marchesa, Dealer of Death

Our highest scoring Commander eligible dork is this three cost Grixis colored 3/4 on curve with a commit crime triggered ability. When you do so, you can swap a mana to dig two, draw one, and the other heads to your graveyard for recursion or later use. Unlike other commit crime stuff like Gisa or the Mana Dork above, there are no "once per turn" brakes here. And she's in tons of colors for Crime Committed from discard like Duress and removal like Hero's Downfall to Chaos Warp, Into the Core, Rapid Hybridization, Capsize, Vandalblast, counters, and loads more. As long as you have the mana, Marchesa wants to draw and fill your yard. She is the Interaction Queen, and that's how you win in Commander and other kitchen table format! Run her Majesty!

#3. Aven Interrupter

Aven Interrupter

Our top scoring dork and second highest scoring White card and permanent, is this fun Wind Drake! (Three mana, 2/2 body, flying) With flash, you can cast it to stop attackers in the air, chump block, trade with an X/2, kill/survive a 1/X. Then you can exile a spell on arrival to the battlefield, and it becomes plotted and cannot be cast until next main turn by that person or you, at sorcery speed only and then it costs two more to resolve if it was them. That tempo gained here is downright nasty. Also, many cards will be "Countered" on a future main turn, like interrupting a Negate. Then note that the 2 tax is for all exile and graveyard casts by foes, not just this, so you will slow them down for a while. Flash + Hate Bear ability is a nasty combo. It's going to be so strong in all off the decks!

#2, Jace Reawakened

Jace Reawakened

Our top scoring Blue card, permanent, legendary and planeswalker is Jace! This two drop, over the curve three loyalty, three ability walker of the planes is next! The static means you cannot cast him until turn 4 or later. That's no big deal since you can cast him turn 4 and have two mana for Counters. He can +1 to draw and discard. That's card flow. Not draw, but flow, and on a +1 this cheap is amazing! Then you can +1 him to exile and plot a nonland three or fewer cost from your hand to cast on a future turn! Nasty free casts! Three loyalty and two +1s and card flow and free stuff? He's so strong! Get him, run him, love him!

#1. Final Showdown

Final Showdown

Our "final" scoring card is up! This is a spree one cost instant in White. It's here to be a base six mana flashable Wrath, like Rout but for one fewer mana. Because this mass removal is instant speed, you can answer anything, like dorks with haste, someone who taps out to kill you, a surprise Craterhoof Behemoth to kill out of nowhere or giving a fat dork infect. Any red zone threat that'll kill you now won't as long as you can destroy them! If you have an extra mana you can remove abilities to kill them all, no matter what they may be hiding behind! if you add another, you can save your best critter like your Commander. This has so much value everywhere! From Type Four with infinite mana to sweep and keep to Commander, this is amazing anywhere and everywhere!

There we are! I hope that you enjoyed my deep dive into my first Top 40 of the set! What's next? Let's find out next Friday!

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