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Budget Commander #28 — Meandering Love


A Scout Is Thrifty

As a former member of the Boy Scouts, and an Eagle Scout to boot, I still retain a bunch of the basic tenants and precepts of the organization. One of those is that a scout is thrifty. Thrifty is an old-fashioned word that’s not used a lot anymore, but the basic concept is easy enough. Don’t waste. Use resources, including money, wisely. Be thrifty.

Setting aside the core meta question of whether Magic could ever really be called “thrifty,” there certainly is an element of strong un-thriftiness to it. We all get it. Take a Plateau. It’s an expensive red- and white-producing land. The difference in play value between a Plateau and a Stone Quarry is pretty minor, particularly at the kitchen table. Unless you have a serious need for a comes-into-play untapped land or a land that synergizes with the basic land types of Plains and Mountain, it’s not that much different in play. And yet, a near-mint Plateau from Revised Edition is worth, roughly, around two hundred eighty near-mint Stone Quarries. Unless it’s two hundred eighty times as good, that cash usually isn’t worth it.

That’s where the Budget Commander series pops in. It finds thrifty cards and options that work, cheaply and effectively, to build a strong deck. The goal of each deck is to come in under the budget of the previous one, comparing near mint cards over at CoolStuffInc.com. This is an interesting exercise on budgets, price, and thriftiness.

I was looking for unique people to build a Budget Commander deck around, and one struck me as pretty cool, so let’s take a look at your favorite Giant Shaman.

Our target was $33.69, so anything lower than that works. What did we hit? $33.63!

So what am I doing here?

Rosheen Meanderer
The goal with Rosheen Meanderer is to run enough cards with X in their costs or abilities that Rosheen becomes a powerful mana accelerant. I felt I could go in a lot of directions. You could run Hydra.dec, for example, and just toss in a bunch of Hydras and other creatures with X in their costs. In these decks, Rosheen is used to give a permanent +4/+4 bonus to each new Hydra as it’s played, which is not an insignificant bonus. That sort of bonus can let your Hydras or Endless One become a lot bigger than normal, smashing through defenders with greater ease. And amping up your Hydras seems to be a very Gruul thing to do, so it’s certainly on theme.

Another obvious direction it to mine the X damage direction, with cards like Comet Storm and Rolling Thunder being used to rain additional thunder and lightning on your foes from above. Rosheen adds 4 damage to each Blaze or Fireball you point at people. And that’s certainly a fun and interesting thing for Gruul to do as well.

I decided to hew closer to that theme.

Are you familiar with the old Fire Elves or Elf-Ball decks? They were a competitive archetype of R/G deck that ran mana powerhouses like Priest of Titania and Gaea's Cradle alongside X removal spells such as Fireball or Kaervek's Torch. With mana Elves, and X burn, it’s a fun archetype that led to numerous other concepts of a similar nature down through the years.

Farhaven Elf
I feel that Rosheen Meanderer is a great leader for a Fire Elves concept. So as I was building my deck, I realized I could slide over to the Elf-Ball theme. I had originally had support cards in here like Sakura-Tribe Elder and Acidic Slime, and I replaced them with Elf versions such as Farhaven Elf and Reclamation Sage. And pretty soon, I had a strong Elf theme in the deck.

Every budget deck of mine has a place to push the budget in ways that work for that deck. Most support cards for a deck cost less than a buck. A card like Far Wanderings, Peregrination, or Rolling Thunder costs little cash. So with a $30-plus budget, I often push in key cards that take up a lot of my budget. Some cards I’ve used in the past include a key Planeswalker or card like Skullclamp.

This time, I chose to focus on stuff with Elf loving. The perfect card is Elvish Archdruid. Yes, it’s $2.50 near mint over at CoolStuffInc.com. But it’s vital to this deck. And it’s cheaper than Priest of Titania by $0.50. Since it pumps Elves as well as producing mana from them, it does double-duty here. And again, we have cards like Wellwisher, Timberwatch Elf, and Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen that help the whole tribe.

One card that really does a lot here is Riptide Replicator. When you play it, use Rosheen to help you reach as high of an X effect to it as possible. Name Elf and whatever color strikes your fancy. Then, start churning out those big Elves for 4 simple mana a tap.

I made sure most of my mana creatures were all Elves of various sorts so I could increase our Elf count. Cards like Whisperer of the Wilds were disinvited in lieu of cards like Quirion Elves or the classic Llanowar Elves. Check out Elvish Guidance!

After delving into the obligatory slate of burn with a few Hydras as well, I slid into some other X territory.

Flameblast Dragon
From Gorilla Shaman breaking your artificial toys to Flameblast Dragon swinging and Blaze-ing away at something, we have a lot of solid usages of Xs that flesh out our good Giant Shaman leader. She will tap her way to infusing your Cinder Elemental when it sacrifices itself or to fuel up the monstrous on Polukranos.

There’s one cool toy I’d like to peer into: Jiwari, the Earth Aflame. I think there might be a third way to make a Rosheen deck—now that I look at the cards available—that might be interesting. Make her invulnerable to damage, and then use her to fuel giant removal effects like Earthquake, Magmaquake, Hurricane, Savage Twister, and Starstorm. Then, win with Helix Pinnacle. That’d be awesome! So I toss in Jiwari as a great channel force or to tap and Blaze a ground creature. Silklash Spider does good work with the same concepts, and you could toss in cards like Arashi, the Sky Asunder if you like this.

In fact, let’s just go ahead and toss in Savage Twister and Starstorm while I’m looking at them. They make too much sense not to.

Let’s take a look at a card from the past called Ventifact Bottle. I can remember a lot of folks using this card to tap and store some serious mana in order to devastate an X spell the next turn. You tap and put a bunch of mana into the Bottle at the end of Steve’s turn, and then untap, gain that mana for free on your main phase, and have a bunch of mana waiting for you. There’s basically that 1-mana tax for the effect, and otherwise, you can store your leftover mana. So you can tap Rosheen for the X in the Bottle’s cost and layer in any extra mana you have sitting over as well. And the mana on the far end doesn’t have the restriction of only being X-able. And you can fuel a big effect like Rolling Thunder or Lifeblood Hydra. (If you like the idea of saving Rosheen’s mana and using it in another form, check out Ice Cauldron.) (Yes, that Ice Cauldron. And now I’ve reached my quota for “Random X Card from the Past” for this article!)

Lifeblood Hydra
We’re a little low on pure card-draw, so where I could, I tossed in a few card-draw engines. I chose Lifeblood Hydra over others due of its ability to draw you cards post-death. You can also draw cards with Shamanic Revelation or Enshrined Memories, and you can gain card advantage with Restock, Creeping Renaissance, and Genesis Hydra.

Since a good number of our creatures are cheaper mana Elves and utility stuff, I liked tossing in Skeleton Key so you can gain the occasional hit with skulk slipping past most defenses. The looting ability that follows may not be card advantage per se, but it’s still valuable card quality.

I felt this was a solid shell for a few bigger Elves, like Realm Seekers and Mina and Denn, Wildborn. Since I didn’t have a lot of Hydras, I also liked effects like See the Unwritten for the deck, and you could explore this space mightily with cards like Summoning Trap, Defense of the Heart, Tooth and Nail, and such.

There were a few cards I didn’t value as highly as my Elves, so I wasn’t able to find financial space for them. Kessig Wolf Run is $2 and just outside my budget. Shoot, Thousand-Year Elixir has become a tad too pricey these days. I love beaters like Apocalypse Hydra among others. Cards like Steel Hellktie or Verdeloth the Ancient might play very well in a Rosheen shell. If you are running the burn route hard, Wort, the Raidmother would give you more Fork powers without using any additional mana, unlike the Mirari already in the deck.

From mana-making like New Frontiers, Cryptolith Rite, and Animist's Awakening to burn like Avacyn's Judgment and Bonfire of the Damned, we have a lot of options. Xenagos, the Reveler seems to be a great ’Walker for this deck, and Domri Rade wouldn’t be out of place.

Elves too! Imperious Perfect, Immaculate Magistrate, or Joraga Warcaller seem to have some interesting things to offer. Oh, and check out Tribal Unity for a surprise pumper.

You can drop Citanul Flute and Strength of the Tajuru. Orochi Hatchery and Puffer Extract. Gaea's Cradle and Sudden Demise. Hangarback Walker and Sylvan Offering. Molten Disaster and Scryb Ranger.

There’re just so many angles to mine wit this deck!

I hope you enjoyed our look at all thing Rosheen. Do you have a Rosheen deck? How does it play? Are there any ideas in here that spark your own deck ideas?


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