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Top Ten Cards from Strixhaven #4 (#44 ? 34)


Hello happy folks! I hope that you are having an awesome day today! And that by the end of the day it's even more awesome! Today I want to look at some of the best cards from the set of Strixhaven! What I am doing is counting down my favorite cards from the set across multiple articles! I am taking up five articles for you fine folk. Today is the fourth article in my series and this is where I'll count down my cards from #44-#34 inclusive!

Here are my previous three articles!

  • The first week I brought to you my Top Ten Cards from Strixhaven for the entire set, #11-#1! That was a lot of the best cards from the entire set for casual kitchen table play including Commander. My top card in the set was a common, the first time that has happened in years. Check it out here!
  • The second week I brought to you my next 11 cards from #22 to #12 that included an honorable mention and cards that juuust missed my top ten proper. I know you want to check it out!
  • The third week I created a list counting down from #33 - #23 inclusive, which is pretty cool. It's my middle article. You can read it here!

Honorable Mention #44. Mage Hunter

Mage Hunter

Hello fans of lifeloss effects, boy do I have the card for you! Check out Mage Hunter! Have your tables been taken over by tons of instants, sorceries, or copy effects to trigger the magecraft ability from this set? I have the brake for you! Say hello to Mage Hunter, a guy who adds a life loss to opponents when they want to dip into spells. Note that it doesn't do anything for you, you are kept sane.

#43. The Biblioplex

The Biblioplex

This land is strong with the card flow, ain't it? Yes, it is! You can tap some mana and the land and then look at the top card of your library? It is a sorcery or instant? Show me and draw that card! If not, you can put in your graveyard if you don't want to draw it. That has synergy with cards that care about graveyards like reanimation. You can put the top card into your graveyard even if it's a sorcery or instant which you may want to do for things that care about graveyard size like threshold. You may want to cast a cheaper flashback like Roar of the Wurm. So why isn't this card hitting a whole lot higher? That final line. You can only activate when you have zero or seven cards in your hand. It's worth sculpting your hand around!

#42. Letter of Acceptance

Letter of Acceptance

Letter of Acceptance is a great Manalith that combines the said card with Mind Stone. It's worse than Commander's Sphere in that format where you can sacrifice it for free and without a tap, so you can tap it for mana without worrying about not using it. Outside of Commander, this is better and I can see it as a budget common addition to Commander decks. I'll add it to my Commander Cube as well as pretty much any Manalith heads in to help with mana needs.

#41. Radiant Scrollwielder

Radiant Scrollwielder

Let's unpack this four-drop. It's a 2/4 and that's nice and saucy. Your instants and sorceries have lifelink, which is similar to a great Boros leader (Firesong and Sunspeaker) and turns your burn into powerful life gain, from Lightning Bolt to your mass removal like Blasphemous Act. I adore it! Then check out its second ability! As your upkeep hits, you exile a random spell from your graveyard and can cast it this turn! More burn into more life into, well, you get it. I love this Dwarf Cleric! I hope you do as well!

#40. Illuminate History

Illuminate History

Hello fans of Lessons and learning. Check out this four-mana sorcery! It lets you rummage and discard any number of cards and then draw them back again. Extra lands. Too expensive dorks. Then it has threshold. If you have threshold as this resolves, you make a free 3/2 Spirit. That's likely given that you can discard to make it happen. It adores decks that care about the graveyard. And I adore it right back!

#39. Fuming Effigy

Fuming Effigy

Are you ready to Fume at some Effigies? Look at this bleeding effect that could slide right into a Rakdos Group Slug deck. I really like it in decks that are graveyard-literate like the threshold enabler above. Did you reanimate a dork in our graveyard? Bleed for one! Did you recur a card from your graveyard with green's Regrowth effects? Bleed for one! Did you exile a card with the new take of Boros in this set that regularly self-exile stuff for benefits? Bleed for one! Now note that this card will only bleed for one if you do more than one card, so if you Tormod's Crypt yourself and exile your entire graveyard of, say, six cards, you'll only deal one damage to your foes. That keeps this card back at 39 but I really like it!

Let's turn now to my top five cards in today's list!

#38. Dragonsguard Elite

Dragonsguard Elite

Did you see it? You can spend six mana and double the counters on this 2/2 two-drop? It's pretty saucy, right? Right! And you can do it over and over and over again, killing quickly. Anytime you double counters you can really push the game around. And you can place counters on it with magecraft and that's pretty good as the force of nature builds over time. I love this on curve early game winner a lot. More than that!

#37. Emergent Sequence

Emergent Sequence

Do me a favor. Look at Rampant Growth, a commonly played ramp spell at the kitchen table. There are 83,963 registered over at EDHREC.com, a huge number. On turn two drop your land. Cast this. You now have a 2/2 land and three lands and an on-curve beater as well! This is a lot better than Rampant Growth, so how many will we see at EDHREC.com?

#36. Wandering Archaic // Explore the Vastlands

Wandering Archaic

This modal double faced card is charting for its first side. As foes cast instants or sorceries they have to spend two mana or else you get a free Fork! A free Fork! That's pretty good. That's a nasty tax. And the bonus? This thing is colorless and fits into any build you have running around the block. Izzet Spell Slingers? Azorius Control? Azorius Pillow Fort? Rakdos Group Slug? Mono-Black Control? Anything can run it! It's nasty. The backside is fine but has a very different flavor than the front side as it helps everyone. It's fine, but the Archaic is the reason this is charting way up at #36.

#35. Blade Historian

Blade Historian

Our second to top pick is this Human Cleric who is making the cut in winning brews in Standard. Take a gander at this bad boy who loves to go wide. He doesn't just work for your other attacking dorks, he bumps himself as well! You can drop him in mono-White aggro, mono-Red aggro, or Boros Aggro so that's three decks that like him. Note that the flavor text of the card doesn't line up with its ability as it says that the reckless strategy hurt those orcs, but here the card is all upside, there's nothing here to hate. I wish a different flavor text were used. Enjoy the card!

Now let's turn to the top card in the article!

#34. Silverquill Command

Silverquill Command

This is our top card today and worse Command in the cycle. As a sorcery, this one is too slow to react to things. You can give a dork flying and +3/+3. You can return a dead dork with two or fewer casting cost to the battlefield. You can draw a card and lose a life. You can force an opponent to sacrifice. The first mode is poor on a four-mana sorcery. The second is hard to pull off but has value if you do. The latter are where your card can replace itself but a four-mana sorcery speed cantripping Diabolic Edict doesn't over much to the table. It's pretty good, but it's nothing amazing in the canon of Commands.

And there you are! Anything in here that I missed or that you enjoyed seeing? Just let me know and see you next week for the conclusion to this five-article series!

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