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Gyruda and Ramos in Commander


Hello awesome Commander fans! I hope your day is going super mega well! Today I wanted to do something very unusual. I wanted to combine a 5C Commander with a Companion. There are so many options, but I was looking at Gyruda:

Gyruda, Doom of Depths
Ramos, Dragon Engine

This six-drop has an ETB trigger to mill four to fill your graveyard and then you Zombify, an even dork you milled back for reuse. I prefer Gyruda's even loving Reanimation to the odd loving five-drop Obosh. How about if I snagged Ramos, one of the most popular even colored 5C Commanders, at six mana, with a big break here? No matter your mana drawn, this is castable with any color since he's an artifact dork, then he has 4/4 flying, and grows with +1/+1 counters for each color in the casted spell, and can pull them off as a mana dork to make a ton of mana.


Ramp, Mana, Lands

Do I run colorless rocks for early Ramos, mana rocks like Arcane Signet in my colors, or Green ramp spells?

Exploding Borders

Let's just run whatever I can manage at the two-cost or four-cost! Farseek two-cost will fetch out a non-Forest card tapped, and you can get duals. I also tossed Sakura-Tribe Elder, and the Forest non-basic grabbing stuff like Three Visits too! I tossed in all Shockl Lands and Tri lands. The four-cost common above will Rampant Growth one card, shoot a foe for domain damage and since it's gold will trigger stuff and Ramos twice!

Now let's turn to four-drops. I am running Thran Dynamo and Leyline of the Guildpact. The uncommon mana rock taps for three colorless it's here to drop Ramos and then be used for other big non-colored costs like our artifact and dorks. Then I am also running four-drop Solemn Simulacrum to drop turn four and ramp a basic. The rare enchantments costs four base and all five colors for Ramos. It can be free on your opening turn, and your lands count as each basic land type. I cannot run Chromatic Lantern, but two-drops like Prismatic Omen and Joiner Adept that let your lands type for all colors of mana are also here.

Now let's turn to lands with this trio! Cascading Cataracts ETBs untapped, taps for colorless, and then taps with five generic for five of any color, and has indestructible to stop removal. Pit of Offerings ETBs tapped, taps for colorless too, you exile three ideally opposing cards from graveyards and it'll tap for that color of mana. It's graveyard removal like Bojuka Bog. Opal Palace taps for colorless, ETBs untapped, and taps with one to make any color of mana, and if you cast Ramos you toss a +1/+1 counter on him for each time he's been cast, minimum one, and that's good for making that mana!

Field of the Dead
The World Tree

The colorless one ETBs tapped, and then taps for that mana. When it, or another land ETBs, if you control at least 7 lands with different names, you'll make a free 2/2 Zombie dork! Nasty win con here. The Green tapping one also ETBs tapped and if you control at least six lands, your lands will tap for any color of mana. Good mana fixing attached to a win-con in land form!

Key Even Colored Reanimation Options

Now let's turn to fun things to Reanimate in even costed stuff! Bortuk Bonerattle has a 4/4 body, and then an ETB trigger, if you cast it, to Zombify, for free, a dork from your graveyard with your domain count in cost, so maximum cost of 5, but you have to hard cast it, so it's sort of a backup Gyruda. Briar Hydra has a beefier 6/6 trampler beater. Did you deal damage to a foe? You can toss +1/+1 counters on a dork you control equal to your domain count. Ideally, you'll have five, and toss them on Ramos to make 10 mana! If not, you can just toss this on a beater or this to increase its size to 11/11 on combat #2, and 16/16 combat #3. That should win fast!

Avacyn, Angel of Hope
O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami

Now let's turn to White legendary flyers! The eight-drop has a beefy 8/8 vigilance to swing at anyone, indestructible to save it, and gives it to your team to save from interaction that destroys or to enable a chump blocker strategy. The six-drop is all colors, has an on curve 6/6 flyer with trample double evasion, and hard to stop, and you'll want to swing since you have a combat damage trigger, pretty likely, to exile one non-land permanent of that person, and it's not coming back like Oblivion Ring, if they attack you, so they won't swing your way at all. Its trigger is just swinging, not even dealing damage! It's also all five colors for a cast for Ramos to fill the counters up.

Synergies and Winning Conditions

Aragorn, the Uniter
Hero of Precinct One

Now let's turn to synergies and winning conditions, we'll start with cast triggers in my genre. My backup Commander is not Gyruda, but Aragorn, that I knew would make this deck work with cast triggers for each color in your colors and on a four-drop! White will make a 1/1 Human Solider; Green will pump a dork +4/+4; Blue will scry 2, and Red will Bolt a foe, and getting as many of those in one cast here was key! The White drop is a Bear sized cost and body for a cast trigger for multicolored stuff to also make a 1/1 dork. Since these are cast triggers, you cannot stop them by countering the spell. Note your Commander won't trigger them.

Let's turn to this legendary multicolored pair! Jenson Carthalion, Druid Exile taps with five mana to make one of each color, and then a multicolored cast trigger to scry one, and then make a 4/4 Angel with flying and vigilance if it was all five colors! Jodah, Archmage Eternal has a 4/3 flying body and you can spend one of each color of mana to cast stuff, so that can drop stuff that's pretty pricey but for fewer mana overall once your mana is set. Too bad Fist of Suns cannot be here. They are great together since five mana of any type can be made to cast one of anything from your hand.

Now let's turn to Domain stuff from the same set! Territorial Kavu has power and toughness equal to your domain land type, and then an attack trigger to discard and draw like rummaging to get card flow and recursion stuff, or you can exile an opposing thing from a graveyard as more graveyard answers. Scion of Draco is a 4/4 with flying, and then costs two less for each basic land type you control. All of your dorks gain keywords as long as you control a dork of that color, and those are vigilance (White), hexproof (Blue), lifelink (Black), first strike (Red) and trample (Green) but note not flying. Also, hexproof is probably better from Blue. I also tossed in Draco as a beater here.

Yore-Tiller Nephilim
Muldrotha, the Gravetide

Now let's stick to multicolor dorks! This time they play into my recursion theme. The former costs four, is a four-color dork for triggers and is just a 2/2 body. When it swings, you can recur another dork from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped and attacking! I also tossed in the other two generic good ones here from its cycle. The latter costs six, for three colors, 6/6 no keywords. During your turn you can drop a land from your graveyard to the battlefield like one that was milled, and then you can also cast one permanent of each type. I don't have much in the way of sacrificial stuff here, but just recasting stuff you mill, lose in combat or are destroyed is great. But you do have to cast them, sorry.

Let's finish this section with enchantments! The Kami War in all colors (Ramos, Angel Token), is a Saga. On the first turn you will exile an opposing nonland and that's exiling removal. Then on the next turn, you can bounce a nonland to hand and force your foes to discard. Ideally that'll be your foe's and maybe discard from an empty hand, but it can be yours if it was enchanted, like with Pacifism or an Oblivion Ring. On Chapter three, turn it to a five-color flying, trample, 6/6 beater with double evasion. You'll want to swing this time too, since this has an attack trigger to have defender choose a dork to raise from your graveyard and pump this in size equal to the mana value. A little removal, recursion, discard, and beaters.

Collective Restraint is a better Propaganda, since folks will need to spend domain mana to attack you instead of just two per, with a full slate of basics, that's a nasty tax of five per attacker, which should save you nicely!


Dovin's Veto
Heroic Intervention

Now let's turn to answers! This is not a weakness as many of the best answers cost two. The counter above costs two Azorius mana to counter any non-dork and this cannot be countered back. In my counter suite to answer anything, I am running Arcane Denial for splash ability, Izzet Charm to be a light Mana Leak and Mana Drain to make that mana. Also to answer stuff targeted my way is the Green two-cost instant above top give all my stuff hexproof to prevent interaction and indestructible to stop removal.

Now let's turn to instant speed answers. Utter End will exile any nonland to make recursion impossible for four mana. Assassin's Trophy will destroy anything, lands too, but then they ramp a basic land, like Path to Exile for every possible option. Love this multicolor pair loads!

Cyclonic Rift
Winds of Abandon

Now let's turn to mass removal, and I am running three spells in Azorius colors. The instant costs two, overloads for seven, and then bounces opposing nonlands to set them back. The White sorcery costs two base, six to overload, and is a Path to Exile for one early, or all late opposing dorks! I am also running the four-cost multicolored sorcery that's uncounterable and sweeps everything, your stuff too, called Supreme Verdict. Love this emergency removal trio loads here!

Card Draw

Now let's make sure I can draw the good stuff here!

Two-Headed Hellkite has a 5/5 body with haste, and flying to swing at an open player, and then menace to stop the blocking, and an attack trigger to draw two cards. Up the Beanstalk costs two, ETBs you'll draw a card, and then when you cast a bigger card of mana value five or more you'll draw too. That's both Gyruda and Ramos and loads of other stuff too.

Ancient Silver Dragon
Whirlwind of Thought

This Dragon costs two more, just in one color, has a bigger 8/8 flyer body, and then a combat damage trigger to draw your life counter d20 tossed in cards. You'll also have no max hand size too. The four-cost three color enchantment will turn your casts of non-creatures into cards! I am running 28 critters, a little less than half of my non-lands. Let's also toss in Beast Whisperer for the dorks too.

Greater Good
Guardian Project

Let's finish with this Green enchantment four-cost rare duo! The first one lets you sacrifice a dork to draw equal to its power and then discard three. Assuming at least a four-power dork, that's always card draw. You can fill up with recursion options. Also use this in response to removal like exile that will answer a non-Commander to keep it recurring too. The second one will draw you a card when a nontoken dork ETBs and there isn't another with that name on your side of the battlefield or graveyard. Since it costs two, I also tossed in Sylvan Library.

Let's turn to my decklist!

Gyurda and Ramos | Commander | Abe Sargent

Card Display

There we are! I hope that you enjoyed my different take on Gyruda and Ramos! There are many other options you could toss in, although key cards like Rise of the Dark Realms or Living Death aren't available, Twilight's Call could be nice. You could toss in Consecrated Sphinx, but I don't like to draw that much attention, although you might think The One Ring is too much. The last card pulled was Abundance that is broken with Sylvan Library, but you could toss in Demonic Tutor, which I often don't like in decks like this, or more recursion like Zombify or Resurrection in addition to my Persist and Dread Return in spell form. How would you build this?

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