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The Top New Cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander


Hello awesome casual-town fans! I hope your day is going super mega well! Today I wanted to look at my favorite new cards from OTJ Commander. The new cards there are pretty small, but they have a bunch of cool impacts on the casual multiplayer, Commander, Highlander, Type Four, Five Color and Peasant/Pauper I cover. So, let's do an entire article around just them! Last week I knocked out The Big Score (BIG) here: The Top Cards from The Big Score | Article by Abe Sargent (coolstuffinc.com).

#20. Yuma, Proud Protector

Yuma, Proud Protector

Let's start things off with this eight-drop Naya colored 6/6. It's one less for each land in your graveyard, minimum three, and that'll work for Command Tax too, but that's rough without the right support. Hence them hitting here! And then they have an ETB/attack trigger like Sun Titan to swap a land in play for a card in hand, and then that will add to your free drops in the future. Then they have a Desert death trigger from anywhere, like cycling from your hand or destruction, then you'll make a free 4/2 Green Plant Warrior with reach. You can talk about upgrades here: How Should I Upgrade the Desert Bloom Precon? | Article by Paige Smith (coolstuffinc.com). Love them loads!

#19. Savvy Trader

Savvy Trader

When it ETBs, you can exile a permanent, and play it. Note, the language here is not "cast," so you can play a land you exiled. Then spells you cast from non-hand have one fewer cost, so it's a bit of ramp for this and others, like other exile casts (Act on Impulse), foretell, or your Command Zone or graveyard like flashback. It's great with any deck that is built around enough permanents to make work, or exile cost triggers, like Gruul's Faldorn, Dread Wolf Herald, or any exiling Act on Impulse stuff in your deck as your card draw of choice. It's ready for the beats!

#18. Leyline Dowser

Leyline Dowser

Everyone's favorite two-drop self-milling rare in artifact form that every deck can toss in. You can spend one to tap, and if a sorcery/instant was milled you can draw it. Card draw from a one mana and tap. Then you can untap this for no mana by tapping a legendary dork. Commander? That's obviously great in self-mill, Spellslinger, and legendary archetypes, but many other decks will like it too. Love it loads!

#17. Rumbleweed


From two mana to eleven! This has Green to start and then ten generic that can be reduced by having lands in your graveyard down to one. For that card you'll get a strong 8/8 vigilant, reach, trampler. The trample means you can swing and be hard to shut down, the vigilance means that no one can likely attack back on the ground and reach means in the air too! Then when it ETBs, your other stuff is Overrun for the turn. So, it's a win-con x two! I love it in Type Four too, since you can cast it turn 1 with infinite mana, but just one spell per turn. This will work with the Dowser and other self-mill to drop it very early. Enjoy the power of this fun thang!

#16. Vengeful Regrowth AND Sand Scout

Vengeful Regrowth
Sand Scout

The 16th hitting cards are this Selesnya duo! The sorcery costs six for a return of three lands from your graveyard to the battlefield, like the previous two they work in the same deck, and they're tapped. For each one you return you make a free 4/2 Plant and Warrior token, up to 12 power from six mana. And then you can flash it back for two more mana? That's nasty good! Then the dork is a Bear in size and cost, and then has an ETB ability to fetch out a Desert from your deck tapped ramping if you have fewer lands on the battlefield. Ramping out Deserts is great there and with the Desert common crime ping two color duals in OTJ, and on a on curve 2/2 dork. Then when a land is put into your graveyard from anywhere like in play to sac like Terramorphic Expanse or Wasteland, or discarded or channeled/cycled, or milled above, you'll make a free 1/1 dork of the Sand Warrior size and bring back for the sorcery. Just once per turn though. Love them in the same brew!

#15. Pyretic Charge

Pyretic Charge

Hello Red fans! I've got your ultimate card draw five-cost sorcery. You discard your hand and draw four. And it has plot for four mana to cast a turn early and play it later and save mana for casting what you drew. Then your dorks get power for each card discarded. Toss it into archetypes like Wheels, Aggro, Reanimation, Cast from Exile, Discard, Flashback, Spellslinger, and then the format of Five Color anything since we typically didn't play much red.

#14. Olivia, Opulent Outlaw

Olivia, Opulent Outlaw

This four-drop outlaw is the face of the Most Wanted precon. Since she has flying, lifelink on a 3/3 body, it can swing and double life swing. She's Mardu, just like others, and has the Assassin outlaw type herself. Whenever your outlaws smash face, make a Treasure token, but just the one each combat damage no matter how big. In order to have two, you'd need a first strike and normal speed, or one double strike. Then you can spend three, sacrifice two Treasures, at sorcery speed and grow your dorks permanently with two +1/+1 counters. Since you won't have to wait two turns with her Treasure making sacrifices if you run first strike as suggested, that'll be twice as fast. There are broken and pricey on the secondary market mass Treasure makers you can toss in like Smothering Tithe in White and in Red both Ancient Copper Dragon and also Pirate, so on theme Dockside. She's very strong. You can check out ways to upgrade her with Paige here: How Should I Upgrade the Most Wanted Precon? | Article by Paige Smith (coolstuffinc.com)

#13. Bounty Board

Bounty Board

Everyone's favorite new mana rock in the upgraded Manalith section (three-drop, taps for any color.) I prefer these to Commander's Sphere in Commander since you can spend mana outside of your color identity. Then this adds the ability to tap it at sorcery speed with a mana to toss a bounty counter on a target dork (crime). Then when a bountied dork dies? Everyone else gains a pair of life and draws that precious card. Here you'll want to put it on key must-kill opposing dorks' things, let them kill it to draw that card, and then everyone's happy. Examples include Esper Sentinel and Consecrated Sphinx and Laboratory Maniac. You get cards and life from their work! Love it loads.

#12. Angelic Sell-Sword

Angelic Sell-Sword

Next up is a White Mercenary outlaw. This Angel costs five, for a Serra Angel size and abilities (more splashable though). Then this has an ETB trigger for nontokens or this to make a free 1/1 Mercenary that can tap and pump power at sorcery speed like your Commander for more damage. Note there are no once/turn breaks there, all nontokens that ETB will make a free 1/1 dork. Then when you attack with this you'll draw that precious card if it's power is at least 6. That's two taps of your Merc tokens. It's great for the Sword of X and Y cycle since it'll gain +2/+2 power and then be harder to stop making this better to swing, and then net you two triggers when it smashes face. Love this way much!

#11. Dream-Thief's Bandana

Dream-Thief's Bandana

Let's turn to a third colorless artifact in today's Top List, this time a two-drop, one equip piece of Equipment. It has a combat damage trigger like Rogue's Gloves, but instead of merely drawing you a card, you'll exile the top card of who you smashed, and then you can cast it with any mana you have. In colorless form, that's just so good to go! This thing is ready to stop, drop, and roll. You can exile a key card from your foe's library, they were counting on or just drop a land. This is an exile cast so it'll be one fewer with Savvy Trader above, or trigger the same stuff. Many will prefer this to Rogue's Gloves that just draw since it hurts your foe and many won't since the card cast won't be from their deck. I like the tension. Or you could just run them both.

#10. Gonti, Canny Acquisitor

Gonti, Canny Acquisitor

Another leader of a Commander deck, this time the stealing Grand Larceny precon you can find more about from Paige here: How Should I Upgrade the Grand Larceny Precon? | Article by Paige Smith (coolstuffinc.com). This five-drop 5/5 on curve body is in Sultai this time. Spells you cast but don't own? Drop a cost in mana useable, also good with the Bandana above. When one or more dorks deal combat damage, you'll exile and cast with any color of mana again. Just like Olivia above this is worded to once per combat, unless you have first strike damage there. Sultai is all about ways to grab and cast from your foe's decks, like Praetor's Grasp from their library or Tinybones, the Pickpocket from their graveyard! Also note, this is a Rogue for outlaws and exiles casts for those who care. Gonti is o-kee with me!

#9. Angel of Indemnity

Angel of Indemnity

Another mono-White flying Angel, this time not an outlaw but a Warrior instead. Your six mana will net you a 5/5 this time and add in here +1/+1 in size and swap lifelink to help life totals with vigilance. Then this also has an ETB ability, this time just for herself to recur a four-cost thing like Sun Titan, but for one more mana of options. From fetch lands that sack to Sakura-Tribe Elder for ramping to a four-drop mana rock that sacrifices like Stonespeaker Crystal. Love it in sacs, destruction, generic recursion, midrange, Angel or Warrior tribes like my "A" deck in real life around my name, and loads more! This thing is great at the punching, recursion, and then it has encore too. Love it, run it, break it.

#8. Felix Five-Boots

Felix Five-Boots

This Ooze Rogue (outlaw) Commander legal dork is next! In Gonti's deck and colors but with a better theme is this 5/4 five-drop with ward 2 to protect a bit and then menace to evade past a single blocker. Then when you would trigger a combat damage trigger? Copy it and do it again! Double combat triggers! It's made for Gonti to double, but Swords of X and Y, the aforementioned Rogue's Gloves, or Coastal Piracy and Bident of Thassa to draw tons and loads more are running around, all up and down!

#7. Forger's Foundry

Forger's Foundry

Another rare three-drop artifact that taps for mana, this time in Blue, and it'll tap for a Blue instead of any color, and you can spend it for anything! If you spent it on a cheap instant or sorcery you'll exile it here as it resolves. Then you can tap this with five mana at sorcery speed to copy, for free, any number of cheap spells you exiled! And they stay exiled! See why it's here? Ramping? Check! Recasting cheap spells? Double Check! Over and over again? Double Plus Check! It's so good to drop, and accelerate a five cost Commander to copying cheap spells in Spellslinger and they are cast and exiled for that stuff too!

#6. Vihaan, Goldwaker

Vihaan, Goldwaker

Our final card before the top five, and our second highest charting Commander eligible dork is this three cost Mardu colored Dwarf Warlock (outlaw) in the Outlaw brew. Your White color identity will give them vigilance so they can swing and hold back, and your red color identity will give them haste to attack fast. At the beginning of your combat, you can have your Treasures become 3/3 beaters that are Assassins that count as outlaws for the team. Then they will have haste to attack with ones that just arrived and vigilance to tap for their mana after. That is so good, you can win with Treasures, or just help out the tribe too, so this is more flexible than Olivia, hence him hitting higher. Do you like him as much as I? Yuppers puppers! I will be building around him next week, so check out my take on him!

#5. Crackling Spellslinger

Crackling Spellslinger

Welcome to my Top Five! This five-drop 2/2 mono-Red flashing dork is next! When it ETBs, your next instant/sorcery spell you cast has...storm. Not flash, not copy it once, but storm? Wowzer Bowser! Since it costs a massive five, it'll take up that much mana that turn, but then all of your Ritual and mana makers and free stuff can really break what you storm. This lil' lady will win a lot of games with all of the things! Do note that you cannot storm if this wasn't cast. No flicker games here.

#4. Stella Lee, Wild Card

Stella Lee, Wild Card

Our final scoring Commander, face card, and gold card is this three-drop Izzet 2/4 with a blocky size. She has a cast trigger for your second spell each turn to exile and cast the top card of your library until your next turn. That next is key here since she'll give you one full round on your turn and next of mana sorcery speed stuff or non-flash permanent. Note that'll work on any spells you cast, not just instants/sorceries, but her mana free tap ability to copy one you control is. You can use that only if you cast three or more though. Free copies are yay, and then free card flow is yay too! One yay for each trigger! You can check out ways to upgrade her Quick Draw deck here by the aforementioned Paige: How Should I Upgrade the Quick Draw Commander Precon? | Article by Paige Smith (coolstuffinc.com).

#3. Cactus Preserve

Cactus Preserve

Our top scoring land, and colorless card, is this Desert that ETBs tapped. Since it taps for any color of mana from lands you control this is an ETB tapped Reflecting Pool, which is already good enough to run. Then this is a Desert, so you can drop it to play with Desert Rampers, like Dance of the Tumbleweeds. Then you can spend three mana and turn this into a Plant with reach equal to your Commander's mana value, so it's a win con too! It's so powerful. Run it, love it!

#2. Dune Chanter

Dune Chanter

This three-drop 2/3 Plant Druid is next! This is our final Green card, and permanent. This has reach to help block. Then three other abilities that care about lands. The first will make all lands you control and cards elsewhere like hand and graveyard are Deserts. Nasty good there. I think this will also count as being in your library too. Then all lands tap for all colors of mana. Nasty mana fixing there for the same cost as a Chromatic Lantern! Then you can tap this with no mana to self-mill two and then gain life for the lands you milled. That loves self-mill and lands matter and loads more. It's awesome possum!

#1. Arcane Heist

Arcane Heist

Our last card in our last list is this fun four cost sorcery to storm in Izzet with our five-drop above. This will let you cast an instant/sorcery (targeted, so it's a crime) from a foe's graveyard for free, then it's exiled so they cannot flash it back or recur. Then, if that were not enough, this gets cipher and encoded on a varmint and when it deals combat damage, you get a free copy until answered. You can cast this a few times repeatably over and over again! Or just the once if the dork is answered, but that's still okay since you forced interaction away. I love this on a Blue evasive Commander like Brago, King Eternal with flying. Enjoy!

And...there we go! Goodbye OTJ! We'll stay in the set sorta as next week I'll be looking at Deserts of all time!

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