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Top Ten Cards from Modern Horizons 3


Hello awesome folks! Today I want to count down my favorite new cards from Modern Horizons 3. We are not looking at the Commander set, just the regular set of cards. This list is exclusively for kitchen table play like Commander, other Highlander and multiplayer formats, Five Color, Pauper and Peasant, Type Four and more!

Ready? Let's kick this thing off ready to go!

#13. Sorin of House Markov // Sorin, Ravenous Neonate

Sorin of House Markov // Sorin, Ravenous Neonate

This newly printed two-cost flip 'walker is first! Sorin is a blockinge 1/4 body for that mono-Black cost, with lifelink and extort. Then the flip is if you gained three life easy with lifelink dealing one and two extort triggers himself. Then you flip into an extorting planeswalker the first ever with that ability. Then you can +2 his starting three loyalty into make a Food for life or other things. Then you can -1 him three times to shoot any target for your life gained. That both player and board control, and on a two-drop Orzhov colored legendary card you can play as a Commander, this guy is awesomely awesome! Remember, life gain is the third most played Archetype after Artifacts and Treasures.

#12. Grim Servant

Grim Servant

Our highest scoring uncommon is this fun four-drop mono-Black menace thing with a 3/2 body and evasion. It has an ETB ability to Tutor for devotion to Black mana cost, and toss it into your hand. Then you'll lose three life too. Love this in decks with Gray Merchant of Asphodel or other Black pip caring stuff or in midrange, blink, and loads more. The more life you start with, like Commander, the easier the payment. Get ready for the fun times to commence with this Peasant legal uncommon!

#11. Ral, Monsoon Mage // Ral, Living Prodigy

Ral, Monsoon Mage // Ral, Leyline Prodigy

Another 2-drop flip-walker is next, this time with a smaller toughness at 1/3 size. Your instants and sorceries cast are one cheaper, so he's a bit of ramp for you. Then when you cast that precious one, you'll flip a coin, and flip if you win, and lose a life if you lose. Then he flips into a minimum 2 loyalty, more with the number of instants or sorceries you cast that turn. Then you can +1 him to keep making your spells reduced in cost, or -2 him to Shock up to two targets and divide that damage if you want, and draw a card if you controlled another Blue card of any sort, other than him. Izzet and Ral love Spellslinger, another Top beloved Archetype for Commander, and he's legal and cheap. The more you take damage and flip badly, the bigger he'll flip into, so there's no issue there! This is our highest scoring flip-walker! Card draw, removal, and ramp all on one card, get him, run him, love him!

#10. White Orchid Phantom

White Orchid Phantom

Next is this two-drop 2/2 on curve Bear with flying and first strike too! Then when this ETBs, you get a strong removal trigger to destroy one nonbasic land and then ramp that person a mana tapped too, so they won't get too upset. Destroy that nasty Gaea's Cradle or Cabal Coffers or Maze of Ith or Academy Ruins. People run nasty lands to hide from removal, punish them. Or you can destroy your own nonbasic to ramp a land tapped to color fix your stuff!

#9. Kozilek, the Broken Reality

Kozilek, the Broken Reality

Our first Eldrazi Titan is this nine-drop generic mana 9/9 with a cast trigger to have up to two folks manifest two cards in their hand and draw a card for each one, up to four if you chose yourself add another with a hand, that could be four cards drawn, or just two for yourself. Your other colorless stuff grows in size by +3/+2 from morphs to artifact dorks like Solemn Simulacrum, there are a bunch of ways to build around that in the Command Zone or with the manifest stuff!

#8. Necrodominance


This new version of Necropotence is next! It costs triple Black for a skip your draw step, pay life to draw, and your max hand size this time is just 5. Then as your stuff heads to the graveyard from anywhere it gets exiled, so this is one of. Two breaks here to keep it from "dominating" a table - smaller hand size and the exiling, but it doesn't matter how many limits you give it! A three-drop Necro will break things open card advantage wise.

#7. Ulamog, the Defiler

Ulamog, the Defiler

Our middle scoring Eldrazi Titan is this 10-cost smaller size 7/7 but with a rough ward to make someone sacrifice two permanents to target, nasty! Then your foe exiles half of their library. That means no way for them to reuse or recast like flashback or recursion milling. Then this will toss counters here of a +1/+1 variety equal to the most pricey thing in exile, and then this gets that number in nasty annihilator. That's a barbaric yawp of strength.

#6. Arna Kennerud, Skycaptain

Arna Kennerud, Skycaptain

Our final card before the Top Five begins and penultimate gold card is this Esper colored five-drop 4/4 with flying for evasion and lifelink to double the life swings, and legendary for that Command Zone purposes. Then, like Ulamog, this has a nasty card advantage ward, this time to require the discard of a card to target! Then this has an attack trigger for your modified stuff you double their counters! And then for each permanent attached, you'll net a free copy! That's free copies for Equipment, Auras, and doubling counters, so there are many ways to break that. All on an attack trigger, not combat damage one. Get ready to win fast with this Commander eligible critter!

#5. Eladamri, Korvecdal

Eladamri, Korvecdal

Hello creature fans; I got your three-drop on curve mono-Green 3/3 dork next! This lets you look at and cast the top card of your library if it's a creature! Great card flow in a legendary Commander-able dork. Then you can tap this with a Green mana to tap two other untapped dorks to reveal your top card or your hand to drop it...for free...like a Tooth and Nail or such. Sure, you have to tap two other dorks to make that work, but there is no "nontoken" word here so you can tap down 1/1 Elf tokens or 2/2 Bears. Don't sleep on Commander Eligible free stuff on a card advantage machine! Run this remake of Eladamri all up and down!

#4. The Necrobloom

The Necrobloom

Our highest scoring gold card is this four-cost Abzan colored beefy blocking body of 2/7 for Commander zone fun times. Then this has landfall to make a free 0/1 Plant or beater 2/2 Zombie if you have seven or more lands with different names, likely in Commander. Then your lands in your graveyard can return to your hand if you mill two if you draw. It's so good at all of the things! Landfall? Recursion? Plants for Avenger of Zendikar? Zombies for that tribe? It's great fun at lands matter and token making! I think this is the best multicolor Commander in MH3.

#3. Emrakul, the World Anew

Emrakul, the World Anew

Our new broken overlord has arrived! When this twelve costed on-curve 12/12 is cast? You gain control of all dorks another controls. Then this mad thing has flying, protection from any targeted things but not triggers and permanents that have been around a turn. Then this has a leaves play trigger to sacrifice your stuff, both stolen and yours. And it has madness for 6 colorless to drop it much earlier. Rough to stop and block. Note the stealing is a cast trigger, so if it's countered, it'll still resolve. You'll have to counter both to shut this down! It's dominating your kitchen tables soon!

#2. The Flare Cycle

Flare of Cultivation

Next are the free if you sac a dork of that color that ain't a token! This cycle is mega great, even without the extra dials and knobs. Let's look at them in color wheel order! Flare of Fortitude costs four and your life cannot change and your stuff gets both hexproof and indestructible, normally Green's thing with Heroic Intervention. Flare of Denial is one cheaper for a counter to anything, no limits like Force of Negation.

Flare of Malice is back to four and is a better Diabolic Edict that sacrifices everyone else's priciest thing not their tokens or a one-drop dork. Flare of Duplication is cheaper at three, nasty stuff there.

Finally, the best and only sorcery speed one is a free Cultivate that costs the same mana but is not as splashable, Flare of Cultivation. Get this: I adore it! It's fine paid too! I think you'll love how powerful this slate of five spells will be for kitchen table and Commander play!

#1. Strix Serenade

Strix Serenade

Our top card on our top list is a one cost instant in the oeuvre of Swan Song. You can counter three permanent types here, and will leave them a 2/2 flying Bird token to block or swing. Sure, I think most would prefer that to this since instant/sorceries are more likely to need to be countered early. It's heading down the beaten path Swan Song carved, and now we can follow this down the road!

And there we go! I hope that you enjoyed this list of my top stuff! What is yours? We'll see you next week for another go around this set's top cards.

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