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Mono-White Auras with Pearl-Ear, Imperial Advisor in Commander


Hello awesome Commander and Aura fans! Today I wanted to snag one of the newly debuted dorks from Modern Horizons 3. Pearl-Ear, Imperial Advisor!

Let's look:

Pearl-Ear, Imperial Advisor

Here they are! They cost three mono-White in legendary form for a 3/4 on curve with lifelink to double your damage swings. All of your enchantments gain affinity for Auras, nasty! Then when you cast an Auras you can draw a card if it targets your modified things. Pearl-Ear s pretty strong from where I am standing!

Let's check them out:

Lands, Mana, Ramp, Rocks

Throne of Eldraine
Hourglass of the Lost

Let's start with mana rocks! The five-drop colorless one will tap for four mana of White but just for that mono-colored stuff, and then taps with three to draw two with White mana only. Card draw in my ramping zone! Then the three-drop White colored and tapper tosses a time counter when you make that mana. You can tap it for no mana to remove X and return all nonlands with that mana cost to the battlefield from the graveyard, but only at sorcery speed. That's nasty good recrusion for free here!

Codsworth, Handy Helper has a 2/3 body that gives your Commanders ward 2 to protect them a bit and then you can tap it for two White mana for only casting Aura/Equipment. Then you can tap it at sorcery speed to reattach an Equipment or Aura. Nice reusing stuff. You can also move around to get modfied for your triggers. Claim Jumper has a nice body of 3/3 and then has vigilance and two ETB triggers to ramp a Plains if you have fewer lands. I have a few of these here and there like Knight of the White Orchid.

Hall of Heliod's Generosity
Emeria, the Sky Ruin

Now let's turn to lands that have White color identity and then recur something! The legendary one ETBs untapped, taps for colorless, and taps with two to reload an enchantment to the top of your library from your graveyard to keep up the pressure. Then the White tapping one ETBs tapped, and then in your upkeep you get a free Resurrection if you have enough Plains on the battlefield, so we'll need many here.

Now let's finish with more card flow in this section, this time in land form! Minas Tirith can ETB untapped sometimes, and the taps with just two to draw if you have two attackers, pretty likely. War Room ETBs untapped, and then taps with three to swap a life for a card, totally worth it here.

Fun Auras

All That Glitters
Eldrazi Conscription

Now let's turn to fun Auras we are built around! The White common one-costs two and gives boosts equal to your artifact and enchantment count. It's a win con here, see also Ethereal Armor and Nettlecyst in this genre. The colorless rare costs a massive eight mana for a +10/+10 size plus evasion in trample and annihilator 2 as removal. It's another win-con here.

Now let's turn to four-cost White Auras! Angelic Destiny gives a solid +4/+4 size with flying evasion and first strike to really smash, and the Angel type too! Armored Ascension gives size boost equal to your Plains count, another that wants a big count of my stuff that's also a bit of a win-con here. Ditto flying for the latter.

Songbirds' Blessing will dig until you find an Aura when it swings and drop it to he battlefield for free, or you can just draw it instead if you prefer. Mantle of the Ancients will ETB and recur all Auras and equipiemt to the battlefeild attached to this thing, great recursion, and it'll grow in size for the attached count, so it's a smattering of win-con too!

Synergies and Winning Conditions

Brilliant Restoration
Sphere of Safety

I need some mass recursion for my stuff, not just a bit here or there, enter the sorcery above. It costs a rough seven mana, but it'll recur all of your dead artifacts and enchantments to the battlefield, it's worth it here! The enchantment costs five, and your foes cannot attack you or your planeswalker buddies without spending mana for each dork equal to your enchantment count, that's a shut down here.

Now let's turn to more synergies! Overwhelming Splendor enchants a foe and is basically a Humility for just them, so they cannot use their stuff like their Commanders well. Umbra Mystic costs a smaller more reasonable three mana for a 2/2, and your other attached Auras can save their attached dork by giving them all totem armor!

Archon of Sun's Grace
Sigil of the Empty Throne

Now let's turn to going wide win cons with this duo! (And Ajani's Chosen too!). The creature costs four for an on curve 3/4 flying lifelinker! Your Pegasus gets lifelink too, and then it has constellation to make a 2/2 White flying Pegasus token. The enchantment costs one more, and then has a cast enchantment trigger to make a 4/4 flying Angel! Fun flying maker duo!


Flare of Fortitude
Flawless Maneuver

Now let's turn to answers, and we'll start with answers to answers, I have three here including Teferi's Protection! These two can be free, the first one-costs four base, you can sac a nontoken for free, and give your team hexproof and indestructible to all of your stuff, not just dorks. The Maneuver cost three base, is free if you control Pearl-Ear, and then your dorks only get indestructible, love this trio loads to answer targeted and mass removal!

Now let's turn to targeted removal. Since we are in the color of things like Stroke of Midnight, I also added Generous Gift to destroy anything even a land and they get a dork as compensation. I also tossed in Path to Exile, but not Swords to Plowshares, see below for why. Darksteel Mutation will enchant a dork and it's now 0/1 with no other abilities and is indestructible. It's a brilliant answer to Commanders.

Let's finish with mass removal; even decks dedicated this much to board play need to sweep. Winds of Rath will destroy anything not enchanted, so that'll save what you care about. I also tossed in Austere Command to clear out pricey dorks and artifacts. Winds of Abandon is a sorcery speed Path to Exile that'll overload for six mana to remove them all, and I also tossed in Settle the Wreckage that exiles all attackers and ramps them too. These are here to ensure our White Plains ramps like Knight of the White Orchid and such work.

Card Draw

Sram, Senior Edificer

Let's finish with card draw, also in my commander and other lands/rocks too. Equipment works here in this Aura brew since they'll be modified for your consideration. Enter the one-drop above! It equips for one, it gets +1/-1 and will draw two when it dies! The dork costs two, and draws you when you cast an Aura or Equipment too. All of these are here, like Mesa Enchantress.

Now let's finish with card flow Auras! Sage's Reverie will ETB and draw you card equal to the Aura count on said dork, and then it grows in size for each Aura attached as well! Unquestioned Authority is a cantrip that draws on arrival and then also gives super evasion in protection from creatures, so no one can block you. Get it, run it, love it!

Let's turn to my decklist!

Mono-White Auras | Commander | Abe Sargent

100 cards later we are all done! I hope you enjoyed my new look at this new leader, thanks!

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