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Dynaheir's Death by One Thousand Cuts


Hello Happy People! I hope you day is going incredibly well! Today we are looking at my third Commander deck built around a new card debuting in Battle for Baldur's Gate. As you can see, this set has a ton of dorks to build around. We have a writer's online room for the Commander format, and Mark asked that I build around Dynaheir, which I took as canon, so I am giving you my take on this fun thang!

Below is my Appendix of the two that I have already built for you...notice that I have already bult around Dynaheir's protector, Minsc, earlier this week, and then you can see my take on him there.

Dynaheir, Invoker Adept

We're building around Dynaheir, Invoker Adept. She is a 4-drop 4/4 with haste, on curve, in Red (for burn and removal like Chaos Warp), Blue (Counters, card draw, and stealing effects), and White (mass and targeted removal like Wrath of God and Swords to Plowshares) which is a beloved color combo in Commander, and she is bringing a few archetype to that color combo. Your (other) creatures can tap to use an ability as if they had haste so she is basically a Commander Zone version of Thousand-Year Elixir. Note that she can also tap to copy an activated ability that cost at least 4 mana, like tapping a Castle Ardenvale. (It's doesn't say "creature" so any ability is copyable).

So... how am I building around her? Great question! She inspires a tapper deck, and then you can build a bunch of tappers, with haste from her. Note that we are not in the color of mana dorks like Birds of Paradise that would really be nice, or creature kill tappers like Avatar of Woe. (Or tap synergy like Quest for Renewal) Although you could run mana tappers like Silver Myr, Ornithopter of Paradise and Scuttlemutt. We will run some of these. She just has 62 decks over at EDHREC.com which isn't that big of an established canon. It's just a deep tapper theme with obvious good stuff like Mother of Runes and Arcanis the Omnipotent.

We are going to do something a bit different. Pingers! There are only 477 Pinger decks on EDHREC.com in all colors. We are going to run cards like Prodigal Sorcerer and Prodigal Pyromancer and then give them deathtouch with equipment to finish off bigger things, plus they can combine to kill things with 1, 2 or 3 toughness over and over again, so this deck will be built around the tappers of damage!!! Note that pingers can be turned on foes, so they are win-cons too, that do not need to attack behind big defenders. Make sure that you tap them at the end of your foe's turn.

Ready for my deep dive into Pinging and Kills and Having Fun with Dynaheir?

Pingers of Note

Kamahl, Pit Fighter
Jeska, Warrior Adept

Most of my Pingers are boring like the aforementioned Prodigal Sorcerer. But note this legendary pair of siblings! The first is a powerful 6-drop 6/1 with haste that can tap to shoot something for 3, enough to kill a lot of stuff and can always smash for 6 on the ground out of nowhere and tap for 3 to hit a player or finish off a planeswalker. His sister is a-4 drop 3/1 with haste, first strike, and taps for a damage to any target, so she also can punch for 3 out of nowhere but has a minimum of 1 damage if she can't get through a Fog Bank or Stuffy Doll. Great pair to start us off with!!!!!

Goblin Sharpshooter
Kumano, Master Yamabushi

Here are another pair of Pingers. The Sharpshooter can tap to deal 1 damage to any target, and then won't untap until something dies, but when that happens you get a free untap. It's here to give deathtouch from your three pieces of equipment that are colorless and then tap and shoot every foe's dork and destroy them all. Kumano is a bigger 5 drop 4/4 that can spend a pair of mana to shoot any target for one so you can finish off damaged stuff from your Pingers. Also note that the damaged dork will be exiled before it dies, so shoot that bigger 3 toughness dork first with this before it dies to things like Generous Gift, a mutual foe's Murder or tapping your Kamahl to hit it and answer a key problem at the kitchen table - recursion. These are a massive pair of dorks!


Polymorphist's Jest
Mass Diminish

This deck is naturally creature repellent, so we won't see things here like Swords to Plowshares or Path to Exile, but I am running 10 counters and emergency removal spells as well as this duo. As you can see, these will turn a target player's things into 1/1s for the turn. The first will strip abilities and the later has flashback but is cheaper. By doing that you can destroy a bunch of powerful things with a few Pingers like Consecrated Sphinx and Sun Titan. Also note that these basically act as backup deathtouch effects, so don't cast them if you have a deathtouch pinger since you can tap one, kill something, move it over for two mana, then tap and shoot another and kill it, and repeat. Hold onto these if you draw them until an emergency for an indestructible thing you have to answer like a Blightsteel Colossus heading your way.

Sigil of Sleep

Check out these two Auras that only cost u. The first is a 1-drop and can return a target creature the player you just punched back to their hand. Do note that the Sigil just needs to ting for a damage, so you can put it on a Pinger, tap to shoot a player, and then bounce their big bad, and I really like this as a brake for overly powerful Commanders that you cannot answer with hexproof, or who dominate a game, and you can drop this on a Pinger as soon as turn three with one of the 2-drop pingers, drop this, tap, and bounce and now your little Fireslinger must be answered by that dominant foe before paying Command Tax and really getting punched. Or you can drop the other Aura on your Tim, shoot a creature, and then steal that shot dork. That's really strong here. Love them loads here!

Dismiss into Dream

Check out this pair of enchantments. When a creature is the target of a spell or ability, they get bounced to their controller's hand (yours as well, by the by). Target a fat Commander with a Pinger and bounce it back, and note that even if the targeted spell is countered, the bounce still happens. The Dismiss will turn your foes into Illusions with the ability to die when they get targeted by anything, so once again, every Tim is an Avatar of Woe, without needing deathtouch. Nasty!

Card Draw

Ophidian Eye

Want to draw mad cards? I got you covered, enter this duo of Auras. When a creature with one of these two cards deals damage (not necessarily combat) to a foe, you draw a card! This is nasty with your Pingers, and downright powerful with Kumano, that can spend 1r over and over again to draw a ton of cards. Do not run these both out, keep the other safe if you draw it. This really wants to be on one of the synergetic equipment you'll see below...

Azami, Lady of Scrolls

This is my tech card draw in this deck! Not only Dynaheir, but many of our Pingers like the Prodigal duo and Fireslinger are, super secretly, Wizards. Enter the above Lady of Scrolls. As you can see, you can tap a Wizard to draw a card, from Azami herself to things like your Commander and friends, that's pretty good. Love it loads here, since you can always use your Pingers that are Wizards on a naked board to just draw a bunch of cards.


Thornbite Staff
Scythe of the Wretched

Check out these two pieces of equipment! The uncommon is a 2-drop four equip (and free if you drop a Shaman and we do have a few accidental Shaman here like Cunning Sparkmage) and you get the 2, tap, shoot any target for a damage, to make anything a Pinger like Azami or Dynaheir. You can also get free untaps like the Goblin Sharpshooter we looked at above, and then get a bunch of untap triggers. You want this on a Pinger with a Curiosity on it. Also, imagine the card flow with Azami or another Wizards, or just on a Pinger with deathtouch. The rare equipment is a 2 and 4 to equip and gives +2/+2, and when it kills an opposing dork, you steal that dork back, with the Scythe on it, so you can move it to another Pinger. Nasty combo here! The Scythe is a bit of a win con, since you can steal their best stuff and smash them with it.


This is the only "must play" in Dynaheir from EDHREC.com, that I am running here, and it's even more valuable here. This Spirit is a 3-drop 2/1 with flying that untaps your creatures each turn, and lets you get in tons of tapping for damage especially with a deathtouched Pinger. It also will draw you four cards in a four-player game each round of turns with a Curiosity aura. Love it's power a lot!

Ramp and Lands

Weathered Wayfarer

This isn't on the EDHREC.com of Dynaheir, which surprises me since it's tapping good stuff and this taps for any land (not just basics or Plains) as long as at least one dork has more lands (likely in a non-Green deck in a multiplayer game). It really can help your mana early and your key lands later. It's very strong here, and I like it a lot. I really like it with some of the lands we'll see below...

Arcane Lighthouse
Detection Tower

This pair of lands will help out a lot! A key defense against Pingers is hexproof and shroud and the heavily played equipment that grants it. The former card is tapped with a mana and lets you target opposing stuff with hexproof and shroud, thus removing that protection. The latter land also needs a mana and your foe and their things with hexproof can be targeted, great combo here!

Rath's Edge
Balduvian Trading Post

This is another Pinger in land form. You tap it and four mana (copyable with Dynaheir), sacrifice a land and then ping any target. Sure, that costs you a land, but to finish off a key dork, planeswalker or player is worth it. Nicely done! The Trading Post will sacrifice an untapped Mountain on arrival, and then tap for two mana, and these two sacrifices will help you keep on using Weathered Wayfarer while hitting your land drops. The Post will then tap to shoot an attacker for a damage, which can really play keep away here, when combined with a bunch of untapped Pingers.

Three cards left!!!

Scavenger Grounds

Check out these two Deserts! The first is the original and it also joins the Trading Post as a way to ping an attacker for a damage. The next Desert can sacrifice a Desert to exile all stuff from all graveyards, which is a nice brake on graveyard use and abuse. We are not in the colors of recursion, so we aren't running anything except for a single spell with flashback, so feel encouraged to use this. If you control the first one, sacrifice it unless it's badly needed as adjunct removal, and then sacrifice the Grounds later. Again, the sacrifice here will let you keep up with the Weathered Wayfarer. Good pair!

Card from Battle for Baldur's Gate

Bronze Walrus

Because of how unique my build of Dynaheir here, we only have one other card from Battle for Baldur's Gate here, the Walrus King. As you can see, this 3-drop 2/2 is a Manalith on legs you can tap as soon as it drops when you control your Commander, and has loads of synergy with the tappers in this brew. The free scry 2 on arrival is a nice bonus too, and makes this arguably the best Scuttlemutt or Alloy Myr out there. Enjoy this common a lot!

Ready for my decklist?

Dynaheir's Pingers | Commander | Abe Sargent

This is really an Izzet deck with a White splash, as you can see in the mana base. White is just a handful of cards here including our leader, a handful of permanents, and the removal spell Generous Gift, the counter Dovin's Veto and the obvious answer to removal in Teferi's Response. How is your Dynaheir deck going to look? Let me know!


  1. My first deck was built around Alora, Merry Thief and Far Traveler. The goal was to self-bounce and recast your things to trigger ETB things (Mulldrifter), self-bounce things (Azorius Aethermage), leaves play things (Circuit Mender), cast things (Equilibrium) and tapping the dork for something valuable (Opposition), with a bounce of self-bounce (Erratic Portal, Whitemane Lion) and a flicker backup theme (Far Traveler proper) in order to lean into the non-cast stuff. Love it loads and it was inspired by my Equilibrium self-bounce Bant Commander deck. Check it here!
  2. My second deck is a Gruul deck built around the planeswalker Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes, which you can find here. That deck enables and is built around fun hasters (Froghemoth), tramplers (Giant Ankheg), and changelings with Hamster (Chameleon Colossus). Fun stuff and many of these cards are not on the EDHREC.com page of him.

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