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Jeskai Artifact Tokens Matter with Cayth in Commander


Hello happy folks! I hope that you are having an amazing day today! I was inspired by a Standard deck I haven't seen much heavily improved in Outlaws of Thunder Junction called "Artifact Tokens Matter" which you can find me talking about here: Fun Deck Ideas Inspired by Outlaws of Thunder Junction! | Article by Abe Sargent (coolstuffinc.com). I built a Bant deck that splashed Red for three cards, although if I were to start the decklist today after thinking about it for a couple of weeks, I'd swap out a few basics for surveil ETB tapped lands and two Molten Duplications for two Saheeli, the Sun's Brilliance.

My two key cards I needed here from OTJ Oltec Matterweaver and Worldwalker Helm.

The dork costs three and turns critter casts into tokens that are artifact or copies them. The artifact also costs three, and when artifact tokens are made, make a free Map, then you can tap it with two to copy an artifact token too. That's the engine I wanted to build around, then and now.

I am swapping Bant splash Red to Jeskai with today's MH3 leader which isn't that bad at all. Who?

Cayth, Famed Mechanist

This lady! She costs four, has a 3/3 body. Then she has fabricate to make a free 1/1 Servo and then your other nontoken dorks will make one too, and then you can tap her with two mana to populate and make another of your best option! Ready for the Jeskai synergies? I got cha!

Mana, Ramp, Lands

The Mycosynth Gardens
Cursed Mirror
Wand of the Worldsoul

Let's turn to mana and rocks and lands! The land taps for colorless, and turns one mana into any and then will tap with X to copy a nontoken artifact with X cost, great for adding copies here! The Red mana rock drops on turn 3, taps for one, ETBs untapped, and copies a dork on arrival and you get in one swing with haste or ETB trigger to get that fun party started. The White mana rock ETBs tapped, costs three, and then you can tap it with no mana to make your next spell you cast this turn much easier to cast with convoke! That's so strong here!

Now let's turn to token makers!!! Dockside ETBs and makes some Treasures equal to your foe's artifact and enchantment count too. That's great. Replicating Ring costs three, taps for any color of mana and you'll get free Night counters in your upkeep, and then when there are eight you'll make eight copies! Nothing needed, just get your ramp on!

Now let's turn to lands that make artifact tokens in Standard in my deck linked above! Restless Anchorage will turn into a 2/3 Bird with flying to swing for three mana, and then that swing will make a Map token! Mirrex ETBs untapped, and you'll make your color if it just arrived, and taps with three to make an artifact dork called Phyrexian Mite with 1/1, cannot block, and toxic one to copy.

Urza's Saga
Inventors' Fair

Now let's turn to Tutors and the pair I've included. The enchantment land on the second chapter you can spend two mana to make a game winning artifact total arty size Construct, and you can do it again with Chapter III on the stack, and then you can Tutor out a one- or zero-drop artifact. The legendary land taps for colorless, in your upkeep you'll gain a life if you control enough artifacts, and then you can tap and sac it with four mana to tutor if you have metalcraft. Great tutor land pair!

Minas Tirith
Fomori Vault
Academy Ruins

Now let's turn to card flow and recursion. The White tapping legendary land sometimes ETB tapped and will turn two mana into card draw if you attacked with two, easy here! The Standard-legal land taps for colorless, and with three and discard a card to dig equal to your artifact count and draw one. The legendary land taps for colorless and then with two to reload an artifact to the top of your library from your graveyard, to ensure what you draw!

Now let's turn to lands that tap for that Blue mana! Archway of Innovation can ETB untapped, taps to give the next spell you cast this turn improve like the convoke giving rock but for arties. Razortide Bridge ETBs tapped and taps for two colors with mana ramping and rocks the rough indestructible. Study ETBs tapped, taps for two colors and can be tapped with four to make a Clue token. Also here are Treasure maker lands Mines of Moria and Treasure Trove. Make sure you choose the right cards for the Mines since I have recursion for artifacts and dorks, but that's it exile the rest.

Cool Artifact Tokens to Copy

Simulacrum Synthesizer
Thousand Moons Smithy

Now let's turn to artifact token makers that are pretty cool! Let's start with this Azorius Standard-legal makers of artifact dorks that'll kill equal to your artifact count again. The three-drop Scries 2 on arrival to the battlefield, and then when another three cost artifact ETBs, you'll make a free beater, and then you can copy it all up and down. The legendary four-drop makes one, this time a Gnome Soldier which adds dorks to its size and that's nasty here, and then you can transform it to a White tapping land that'll make more!

Mirrorworksis bonkers here because when your non-token artifacts ETB, you can pay two to make a copy of them, which you can copy with your stuff to get another! They don't leave! That's so nasty here! Urza, Lord High Artificer costs one less, ETBS with a game winning and taps your untapped artifacts to make that mana! He's also a free card flow dork with five cost mana sink.

Urza, Prince of Kroog
Saheeli, the Sun's Brilliance
Malcator, Purity Overseer

Now let's turn to this triad! The Azorius take on Urza costs four for a 2/3 that gives your artifact dorks a nice +2/+2 size and then you can mana-sink six mana this time to make a copy of an artifact save it's now a 1/1 Solider critter too. Nasty! The Izzet Standard-legal two-drop 2/2 Bear can be tapped with two mana to make a hasting artifact copy of your artifact or dork save it's an artifact now too if a dork, and it gets sacrificed EOT. The last Azorius one costs three this time with a smaller 1/1 body and make a 3/3 Golem on arrival to the battlefield. Then you make one free in your end step if three or more artifacts ETBed this turn. Get it, run it, love it!

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Synergies and Winning Conditions

Kuldotha Forgemaster
Transmutation Font

Now let's turn to synergies and backup win-cons. Again, no cheap Fabricate here, I am running this pair instead. Each costs five; the former on a 3/5 dork that taps and sacrifice three artifact and then drops any artifact to the battlefield. It's a Tinker on a stick. The latter isn't a dork, taps to make a Blood, Clue or Food token, and then you can tap it with three mana to sac three artifact tokens with different names to Tinker this time, at sorcery speed. Love this nasty pair loads here!

Now let's turn to Azorius synergies. Mondrak, Glory Dominus costs four, for a 4/4 with a sacrificial ability to toss an indestructible counter here to save it. It doubles your tokens made. Hulking Metamorph ETBs as a copy of a critter/artifact you control, save it's an artifact dork with its size. You can drop it turn four to copy but on a 3/3 size instead.

Now let's turn to one of each. Given my Tinkering out I wanted a backup win con in Blightsteel Colossus style. It'll win fast and then you can shuffle up. The synergy is the one-drop artifact mana sink Retrofitter Foundry for untapping three mana, tapping with two to make a 1/1 Servo, or one to sac and make a 1/1 flying Thopter, and tapping that to make a 4/4 Construct instead. Since we are making Servos already with the ability, that made sense to me.

Now let's turn to sorta win cons and synergies in one card each! Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer is a 4/4 body and your creature tokens haste. In your combat you'll make a free 2/1 Blue Phyrexian Myr artifact dork. Then you can make your tokens copies of one token you control, like the game winning Construct or Gnome token equal to your arty size. Alibou, Ancient Witness gives your artifact stuff this time haste. Then when you swing at a foe with artifact critters, you'll shoot any target and scry X equal to your tapped arties. That's nasty way of ending a player or their stuff too.

Pia and Kiran Nalaar makes a pair of 1/1 Thopters on arrival to the battlefield, and then you can sac any artifact for three mana to hit any targets for removal, this includes your Treasures. Kappa Cannoneer has a 4/4 body, improvise, and then ward 4 to protect and then when another artifact ETBs, you'll toss a counter here of the +1/+1 persuasion to grow fast and it's unblockable for a red zone win con.


Akroma's Will
Rootborn Defenses

Now let's turn to answers! Since I am going wide with tokens, I wanted to keep my stuff alive, enter Teferi's Protection to phase it out, and this pair that'll help my dorks. The Will costs four, if you control your Commander, you get both, so you can give your team indestructible and protection from all colors to save, or a combat trick with flying, vigilance, double strike to kill or both to get in kills. Don't sleep on lifelink there! The three cost common will give your team indestructible, but also populate to make a cool token copy too! I am also running Tinkerable Darksteel Forge to give your artifacts indestructible permanently. Love it!

Now let's turn to artifact based removal, like Cityscape Leveler, Meteor Golem or Portal to Phyrexia. The dork costs eight, has an 8/8 on-curve trampling body and then both a cast and attack trigger to destroy an opposing nonland permanent. They'll get a free tapped Powerstone for their trouble. The non-dork costs one more, has an ETB trigger to make each foe sac three dorks, big and gets past indestructible too. Then in your upkeep you'll recur a dead dork from your graveyard to the battlefield and it's a Phyrexian dork too. Nice free recursion here!

Three Steps Ahead
Austere Command

Let's finish with counters and sweepers. The spree counter above will counter any spell for three mana, you can make a token copy of your artifact or dork for four total, three extra, and Catalog for another two extra, three total. It's quite good here! Every deck needs an emergency sweeper, even this one, enter this six cost that sweeps two. You'll likely sweep enchantments and bigger casted stuff, not tokens and artifacts. Love it here!

Card Draw

Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth

Now let's turn to card draw with this Clue-making duo! The dork costs Azorius three for an on-curve 3/3 vigilance body that makes a Clue on arrival. Then you can tap him with Sphinx's Revelation mana to sac a Clue and do just that. The instant costs two, draws one, and then makes a Clue to copy or crack with the dork above. Love this loads!

Since we can make copies of Treasures, I like having three mono-Red card draw spells that make Treasures too. Two are instant speed, discard one to draw two, and make two Treasures (Big Score, Unexpected Windfall). And Inspired Tinkering exiles three and you can cast them until next turn, and then you make three Treasures too. The artifact costs two, taps to draw a card if you make a token this turn, likely. Then it sacs for eight to make a beater 10/10 Eldrazi which is not an artifact token, but is copyable with your leader's populate, and then you can recur it.

Saheeli, Filigree Master
Tezzeret, Artifice Master
Thought Monitor

Let's finish with this trio! Since we are making a bunch of dorks, I liked running some planeswalkers that are safe and three are here. Two above! The Izzet colored one costs four for a three loyalty with a +1 to scry and draw one If you tap an artifact, likely here. Then you can -2 her and make two flying 1/1 Thopters with haste to swing and smash now. Then the five-drop mono-Blue one has five loyalty and can be +1ed this time to make a 1/1 Thopter with flying, and then 0 to draw one, two if you have metalcraft. The artifact dork is a take on Mulldrifter costing two more with a 2/2 size, but then affinity and draws you two on arrival. It's great to Tinker out too just to draw those cards and copy with things like Saheeli. Love it loads!

Let's turn to my deck:

Jeskai Artifact Tokens | Commander | Abe Sargent

Card Display

There we are! I have tons of fun things to do there, I really like this deck loads, and might try it out in real life. What do you think? I hope you like it too! I am really missing green here like Jaheira to let my tokens tap for mana or Peregrin Took to turn tokens arriving into Food too, or Sandstorm Salvager. But your mileage may vary! Enjoy!

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