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Commanding the New Windgrace


Hello Happy Folks! Happiest of Days Today!!! I hope that your day, week, and month have been going well thus far! Today we are looking at my first leader from the soon to be released Dominaria United. Who?

Soul of Windgrace

Jund Land-Discard Matters! You get a 5/4 that is on curve for the price with a massive four abilities. The trigger one will let you put a land from any graveyard to your battlefield tapped when it arrives and swings. Then it can activate for each of his colors to discard a land then either gain 3 life, draw a card, or give our Cat Avatar indestructible and tapped for the turn. This will also need lands for that as well as ramping, so I expect this deck to have more lands than normal. Also, we won't have your typical two-mana ramp spells like Rampant Growth and Farseek in her with a four drop here since we need lands in hand to discard. Luckily this has not shown up yet on EDHREC.com so there are no common thoughts from the community yet.

Creature Synergies and Win Cons

Mina and Denn, Wildborn
The Gitrog Monster

Hello happy legendary pair! The Gruul one is an on-curve 4/4 that can let you play an additional land in your turn as well as spend two mana to self-bounce a land you control and then give something trample for the turn. That means that this will self-bounce and then discard all day to your Commander. The Golgari one is also an on curve deathtouch 6/6 for five mana that can sacrifice a land each upkeep to keep it around and then you draw a card as lands are put into your graveyard from anywhere. If you discard them to your Commander? Trigger of card drawing fun times. Then you can play an additional land each turn just like Mina and Denn.

Splendid Reclamation
Ramunap Excavator

Now let's turn to some key synergies. Since we'll be discarding all the lands, you can really push playing them from the graveyard. The sorcery is a four cost that will put all lands in your graveyard to your tapped battlefield. Nice mass land additions. The creature will let you play a land from your graveyard which you should always do rather than from your hand, to keep your land discards open. This is so important that I have every legal way of doing it here (Crucible of Worlds, Ancient Greenwarden).

Titania, Protector of Argoth
Turntimber Sower

Check out these two similar mono-Green options. The former is a one-shot Restore on a stick. Nice card flow from the masses. Did a land of yours die? Make a 5/3 Elemental token!

I am not running any fetch lands here, (we need land types to discard so I don't want to draw one when I need a land type to discard) so unless you get The Gitrog Monster or a sorcery we'll see later, this is unlikely. The latter is a 3/3 and then when other lands are put into your graveyard from anywhere (including your hand, cough cough) then you make a free 0/1 dork to block with. And then you can sacrifice three dorks at instant speed to Restore. Nice pair!

I have three planeswalkers in this brew, and let's start with Wrenn and Six. This two-drop 3-loyalty planeswalker dominated Modern for a while. You can +1 them to return a land from your graveyard to your hand. That normally works well with fetches, but here that works well with discards since you can bring them for no mana than discard them again. That's really strong with the Mountain that can draw you a card, now do so twice. The -1 to shoot a target for a damage is fine removal of smaller things like Esper Sentinel and Birds of Paradise and such. This is not a bad, right?

Lord Windgrace
Erinis, Gloom Stalker

We also have the first Windgrace here, the Jund Land leader. You can +2 to discard and draw, and if you discarded a land, draw two. Nice synergy with the infrastructure deck we are building up. Then you can -3 him once with his starting loyalty, and then Restore two lands. Nice ramping over time, love it loads! The creature is a three drop 3/3 with deathtouch, and when it swings you can Restore. Someone may not like that too much, so they may trade down to trade with that deathtouch so that's nice creature removal as well.

Seismic Assault
Wrenn and Seven

The Assault is a bit rough on the triple-Red, but we have as many Mountains in the brew as Forests since we want to discard for card flow. Then this will let you discard a land to Shock something. The last planeswalker and other Wrenn is a 5-loyalty planeswalker with four cool abilities. The first will let you dig four and put lands into your hand, nice card flow. Then the 0 ability will drop all lands from your hand to the battlefield tapped, but I wouldn't usually recommend it as we need lands for the discarding, and if we have the five mana for this, that's less likely. They are here for the third ability to make a dork with power and toughness equal to your land count, which can be quite powerful in this brew.

Next up is a pair of mythic legendaries: Ob Nixilis, the Fallen and Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar. The Black one is a bit small, but it's here for that landfall. That will drain a foe of three life and then put three counters on him, which is a win-con quite powerful here. Think about how much damage you'll deal with a Splendid Reclamation resolving.

The Green one is a six-drop that also has power and toughness equal to your land count with both reach and trample to smash over potential blockers. You can spend two mana to bounce two lands to your hand (good for discarding) and then Raise Dead Multani. Nice right?

Borborygmos Enraged
Archfiend of Ifnir

The Cyclops is a hard-to-cast 7/6 with trample, but it's fun when it arrives. And then when you smash a foe's face, you can dig three and draw the lands you show. Then you can discard lands to Bolt any target, for killing players or dorks quite ably. The Demon is an on-curve 5/4 with flying with a discard trigger. When it fires you give a -1/-1 counter to all creatures your foe's control, which is very potent here and can really punch a board around!

Card Flow and Ramp

Nahiri's Lithoforming

Most of my card drawing is obvious, but check out this X-cost sorcery! You can sacrifice X lands, draw X cards and drop X lands this turn. It's land sacrificing for The Gitrog Monster, it's card flow when you are top decking, and it's putting lands in the graveyard for the Restore or similar effect you just drew or that Crucible of Worlds. Nice right?

Nylea's Intervention
Dig Up

We are in a deck that wants a ton of lands to discard. Enter the X spell. You search your library for X lands and then put them into your hand for discarding. Note that this gets any land not just basics, but I have few non-basics here since we need the right land types to discard to Windgrace. I also am running this cleave sorcery as well. For one mana you can grab any basic, put it into your hand, and then shuffle. Then you can cleave it for four mana and get a Demonic Tutor, and this is the only Tutor in my brew to grab a key win con like Multani or Obby later on when you need to close things out.

Yavimaya Elder
Horizon Seeker

This pair of common three-cost Green creatures is frumping around as well. The first is a classic that has been heavily played and created the Golgari deck "The Rock." When it dies you can fetch two (basic) lands and then put them into your hand for discarding. Then you can sacrifice it for a card, netting its trigger, and then getting three cards from one. The Seeker is 3/2 and can boast for two mana when it attacks, just once, and it searches your library for a basic, puts it into your hand, and then that can be discarded.

Since we have a few cards that trigger when a land is discarded, I added some backup land discarding like Canyon Slough outside of when Windgrace is controlled since it might be easily answered. I am running the three cycling lands with land types so you can discard them to Windgrace or drop them for mana instead if you want. I didn't want to glut up the deck's mana base with things that cannot be discarded to our Commander, so you don't have to worry about that.


And there we go! We have 56 non lands, three modal lands, and 61 lands proper and only 6 non-basics. So, what did you think about my deck? Anything missing or that I got in the wrong order? Just let me know!

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