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Building Around Yasharn, Implacable Earth in Commander


Hello folks! I hope that you are staying safe in our modern COVID-19 world!

I was inspired by the Zendikar Rising spoilers! Did you see it as well?


Yasharn, Implacable Earth!

Yasharn, Implacable Earth

Let's look at Yasharn, Implacable Earth. Our good Boar is a 4/4 for four mana, making him very on curve as a powerful midgame drop. When it arrives to the party it brings two lands, one a Forest and the other a Plains. That's card advantage in a color that needs it. Finally, folks (including yourself) cannot sacrifice non-lands or pay life. That means fetchlands and such will still work but nothing else will. That also means no to cards like Spore Frog and Sakura-Tribe Elder.

Where do you go from there?

Let's start with some in-set buddies!

Ashaya, Soul of the Wild is pretty wild with what it offers Yasharn. Your various dorks are now Forests too! As I am not running many token dorks in here, you'll have every creature a land. That'll make a fat amount of mana as well as a fat Ashaya who loves the land ramping of this brew as it'll get better with the more lands you drop. The synergy here is strong! I am also running three cards to answer mass removal that might otherwise send you sideways including Teferi's Protection and Heroic Intervention.

Speaking of synergy and strength, consider Ancient Greenwarden in this build! This will be a new powerful Crucible of Worlds on a stick, and we know how good that card is. It'll also double your landfall triggers as well as your lands with enters-the-battlefield effects. Each of these abilities will do good work in this build as well as its size and on-curve nature.

Have you seen Crawling Barrens? It's one of the best mana sinks you can run in land-form as you can invest as many four manas you care to grow it over and over and over again into a big, nasty, threat. Enjoy it!

Murasa Rootgrazer

Our final new addition from Zendikar Rising is this bad boy. He's not here for the self-bounce trigger as I don't have a lot of landfall. Instead I like him as a creature-based way of ensuring that your extra lands from Yasharn don't take too many turns to drop. I am running Exploration as well to give you one free land per turn to help out with the extra lands this deck has, but I prefer creature-based acceleration like Oracle of Mul Daya or Dryad of the Ilysian Grove.

Skyshroud Ranger
Llanowar Scout

I love this style of acceleration so much that I am running two more that only drop lands. Both are cheap early and helpful for land drops and are creatures for things like blocking and swinging after they've dropped all the lands from your land.

Take a closer look at Budoka Gardener. It plays into the "tap drop a land" ability of the previous three cards, but that's where the similarly ends! Do you have 10 lands? Then flip this over into the game-winning Dokai, Weaver of Life that can tap to make X/X dorks where their X is your land count. That means they'll be at least 10/10s. That's a quick way to end the game, and I've won many a game from an active Dokai late. This card is powerful early and late and that makes it quite a powerhouse. Note that it'll only flip if you tap it, so if you drop it when you control 11 lands it won't flip automatically.

Knight of the Reliquary

My deck has a lot of Forests and Plains. Wanna do something with them? Sacrifice them for any land you might care for! You can get the perfect land for the situation! From Maze of Ith and Kor Haven to Gavony Township and the aforementioned Crawling Barrens. This will churn your Yasharn'ed basics into better lands one tap at a time! It's amazingly comborific with this build and you can get the lands you sacrificed back with Ancient Greenwarden! Note that you cannot sacrifice anything with Yasharn, but lands are fine!

Karametra, God of Harvests

As I have mentioned, this deck is empathizing creature-based ways of doing things, and thus this card is really strong. Did you cast a creature? Awesome! Fetch a Forest or Plains and drop it onto the battlefield all ramped out and ready to go! This thing plays very well with the deck and it's also a solid 6/7 that can swing and block pretty easily in this permanent-matters build. I only have 11 instants and sorceries and only 5 colorless artifacts. It's like this deck was super secretly made for Karametra!

Now let's turn to a different part of Yasharn.

Aven Mindcensor
Runic Armasaur

I have extra room after the land and creature synergies. What do I do with it? If you'll recall, Yasharn shut down paying life and sacrificing non-lands for various things. So, let's play into that and make things fair for our foe. Our deck was leaning on Green more than White with ramp and big stuff but now this is something more White than Green. Let's make this game fair!

Drannith Magistrate shuts down opposing spells that aren't from their hand. Stop cheating! No casting from graveyards or libraries! Or the exile zone either for that matter. Drannith Magistrate is one of many cards in here that'll play well. Gaddock Teeg is also running around the block bringing his stick with him. I have only added in one enchantment and no sorceries and instants that Teeg will stop - Mirari's Wake. But that's pretty essential to a build like this with its lands and smaller creatures both seeking bumps. I do have a few planeswalkers but they are also essential to this deck. And my experience is that Teeg tends to draw targets so if you draw a Garruk Wildspeaker or Vivian Reid just wait, and someone will off Teeg for you.

I like effects like Sensei's Divining Top and Sylvan Library a lot in any build, but they are really good here! Why? Well you are always shuffling your library after each arrival of your leader to your battlefield as well as when other ramp resolves! So, you are shuffling a lot and getting a brand new three cards to organize constantly with these two cards. They are also good with the many "Play with the top card revealed" and "You may play it if it's a land" effects like Courser of Kruphix. You can ensure that your top card is a land in order to drop it, and then you can tap your various creatures to drop a land from your hand without missing a beat! Or missing a land drop!

Blind Obedience

The penultimate card we'll explore is this bad boy. Given the number of spells you'll cast this is strong, and you'll have the mana to activate it as well once each time for the draining of a life. It's also not bad for the tapping either for those two permanent types that helps to keep thing fair.

I also love Panglacial Wurm in any ramp deck. Late game when you are top decking ramp like a Cultivate it often feels bad, but not now! Cast it and cast this from your library and make a threat! From Terramorphic Expanse to Solemn Simulacrum, ramp effects adore a Wurm. In here with a ramping leader you can drop Yasharn and then if you have the mana cast this as well. And I think you might have that mana in a dedicated ramp deck like this one!

Wanna see my deck? Okay!

Commanding Yasharn | Commander | Abe Sargent

100 cards of fun and land-based happiness!

And there you have it! So, what did you think of my deck? Are you inspired by Yasharn as well? Anything in here that I missed? Anything that inspired your own brews? Just let me know and have an awesome day!

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