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Top Ten Cards from WOE Commander


Hello awesome folks! I hope that your day is going super mega well! Today I want to look at the best cards that debuted with Wilds of Eldraine in their Commander set that are brand new for casual formats, from the obvious Commander and other Highlander stuff to Five Color, Type Four, and all multiplayer stuff. What's the best of this set just printed? Let's find out together!

Honorable Mention #1 (#14 Overall) - Giant Inheritance AND Mantle of the Ancients

Giant Inheritance
Mantle of the Ancients

Recently there's been an attempt to make the beloved #10 Archetype Auras better at Commander and casual play with improved Auras. Enter this Selesnya colored pair that each are rare, cost five, and enchant dorks. The former is splashable, Green, and gives the enchanted dork a sizeable +5/+5 boost and then an attack trigger to put a Montser Role on your dorks that pump by +1/+1 and net it trample as well. Nasty beater that will, over time, make your stuff bigger and then evasive too. When it dies, it returns to your hand, like the iconic cycle of Rancor from Urza's Block. I like sacrificing this role to Bargain things since like Treasures or Food it's an enchantment and a token too, and creatures can only have one so you can replace it next swing.

The latter is mono-White, not as easy to cast, and then it rocks an ETB trigger which will recur all Auras and Equipment from your graveyard enchanting/equipping said dork. That's big recursion! Then it gets that many attached things in power and toughness boosts. It's a win con and recursion in one Aura. Nice pair to start us off with, right? I think so as well!

Honorable Mention #2 (#13 Overall) - Misleading Signpost

Misleading Signpost

When I went and grabbed cards from the normal WOE spoiler, all cards were here, not just the base WOE ones, and I grabbed this as the only card from the Commander set that debuted with it to make my list! This is my favorite card in the set, but I cannot give it a higher spot since I try to be objective, but this three drop flashable Blue artifact is my favorite card. Why? Let's look! First, it doesn't' ETB tapped and you can flash it out EOT after saving your mana for responses, common in Blue, to ramp the next turn. You can drop a five cost Commander on turn four with this out on turn three. Good ramping!

Then this has a fun multiplayer centric ETB ability. You can redirect one attacker to another target. For example, if you are attacked by Sun Titan by Player A, you can cast this in response and send to attack Player B. You can also select planeswalkers too. For example, you could redirect the Sun Titan to smash Player B's Liliana, Dreadhorde General and kill it. Or you could redirect a lethal attack against your planeswalker to you. Ideally, you'll cast this midgame starting around turn three, redirect an attacker since you likely don't have a defense, and ramp you later. All in one card that counts as an artifact for things like bargain or sacrifices to things like Goblin Welder at instant speed to recur a few times and then get this repeatably. I also love this in planeswalker decks to save a key planeswalker that is attacked for lethal damage.

Honorable Mention #3 (#12 Overall) - Sage's Reverie AND Songbirds' Blessing

Sage's Reverie
Songbirds' Blessing

Wow that's a different possessive one each four drop Aura. The uncommon one will, when it ETBs, draw you cards equal to your Aura count on your creatures, any creature, not just yours. But creatures only, not enchant lands like commonly played ones in this brew like Wild Growth on lands or Underworld Connections to draw cards. Then it gives a power/toughness boost equal to the cards you drew. I add it in my card flow section when building decks like last week's Budget Commander in this color. You can check it out here.

The rare one has an attack trigger instead of an ETB one. You dig in your library until you find an Aura and toss it onto the battlefield or in your hand if nothing is there. That's free card digging without spending any mana repeatedly, and it's strong in a deck deep in Auras. It's also in the Yenna brew too. Now after three slots with five cards we have only explored Bant colors. But next is a Black color identity legendary creature legal for your next Commander! And when will Red hit our list? (Not for a while...)

Honorable Mention #4 (#11 Overall) - Tegwyll, Duke of Splendor

Tegwyll, Duke of Splendor

Our first Command Zone eligible dork is this three-drop Dimir 2/3 Faerie Noble. Your three-mana investment nets you a strong four abilities on a solid size 2/3 body too. The first ability is evasion for blocking and swinging in flying. Then he has deathtouch to prevent bigger things from attacking or more expensive things from blocking since they don't want to trade down. Very useful on a cheap flyer. Then he's a Lord who gives his creature type (Faeries) a +1/+1 boost in size. I like that. Then when other Faeries that you control die, you draw that precious card and lose a life too don't forget to tick that die down. A boost in size and a death trigger for the tribe for anything will be nice.

I love him with deathtouch givers since most Faeries have flash to cast out and flying to block, so something like Archetype of Finality to give it to your team or Basilisk Collar to equip is great as you can trade up and draw cards. Since it boosts power and toughness of your team, while handing out deathtouch, why not also add in trample? Deathtouch will kill with one damage to each blocker and then roll over the rest to the blocker's controller and they are strong together, especially with the power boost from this. Now next we are hitting my Top Ten and leaving behind the Honorable Mention section, and we have another Green card to chart, but this time it's not an Aura but a critter. Which one cracks my Top Ten?

#10. Knickknack Ouphe

Knickknack Ouphe

In addition to getting playable Auras recently that play into that aforementioned archetype at #10, we've also gotten other cards, like this X cost creature! It starts with a power and toughness of 1/1 by the way. When it enters your battlefield, you dig X and place all of your Auras with that mana cost or less onto the battlefield for free! Then all other cards hit the bottom of your library. This works with any Auras from negative ones like Darksteel Mutation or Song of the Dryads to all enchant types from lands to creatures to players with Curses. It's strong in all of the awesome spaces, and it's not the last Aura enabler card to make the cut here either...

#9. Timber Paladin

Timber Paladin

...like this two-drop 1/1 Knight! When it's enchanted by one Aura, it's a 3/3 beater. Two? 5/5 beater with vigilance so it can attack open players and then stay back to block! Three or more? It's now a 10/10 that adds evasion in trample. Ideally, here's how you want to play this:

  • Turn 1 - Waste your turn with an ETB tapped land.
  • Turn 2 - Drop an untapped land, cast this.
  • Turn 3 - Drop an untapped land. Cast Rancor on this, it's now a 5/3 beater with trample. Swing. Do something else like cast the ramping Rampant Growth.
  • Turn 4 - Drop another land, use your five mana to cast two Auras on this that pump its power and toughness, like Blanchwood Armor that might be +3/+3 and grow and Arachnoform that gives +2/+2 and you now have a 17/15 trample vigilance beater and swing and might win in a few hits.

See why it's here? You could drop three one drops on turn 3 and attack with a 10/10 pumped then too, by the by. It also counts as an artifact for cards that will pump based on enchantments and artifacts like All that Glitters or Nettlecyst! And next? How about another Aura enabler in this color too?

#8. Ellivere of the Wild Court

Ellivere of the Wild Court

This four-drop 4/4 is our on curve Selesnya treat and our next playable Commander option. When she swings or ETBs, you'll make a Virtuous Role on another creature you control. This will replace them over time and then also be good fodder for bargain. That enchantment makes them an Ethereal Armor without the first strike. They are all beaters, from Birds of Paradise to Soul Warden to Commander Eesha. Then when an enchanted dork you control deals combat damage to a foe, you draw, so she's role giving, beater making and card flow aficionado on a tight already on curve four mana as a 4/4? She's here to throw down those beats and swing for treats. Next we are leaving Auras and enablers and heading back to Black!

#7. Tegwyll's Scouring

Tegwyll's Scouring

Hitting our halfway spot on today's countdown is this six cost mono-Black sorcery. You destroy all creatures. Then you make three 1/1 flying Black flyers. Many Wrath of God and Damnation effects that add a nice bonus to you add a couple of mana, like Life's Finale and Phyrexian Rebirth. This is basically the benefit of Kirtar's Wrath but you'll always get it even without threshold and then you get three flyers, not two. Nicely done my buddies. Then you can cast this at instant speed by tapping three flyers, just like Rout, but harder to do. Good stuff here as your Wrath of choice in flying-matters brews, or with a legendary that happens to make flying tokens or just generally in all brews as a six cost Damnation that makes you three tokens afterward to attack and block. Love this in planeswalker brews to sweep and make three flying blockers on your buddies. Good stuff there. We're staying in Tegwyll's color identity for our next card too!

#6. Malleable Impostor

Malleable Impostor

This four-drop rare flying flashable dork hits my final spot before the Top Five proper! It's a Clone on a stick but it keeps flying, and its creature types of Faerie and Shapeshifter and then in trade for that good stuff you can only copy opposing things. I think that trade is worth it with your flashing four drop with flying too since you can flash to block a creature like Player A's attacking Consecrated Sphinx on you with that same dork, or maybe Player B's Silklash Spider to block with reach or Player C's Grave Titan to kill it in blocking since this now has flying. That only copying your foe's stuff is much less of a limitation when you are playing against multiple players. It's also flying for the Wrath we just looked at too, by the by. It's also a Faeries for that pumping by Tegwyll. This is very strong!!! Hitting the Top Five next is another White card, but which one?

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#5. Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

This is our five cost five spot card - very symmetrical! This will bring back one dead dork from your graveyard to the battlefield. Then you can return two Auras or Equipment attached to it for free as well, so your extra mana brings back two more things. I love this in Auras, Equipment or Voltron brews. I also love this in play after a mass sweep effect that swept more than creatures like Akroma's Vengeance or Planar Cleansing. Get your best dork back plus two free equips or enchants. Three for one card! Next we'll hit up another White card, but this time another legendary Commander option - which one though?

#4. Brenard, Ginger Sculptor

Brenard, Ginger Sculptor

Hello! This four drop Bant colored dork is my 4th overall pick for your consideration and play. He's a smaller size not-on-curve 3/3. Then we have two abilities. The first is that your Food creatures and Golems get a massive +2/+2 boost as long as you control Brenard. Then you get a triggered ability. When another nontoken you control dies? You may exile it! (It's a may effect in case you don't wanna). Then you make a 1/1 Food Golem copy of it that can be sacrificed like Food for life. Making a free but now 3/3 of your dying stuff is awesome here. Love this leading a midrange deck with ETB triggers like Eternal Witness, Solemn Simulacrum, Karmic Guide and Mulldrifter. It's also just fun as is with Food and Golem creatures. Also note the value of Mulldrifter's evoke that will draw you four cards for three mana and make a 3/3 flying Elemental Food Golem. Hitting our 3 spot is our first Red card!

#3. The Court Cycle

Court of Ardenvale
Court of Embereth

All five enchantments hit here! All gain the Monarch for card flow on arrival to the battlefield. Then they all have an upkeep trigger. Let's knock them out in alpha order not color order. The Ardendale Court costs four. Its upkeep trigger is to return any permanent from your graveyard to your hand of three or less. Unless you are the Monarch, where it'll hit the battlefield. It's a Sun Titan trigger for free. Nice, and like the Titan, you can return lands that sacrifice like fetch lands or Wasteland. The Embereth Court also costs four. Its upkeep trigger is to make a free 3/1 Red Knight, and then if you are the Monarch, shoot your foes for damage equal to your creature count. I love this in Red decks that go wide like Boros Aggro, Boros Tokens or Mono-red Goblin tokens. Its better card draw than Red's rummaging to discard and draw or impulse to exile from your library and cast this turn since it's pure card draw turn after turn.

Court of Garenbrig
Court of Locthwain

The Green Court costs a cheaper three mana. Its upkeep trigger gives a pair of +1/+1 counters onto two creatures. Then if you are the Monarch, double your +1/+1 counters on all stuff you control. Getting that once or twice in a dedicated +1/+1 counter matters can win the game or with any Hydra that's an X sized threat with +1/+1 counters. It's strong and cheap. The Black Court is back to four mana. Its upkeep trigger is to exile the top card of one opponent's library and you can play it with any mana you have. And it's free to cast if you are the Monarch. You cannot play around it since it's an opponent's stuff, but you don't have to worry about exiling and then losing it because you didn't have the mana to cast it this turn like red's impulsive card flow. Good pair to play with!

Court of Vantress

We'll finish with Court of Vantress. This enchantment in Blue has an upkeep trigger to choose another enchantment or artifact. If you are not the Monarch, the Court becomes a copy of it that retains this ability. So, you can turn it into a mana rock like Gilded Lotus or into a card flow like Staff of Nin or Phyrexian Arena or a key aspect of the deck like Trading Post or Goblin Bombardment. You can copy opposing stuff. If you are the Monarch, you make a token that copies it permanently. That's very strong here! Next is another legendary creature that can be played as a Commander but which one?

#2. Alela, Cunning Conqueror

Alela, Cunning Conqueror

The new Alela! She costs four in just Dimir colors this time and with a smaller 2/4 flyer. Then you have two triggered abilities. First, when you cast your first spell in a foe's turn, make a 1/1 flyer token. That, alone, makes her worth the price of admission. As I mentioned with Tegwyll, the Faerie tribe has tons of flashing flyers. You can cast one in each opponent's turn and then net a free flyer 1/1 too. Then you layer in instants like Opt and Brainstorm or interaction like Counterspell or Hero's Downfall naturally to add in casting on opposing turn density. Then you have another ability too. When your Faeries deal combat damage to a player? Draw that card, but once per combat step, so you could draw two with first or double strike, but otherwise once. Just like Tegwyll, since you are emphasizing flashers that already have flying and are making flyers with a 1/1 body, I love her with deathtouch enablers. She's very strong and I expect her to get loads of play, but she's not my top spot. What other legendary dork beat her for the top spot?

#1. Korvold, Gleeful Glutton

Korvold, Gleeful Glutton

Our highest Commander and Red card is also a redo of a classic Brawl Commander leader from the first take in Eldraine! Korvold! This pricey eight-drop is in Jund colors still. It has a built-in cost reduction and that's up to five colorless mana for each card type you've sacrificed this turn. For example, that can be land, creature, artifact, enchantment, or planeswalker. Note that that's not death triggers or losing a planeswalker due to loyalty abilities, but instead sacrifices. Then you can get a 4/4 with three evergreen keywords. Two evasions in flying ad trample, and then a haste to swing now on a naked board or over grounded dorks or to hit for two past a Fog Bank. Then you layer in a combat damage trigger, which is more likely with the flying and trample and then a haste to ensure you hit. You put X +1/+1 counter onto him for each permanent type in your graveyard. That's a very powerful win con since it's more likely to trigger with flying and trample as he grows in size.

He's nasty on his own, and then there are ways to get this more reliably which you might not be thinking about. What? Cards with two permanent types! For example, we have artifact creatures that could be played here, like Solemn Simulacrum that will ramp then has a leave play ability if sacrificed to a thing on the first turn to play this and then in the counter countering. Burnished Hart will ramp two and has a self-sacrifice trigger to do it. Or Duplicant or Meteor Golem for removal. Then you can run the land creature Dryad Arbor or enchantment artifacts with Hammer of Purphoros or enchantment creature with Courser of Kruphix. You can also fill out your graveyard with cycling or channel like the enchantment dork Greater Tanuki to fetch you a land or Krosan Tusker to net you a card and a land as card advantage, or cycling lands like Barren Moor. You could also run discard stuff like Wild Mongrel. Love this loads!

And there we are! I hope that you enjoyed my look at the Top Ten new cards from this set! What order would yours be?

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