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The Lady and the Demon


Hello awesome folks and happiest of days today! Today I want to build around the new Lady Orca in the Dominaria United Commander decks. This is my first deck being built around a card from that set rather than the basic set that debuted with it.

Ready for my Lady Demon?

Orca, Siege Demon

Just like Lady Orca, Orca, Siege Demon is a big Demon. The first one was 7/4 in size and vanilla in abilities. This one is just 5/5 but rocks trample and two abilities. Clearly, a seven-drop leader in the Command Zone is just for fun as we've left behind that time of Commander.

New Orca has two other abilities in addition to trample. The first is a triggered ability when another dork of anyone's dies, you place a +1/+1 counter on this trampler of awesomeness. Then when this dies, you deal its power in damage divided as you choose among any number of targets, so if it had one counter and was a 6/6 you could shoot each foe in a four-player game for 2 or one for 6 or one for 5 and another for 1, or deal 1 to kill an Esper Sentinel, and 2 for a Flametongue Kavu, and then one to each foe. You get the idea, but self-sacrifice on a 7-drop that has to come back from the Command Zone to be used again doesn't really work, and she's not in the blue color to counter removal that answers her, so you'll just have to expect to recast her a few times.

Here is how I am expecting to build around her - part Aristocrats and Sacrifice-matters where you can use this to finish off a foe or three, and part Voltron to elevate her power and kill some foes after dealing combat damage.



Ob Nixilis, the Adversary

this deck is not a Sacrifice-itorium, but we do have a few engines here and there. Attrition is a key way to sacrifice and kill a foe's creatures and keep up with the Joneses. Then the Standard-legal Nixilis can sacrifice a dork on arrival to the battlefield you can get a copy with that power in loyalty, so if you sacrifice your Commander that's at least a 5/5 without any counters or Voltrons. Then you can +1 each of them to force your foes to lose two life or discard a card and if you control a Devil or Demon like your Commander you gain some life too. Then with -2 you can make a 1/1 Devil token to block and get sacrificed with. This is our only planeswalker in this brew.

Rite of Consumption

Check out these two Thuds. The first is a two-cost instant that can sacrifice a dork and then deal that creature's power in damage to a key target like a foe. On a fat Commander with equipment or counters, that could be enough to win the game when combined with his death trigger. The Rite is a two-mana sorcery that sacrifices and deals damage to a target player equal to its power and you gain life equal to the damage dealt, nasty duo. I am running some more of those here.

Harvester of Souls
Syr Konrad, the Grim

Let's add some death and sacrifice triggers to the deck. The Harvester is a 5/5 deathtouch that turns your dying nontokens into card flow, so it's pretty strong here. The Grim is a 5-drop 5/4 that turns dorks heading into any graveyard not just yours into 1 damage to your foes. It also will work on milling, discarding, and more, and you can activate it to mill and kill a foe on low life. Both are very strong here!

Key Creatures and Synergies

Juri, Master of the Revue is a two-drop 1/1 in my colors that can get a +1/+1 counter whenever I sacrifice a permanent of any sort, like Treasures, creatures, fetchlands, etc. Then when she dies, she deals damage equal to her power to one target, see how she plays as a backup Orca with a cheaper cost, more restricted death trigger and countering? Cast her early, and then swing with the Voltrons and counters and then die and then cast Lady Orca and equip and move on.

Anax, Hardened in the Forge is an X/3, where X is your devotion to Red, and then when one of your nontoken dorks dies you can make a 1/1 Satyr unless it had a power of 4 or more then make two dorks. Those are good for attacking and sacrificing, and adding to your board. See how cool this pair is in this brew?

Elemental Mastery
Unleash Fury

Check out this pair! The Aura is a Red tapper that taps your dork to make 1/1 Elementals with haste that exile this turn equal to its power. Put this in a 6/6 Orca to make 6 1/1s to swing with and hold the fort back. This is awesome with your Voltron'ing power pumpers. The Fury is an instant that doubles the power of a dork for the turn, great for Command Damage to kill out of nowhere. This is great before casting Fling and getting a 10 damage from your dying 10/5 and 10 damage split, that's pretty strong. And that 20 damage is from a base 5/5 Orca what if she's an 8/8 with a few counters or equipment pumpers? Now you are dealing 16 from Fling and 16 from her death trigger...I think you might win that game!

Fiery Emancipation

Especially with this out! This six-drop heavy Red enchantment will triple your damage from any source to any source. That is very fast at the game winning fun times. Imagine this with a Fling or Goblin Bombardment. Imagine this with an attacking Commander that is 8/8 with trample...imagine this with the death trigger after it dies in combat. Imagine this with the tapping of your Elemental Mastery for triple damage from your attacking 1/1 horde that can be sacrificed for Goblin Bombardment after hitting? I think you get it! Wowzer Bowzer!


Basilisk Collar

I have the expected Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots and then the three equipment ways to give one unblockable like Whispersilk Cloak, Trailblazer's Boots and Rogue's Passage. The legendary equipment was just printed in Commander Warhammer 40k. When it enters the battlefield, you exile a foe's dork then you can equip for two and then give your equipped dork +X/+0 (and menace) where X is the mana cost of what you exiled. Even just a 4-drop makes your 5/5 trample now a 9/5 trampler with menace. And it's an answer in equipment form! Drop this the turn before you drop Orca since it's one fewer and ramp up! I also love this with an Elemental Mastery.

The Collar is a one-drop that gives Orca deathtouch and lifelink. It's here for the former, since with an 8/8 Orca that dies you can deal one damage to every opposing dork and kill it from that deathtouch. Nasty board-clearing fun times, and trample and deathtouch are a powerful combo since if you are blocked by a few dorks, you only need to deal one to each to kill it no matter it's toughness and then overflow can be dealt to your attacked planeswalker or player. Nasty pair here!

Check out the recently printed Two-Handed Axe. You can Adventure and then cast this for three, equip for two, and then double Orca's power when you attack...which we've already discussed the mad synergy there with Unleash Fury above. It's a very strong force of nature here and double strike and your big fat dork out of nowhere is nice and then getting a fat piece of equipment later seems worth it.


In Garruk's Wake

Now let's turn to some answers. I have the expected targeted removal like Bedevil and Chaos Warp here. Since Orca triggers on the death of any creature I tossed in two mass removal effects in Black that cost nine mana but won't hit your stuff and let your Commander grow massively in size. Since I built my deck to cast a 7-drop from the Command Zone, a 9-mana Sweep and Keep Wrath seemed appropriate. Enter the Wake, which sweeps opposing creatures and planeswalkers, but not yours.

Check out the Kill of the Cloud. This is a six-cost sorcery that -7/-7's the board since that is Orca's casting cost. Cast it on the turn before her, then ramp your land and cast her on a mostly naked board. She'll survive this removal with an 8 butt, not that hard to do with all the dying happening at the kitchen table in a multiplayer game from her +1/+1 self-countering.

I had 40 lands and three modal spell/land cards in my first build, but I pulled a land for Duplicant anyway...why? On arrival to the battlefield, you can exile an opposing dork from the battlefield just like Drach'Nyen we looked at before, for the same mana. Then this copies its type, power and toughness...see it? You copy its power, so you can exile a 6/6 Titan and then leave behind a 6/6 for your power loving things, like Elemental Mastery or dealing three times that damage with Fiery Emancipation or your Flings. Get it? I hope so!

Card Flow

Unexpected Windfall
Stinging Study

I tossed in around 10 cards for card flow. I am playing all four of the set of cards like Unexpected Windfall in my brew to leave behind Treasures for cracking my Commander. Then the Study is a five-cost instant that draws you 7 and loses 7 life since that's the mana cost of your leader. That's a one-sided Wheel effect and is quite powerful here. I also tossed in Ambition's Cost and Ancient Craving.

Check out Tavern Brawler next. If you control Orca, then you can at the beginning of your upkeep exile the top card of your library and then play it this turn! Then your Orca gets +X power where X is the mana cost, so that could easily be a free two or four power while casting your stuff from the exile zone. Good stuff for the win-tough!

Ramp, Rocks, and Lands

Thran Dynamo
Crowded Crypt

Check out this pair of mana rocks. The first is a four-drop that makes three mana - cast this on turn four and then you can drop Orca on turn 5. I also have Gilded Lotus, Everflowing Chalice, and Nyx Lotus that can ramp on turn 4 or 5 to Orca.

When a dork you control dies you toss a counter on the Crypt, and then at any time you can spend six mana, tap, and sacrifice it to make X Decayed 2/2 Zombies equal to the counter count. That's pretty strong here, although they do have decayed and thus cannot block or deal damage just once and die, but with my damage tripling enchantment, and my sacrifices, and my death triggers on my Commander that's pretty strong from where I am looking!

Witch's Clinic
Expedition Map

Check out this Clinic. This colorless land is here to tap itself and two generic mana to give Orca lifelink for the turn. That means that your unblockable can net you a ton of life since we want to be attacking with her, and then doubling her power with the Axe and the instant, and giving her double strike and then pumping her power with counters and then her death trigger....you can see how synergetic that would be, right?

The Map can tap and sac for any land from your deck to your hand. Nice! I also am running Demonic Tutor to grab one too, or a key synergy for my brew like Fiery Emancipation or Syr Konrad or Reassembling Skeleton to sacrifice, triggers, and sacrifice again after recurring it.

Shizo, Death's Storehouse
The Reaver Cleaver

Check out this land and equipment. The land taps for Black and doesn't arrive tapped, so it's easy to add to a deck like this one. It can tap with black to give Orca fear which adds to your unblockable options along with Rogue's Passage. Then you have the Cleaver, a three-drop that gives trample and +1/+1 to your equipped dork. It's here for that combat damage to a player to make that many Treasures! Nasty! And it has synergy with sacrifice matters thigs like Juri and Mayhem Devil and ramps you to casting bug stuff.

Ready for my decklist?

Orca the Demon | Commander | Abe Sargent

Card Display

And there we are! What did you think of my take of this Sevon Drop from the Command Zone? Anything in here that I missed or that you like? Just let me know and have an awesome day!

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