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Top Ten Cards from Midnight Hunt: Commander


Hello Happy Readers! I hope that you're having just the best time today! Today I want to look at my choices for the best cards that were printed in the Commander supplement for Midnight Hunt. In order to make today's list, you need to be good in kitchen table formats like Commander, multiplayer, Five Color, and loads more. Sometimes a great card for Legacy will be printed here, like True-Name Nemesis which is much weaker in Commander against multiple players than in it is in duels. You need to be a kitchen table hit, not necessarily a tournament table one.

Ready for my Top Ten List?

Let's do it to it!

Honorable Mention. Moorland Rescuer

Moorland Rescuer

I love this 4/4 Human Knight's potential at the kitchen table for builds like Humans, Knights, plus both aggro and combo builds that include White. When this bad boy dies, you can exile it and recur up to 4 total power (likely, it could be more if the Rescuer has a bigger front) from your graveyard to the battlefield for free. You could easily net card advantage with two 2/x creatures like Drannith Magistrate and Tithe Taker, or a few 1-powered dorks like Mother of Runes, Essence Warden or Goblin Welder. Good stuff!

But that's not the reason it's here. Nope! Do you see it? You can return any number of stuff from your graveyard to the battlefield so long as it has a zero power! Might I suggest cards like Kobolds of Kher Keep, Ornithopter and Shield Sphere? These are all classic free cards for various engines. You could easily return a bunch of zero-power drops from your graveyard to the battlefield, as well as 4 power from other things. For example, you could also bring back the sacrifice engine if they were all swept away, like Viscera Seer, which is only a 1/1 or the 4/4 Phyrexian Negator that can sacrifice creatures to -1/-1 a target. It's strong in loads of places, and I love it a lot for combos at the kitchen table, as well as aggro, Humans, and Knights.

#10. Visions of Glory

Visions of Glory

I really like this sorcery with flashback in decks that are going wide with aggro, tokens, or in a Human-matters build. I don't like it as much as the card it is clearly trying to emulate - Increasing Devotion from the original Innistrad block, which makes 5 1/1s on the first play and a massive 10 1/1s on the second! However, this one will have a reduced flashback cost which is nice. It's not as good after a massive removal spell to give yourself an instant army. But it can turn a moderate army into a game winning one in just a single go around the bin. Love it a lot here!

#9. Somberwald Beastmaster

Somberwald Beastmaster

I understand why this card is in the Coven-matters build since it comes to the battlefield with four different powers, so if one is answered, you'll still be able to trigger Coven. Good stuff. This brings 10 power and toughness across four bodies and seven mana, which is pretty good for the team. I also love this in Type Four, and I added one to my Stack. (You can see my Type Four Stack here). It's great in Commander, Five Color, multiplayer, and even Type Four! Now I don't like that it makes two Beast tokens with different powers and toughnesses, I wish that the 3/3 token were an Elephant or something else. Ah well. That's just me. Anyways...here you go!

#8. Prowling Geistcatcher

Prowling Geistcatcher

I love this sacrifice engine in builds where you are self-sacrificing stuff, and then you can sacrifice this and get them all back! Note that the Catcher of Geists will trigger when it leaves the battlefield so you could also bounce it, flicker it, or tuck it to get that trigger, and two of those will let you do so over and over again. I also love this as a nasty game winning engine in Rakdos's Steal 'N Sac decks that use an effect to temporarily steal a creature like Zealous Conscripts and Threaten, and then you attack and sac them after combat to things like Attrition and Goblin Bombardment. In those builds, each time you sacrifice the stolen dork you exile it and then put a counter on the Geistcatcher. Then later you can let this card head away from the battlefield and then, once it does, you get all of the stolen and sacrificed creatures back under your control permanently. Nasty! I hope you'll like this as much as I do for your Commander Fun Times!

#7. Lynde, Cheerful Tormentor

Lynde, Cheerful Tormentor

You'll also see Lynde in my Top Ten next week...hint hint... Lynde plays into a new space as a Curses-Matter Commander. She already has 554 decks registered to her over at EDHREC.com, and that's pretty good just a few weeks after release! She's a 4-drop with deathtouch that no one wants to trade down with. I do wish she was a Five Color leader so that White and Green Curses would be options as well for her build. There are...(according to Gatherer) nine Curses in that color combo that Lynde cannot use, plus the enchantment loving of Green and White would play very nicely with her. That's one of the reasons she is stuck back here at #7 despite creating a brand-new archetype to build around at the Commander table. Enjoy her!

#6. Ghouls' Night Out

Ghouls' Night Out

This is my favorite name among the cards in this set! I also added this to my Type Four Stack (you can read the rules here. Good stuff! I really enjoy this card in four-way multiplayer where you can reliably get back three creatures from their graveyards with decayed. You'll net a ton of triggers for entering-the-battlefield, and you don't need big things to break this. Just a Solemn Simulacrum, Mulldrifter and Karmic Guide are drawing you two cards, ramping a land and Resurrection'ing a dork, even when they die from decayed. Imagine what you could so with bigger stuff later in the game? You could win very quickly with stuff like Avenger of Zendikar, Consecrated Sphinx and/or Craterhoof Behemoth. What's keeping this card outside of my Top Five is that it's a bit unreliable. You are relying on your foe's stuff.

And now let's turn to the Top Five proper!

#5. Drown in Dreams

Drown in Dreams

Hello fans of Stroke of Genius, you just got a card that will replace it in all of your builds moving forward. It's played heavily in Commander with 8,052 decks registered with it over at EDHREC.com. It's really strong in a lot of builds as a mana sink, especially mana ramp heavy ones like Simic brews. It will really shine in graveyard-matters builds that want to self-mill themselves, like Dimir Zombies where it's printed. You can target the same player twice! Note that it's one of the best player kills in the game, as you could force your foe to draw 7 cards and then mill 14, and if they have 21 or fewer cards in their deck that could win the game instantly on the spot. Good stuff!

#4. Ruinous Intrusion

Ruinous Intrusion

As you can see, this fun instant Naturalize variant will exile its target rather than destroy it, so that you can ensure that it won't come back! It will end an indestructible thing like Blightsteel Colossus or Iroas, God of Victory. It also will really amp up the power level of a creature you control equal to the exiled target's mana cost. I love it with your Commander on the battlefield getting pumped to quicken Commander kills. It can make a minor, small Commander into a much faster clock. I also have targeted it for addition to my Type Four

Top Three Time Now!

#3. Crowded Crypt

Crowded crypt

It's a mana rock that rewards you over time for your investment into it. Just by doing things you'd normally do at the kitchen table - swinging and blocking, you'll load this thing up with corpse counters. Note that dying tokens also trigger it. Then later, at instant speed, you can sacrifice it for a nasty Zombie decayed army! It's great for kitchen table play just normally, and then if you have a deck designed to abuse it, like an Aristocrats deck already sacrificing stuff all over the block then this could win you the game! Good mana rock!

And now there were just two left.

#2. Shadow Kin

Shadow Kin

Flash on a 4-drop 2/2 would normally be embarrassing at the kitchen table, but it's here at my #2 spot...so why? At the beginning of your upkeep, you have each player mill a trio of cards. You can exile a dork from a graveyard, and then the Shadow Kin becomes a copy of that card, and it doesn't end at the end of the turn. Flash it out at the end of your last foe's turn, untap, upkeep, exile the best creature milled in your foe's graveyard, draw, swing with the nasty dork, and if you want, you can swap over to something else in your next upkeep, unless you like what you already copied. It's a very flexible, graveyard loving, Clone effect. I also tossed it into my Type Four Stack.

And let's move to Number One!

#1. Celebrate the Harvest

Celebrate the Harvest

This card...is not in my Type Four Stack! Crazy, I know! As you can see, the Celebration is a 4-drop sorcery. You will search your library up for X basic lands where X is your different powers for your stuff. Then you ramp those lands onto the battlefield. This is really strong with creature decks that have different powers, so if your deck is just an aggro deck, run Explosive Vegetation here instead.

Otherwise, this is very strong. In a typical Green ramp deck, you could easily have 1-powered stuff (Mana bodies like Llanowar Elves), 2-powered lands-matter things (Oracle of Mul Daya, Courser of Kruphix), as well as many more like Birds of Paradise, Indrik Stomphowler, and so on. I really love this with commanders that are partners with different powers since your base line will always be Explosive Vegetation and could be a lot better very easily. I love this card's...er...power...a lot at the kitchen table, and so will you! Dance away my friends, dance away!

And there we are! So...what did you think of my Top Ten list? Did you agree with my choice for #1. Did I miss anything? Just let me know in the comments below and have an awesome day!!!

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