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Top Ten Cards from Doctor Who #2


Hello happy casual Magic fans! I have a fun thing for you today! Today we are going to be looking at the best cards from the first set of Doctor Who take two! Last week I counted down my Top Ten plus three Honorable Mentions, so today we'll knock out another 13 to take us from 26 to 14. As a reminder, the cards that are charting are ones good for stuff like multiplayer stuff generally, Commander specifically and then Five Color, Highlander, Type Four and stuff.

Ready for my list?

Honorable Mention #1 (#26. Overall) - Nyssa of Traken

Nyssa of Traken
The Reaver Cleaver

Check out his Hill Giant costed Blue creature with a better toughness at four. She has two other abilities and then finishes with Doctor's Companion so you can add her to any Doctor. The first is simple - you don't have a hand size. So, she's a Reliquary Tower in the Command Zone. Then when she attacks you can sacrifice X artifacts to draw X cards and tap stuff down for stopping the blocking since this was an attack and you'll want to repeat. Her abilities synergize together since you'll draw mad cards when set up but won't discard. She has great synergy with any Doctor that makes artifact tokens on arrival to the battlefield. I also love her with things that will turn her combat damage into artifact tokens like Old Gnawbone with three Treasures which you can sacrifice with three cards and taps next turn. She is broken with Red color Doctors since you can equip her and pump her with The Reaver Cleaver to make Treasure and give her four power and then trample too. Hitting the even 25 next is our only mono-Black card on today's list.

Honorable Mention #2 (#25. Overall) - Vashta Nerada

Vashta Nerada

This three-drop 1/1 Black rare is our next card! It has a fun size of 1/1 with unblockable with shadow, and then it has indestructible since no one will be able to kill it normally. It also grows bigger over time as you get a +1/+1 counter EOT if a creature died this turn. It's very strong at games like mass removal on your turn, it'll survive, and then grow by one. Note that this happens just once per turn, so no matter how many died, it'll just grow once, but then it'll grow at the end of every turn, so in a four-player Commander game it could grow by +4/+4 by the time you take the next turn.

Use instant-speed removal that destroys to collect more counters. Note that this doesn't have to be out in order to collect counters, so you could cast Blasphemous Act and then this and it'd get bigger. It's a grindy win-con. It's also amazing with counter doublers like Doubling Season; it's also in +1/+1 counter matters colors with the Khans of Tarkir theme or as a win con in sacrificial builds. It's strong with the wins!

Honorable Mention #3 (#24. Overall) - The Ninth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor

Our first Doctor is this fun card! He costs three Izzet mana for a 2/4 body with haste and another ability. When you untap normally in your untap step, you get another upkeep this turn. That is such a Johnny/Jenny ability to unleash on people! You can double upkeep triggers like Phyrexian Arena or put two time counters on As Foretold or two charge counters on win-con Darksteel Reactor. You've got it! Then you can pull two time counters off suspend stuff too. And he's a Doctor for that Companioning! He's a great tool to double your upkeep triggers if you swing or tap him with stuff. Might I suggest combining him with an unblockable tool like Rogue's Passage, he's also a small enough power for Access Tunnel or equipment like Whispersilk Cloak which will also protect him. Or you can toss in tapping for things like to untap basics with Earthcraft, for mana with Paradise Mantle or for damage with Psionic Gift. If you add in damage stuff like that, might I also suggest Curiosity to draw cards from any damage effects, not just combat damage ones? He's also red for Nyssa and you can add the unblockable stuff for her to get in swings too. Now next is a fun spell that also shares a color with this one...but what? Let's find out!

#10. (#23. Overall) - Delete


Tis mono-Red sorcery is next! It costs double to start and then an X. You deal X damage to each non-artifact dork and player. You hit a class of creature that you can build around to avoid and then burn players as well as you. Earthquake is better and worse than this. It's easier to build around since so many creatures fly, and it's cheaper with just one R to start. Better! But more people run flyers in order to swing and smash/block or just are good like Consecrated Sphinx, so you'll hit less opposing stuff. Worse! But here with non-artifacts, who builds around that other than colorless brews? Many might only save a random Solemn Simulacrum or Esper Sentinel or Duplicant as most will bite it. Note that this is one of the colors of ramp like Green with Cultivate, Black with Cabal Coffers or White with Land Tax, Red is rich with mass Treasure-makers like the aforementioned The Reaver Cleaver or Ancient Copper Dragon. This loves decks where Commanders either are artifacts or many artifact tokens like Pia and Kiran Nalaar. Also, shout out to planeswalker decks that care about artifacts like Daretti, Scrap Savant. This can also be player kill with life gain or when someone has lower life than you, don't sleep on that. Next is another Doctor!

#9. (#22. Overall) - The Second Doctor

The Second Doctor

This Azorius Group Hug Commander with a twist! I built around him with Vislor Turlough this week. Since he's a Doctor, he'll be getting more play than Companions, and he's in two colors. Your four-mana investment in Azorius nets you a smaller 2/4 body but two abilities. The first is that no one has a maximum hand size anymore - not you, not your foes, no one! Then the other thing is that in your EOT only everyone can draw a card. If they did, then they cannot attack you or your buddies this turn. Who would destroy this when they are drawing and keeping a fat grip of cards to discard? He'll stay around! He's pretty strong in all of the synergetic ways you want to build a Commander brew around! Next up is another Blue Commander, this time an enemy of The Doctor!

#8. (#21. Overall) - The Rani

The Rani

This four-cost Grixis drop has a smaller 3/4 body but two nasty-boosted abilities to make up for that lower power. The first in an ETB or attack trigger like Sun Titan. You make a Red Aura that gives a dork +2/+2 and goad. So, it's like Shiny Impetus without the Treasure making. Since it's both an enchantment and token, you can sacrifice it to bargain stuff like Beseech the Mirror in her colors. Then when a goaded dork deals combat damage to a foe, you get a free Clue maker, so she makes both Aura tokens and Clue tokens in one thing, so she's great leading a token deck. Tokens are beloved. But the one issue is that she's not in the token doubling colors of White like Anointed Procession or Green with Doubling Season. You have to find other synergies like Academy Manufacturer. She's so good and so flexible and you can lead a goad-matters brew, tokens-matter, or sacrifice-matters brew all in one cool card!

#7. (#20 Overall) - Crisis of Conscience

Crisis of Conscience

Welcome back to mono-White! This six-cost sorcery rare has two sweeping options - sweep all tokens or sweep all non-token non-land permanents. Nasty pair there since tokens are beloved as are things like Akroma's Vengeance for that cost that sweeps everything other than lands too, so like Delete, this is build around able with tokens and copies of things, but like Delete, this will never sweep everything. This is the ideal Wrath of God of the set like Farewell or Austere Command but not as powerful as those juggernauts. But it's still a powerful sweeper that will end any non-land non-token shenanigans! This is very strong with Sweeps Week! Next is my first Green card, and another Doctor to lead your group!

#6. (#19 Overall) - The Fugitive Doctor

The Fugitive Doctor

Hello Gruul fans, and boy do I have your fun take on the Doctor below! She costs five for a 4/4. Then on arrival to the battlefield you'll make a Clue. Then when she attacks you can sacrifice a Clue to flash back one spell from your graveyard for four mana! Nasty synergy with Clue makers in Green. Then you can flashback key things like Insurrection or Titania's Command for cheap or something like Decimate for the same mana but again. You can discard with Red's card flow to set up that flashback like Faithless Looting. You can break Nyssa and her together since she lives both colors of Treasure abuse, shares the same attack infrastructure and Blue is great at making Clues to sacrifice to either one. They are amazing together!

#5. (#18. Overall) - Duggan, Private Detective

Duggan, Private Detective

Forget other Clue matters leaders, Duggan is the best! This four-drop Simic dork has power and toughness equal to your hand count, so he's a beater in the Command Zone. When he ETBs or attacks you make a Clue. Nasty pair of options for that investigation. Then, once, he can deal twice his power to another target dork, so that's a big one-of that scales with your hand size. Since Simic debuted with this Clue Caring ability it's deep. And he's in the colors of the Fugitive Doctor and Nyssa. Next is another Red legendary dork to lead your team, but which one?

#4. (#17 Overall) - Bill Potts

Bill Potts

Hello Bill! You are my fourth overall card on my next list and my top scoring Doctor's Companion here as well. This four mana investment will yield a 2/4 body with one ability that's been loved already. Whenever you target her, solo, with an instant or sorcery or an ability too, you copy it once. And there is a one turn limit for this by the by. This is the beloved Zada, Hedron Grinder but Bill is better since she copies abilities but worse since it's just once per turn. Zada leads a powerful 5386 Commander decks over at EDHREC.com, so you can see what Bill is working with. Additionally, Bill can add two more colors to her brew to build around with a Doctor as her partner, so she's much more flexible, which is why she's a definite winner. Since she makes loads of copies of instants/sorceries, you'll want to add in magecraft enablers since they'll trigger twice, like in color Storm-Kiln Artist or Blue's powerful card drawing Archmage Emeritus. Next cracking the Top Three is another Doctor who's also in Green, but which one?

#3. (#16. Overall) - The Fourth Doctor

The Fourth Doctor

Everyone's favorite classic Doctor is this Simic four-drop. He's on curve with a 4/4 size. Then you can look at the top card of your library. Each turn, but just once, you may play/cast a historic spell/land from the top of your library and when you do you make a free Food token. This is great Simic Historic matters in your colors that makes Food too. He's brilliant in changing the top of your library like scry, surveil or Sensei's Divining Top or in color Sylvan Library. Then you can easily build a planeswalker, legendary matters and/or artifact matters deck around him. Note that this makes Food to sacrifice to Nyssa or build around artifacts to trigger him, make Food, and then sacrifice to her for cards. Since he's the Doctor, he's playable with any Companion as a partner in crime. He's pretty strong! This is my highest scoring Doctor in this week's article.

#2. (#15 Overall) - Me, the Immortal

Me, the Immortal

This five-drop three color Human Rogue has three fun abilities! The first is that at the beginning of combat you can give her one of four possible counters, three keywords (menace for evasion, vigilance to attack and then stay back without opening yourself up, first strike to keep people from blocking well or swinging) or a size pumper. Then counters will stick on Me when she moves from zone to zone save for hand and library - that's graveyard, command, exile, stack, and obviously in play where she keeps counters. Then you can cast Me from your graveyard if you discard two cards and pay her normal five mana. She's recursive! Note that she doesn't have a haste counter option, but she's in Red for things like Anger or Hammer of Purphoros. Our own Stephen Johnson just built around her here, enjoy his build! Our top card also shares two colors of identity with Me and then is also legendary and a dork for Commander purposes.

#1. (#14 Overall) - Davros, Dalek Creator

Davros, Dalek Creator

This Grixis four-drop 3/4 with menace is our top spot in today's list! He has one ability beyond menace. At your end step (just yours) you make a 3/3 Dalek artifact dork with menace. (*cough*...Delete...*cough*). He's also an artifact dork. Then for each foe who lost at least three life this turn, they get a choice to have me draw a card or they can discard. If they have a hand, they'll choose for you to draw, otherwise they'll likely choose to discard. Since this triggers in your EOT you get combat damage, triggers like Blood Artist or damage like...say...Delete again. Shoot, even Lightning Bolt works here! It's in colors that love dealing damage to foes (Red), life loss (Black) or defense (Blue) to really work well with its stuff. Ready for the era of Davros to begin? I hope so!

And that finishes up my second Top Ten list from Doctor Who! I hope that you enjoyed it!

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