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Tocasia's Super Fun Dig Site!


Hello Awesome People! I hope that your day is going well! Today, I want to hit up another The Brothers' War Commander brew! Who am I building around? Awesome question!

Tocasia, Dig Site Mentor

It's everyone's favorite Bant colored Human Artificer! Tocasia is a 4-drop 4/3, which is on curve, and gives your creatures vigilance and "Tap: Surveil 1". That's strong since you can swing, keep your stuff untapped to block, and then tap after your last foe's attack step, surveil with your team, and then dig for the best cards or put them into your graveyard. Then you can spend eight mana when she is in your graveyard to exile her and bring back any number of artifacts with a combined mana cost of 10 or less to the battlefield, so you can surveil the best artifacts to your graveyard and then recur them. You do need to go wide to make that happen, and we'll need more recursion than that 8-drop self-exile from the graveyard trigger, so let's get ready to rumble! There are only 5 decks over at EDHREC.com, so that's not that deep an established canon. I have loads of ways to build my own take of Tocasia!

Note that we are Green for ramping fun times and going wide with tokens to tap for surveilling and swinging... Ready for my digging fun times to commence?

Key Token Makers

Decree of Justice
Myr Incubator

Decree of Justice can cycle for three mana and x to make a bunch of 1/1 dorks at instant speed, replace itself, and can't be countered by traditional counters like Negate and Counterspell. You need an ability countering counter. Myr Incubator is a 6-drop artifact that you pay six, tap and sacrifice to search for artifacts from your deck, exile them, and make 1/1 artifact Myrs to attack and go wide with.

Supply // Demand
Verdeloth the Ancient

The split card is being played for Supply, the xgw spell that makes X 1/1 Saprolings, which should be a lot with my massive ramping here. Demand is a Tutor for a gold card, but we don't have that many, so it's here for the Supply Side. Verdeloth the Ancient is a 6-drop 4/7 Treefolk of the legendary persuasion you can kick for x to make x 1/1 Saprolings on arrival, and he'll pump them by +1/+1 so he is a game winner on a stick!

Myr Battlesphere

Check out these two Myr makers. The first is a 7-drop 4/7 Myr that makes 4 Myr when it enters the battlefield. Then you can tap any number of Myr to pump its power when it swings by the number of creatures tapped, and that could be quite a lot here and there, It also hits them for the same amount of damage as a trigger. The latter is a 2-drop 2/1 Mono-White Artificer that you can pay mana when you cast an artifact to make a 1/1 Myr token. I am also running Sai, Master Thopterist to turn artifact casts into Thopters with a 1/1 size with flying.

Key Self-Sacrificial Artifacts

Origin Spellbomb
Sarcomite Myr

Check out this pair of common self-sacrificial cards to bring back over and over again. Origin Spellbomb drops for one, then you can tap one and sacrifice it to make a 1/1 Myr with all of the synergies thereof, and then spend a White to draw a card. The Myr is a 3-drop 2/1 that can sacrifice for two to draw a card. You can also spend mana to make it fly over things. I also am running the common 2/1, 2-drop Parcel Myr that sacrifices for card flow. Then in my ramp section I have Armillary Sphere and Burnished Hart that sacrifice for two basic lands. Nice, right?

Synergies and Win-Cons

Concordant Crossroads
Laboratory Maniac

Let's turn to some synergies and win-cons. The Green world enchantment is a 1-drop that gives all stuff haste, including your foes'. It's here to give your team haste so that they can tap for surveilling now on arrival to the battlefield, but they do give your foes' stuff haste as well. I also tossed in Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots to give haste from an equipment perspective. The blue creature is a 3-drop 2/2 that can turn drawing on a dead library from a loss to a win! With all the putting of my library into my graveyard for recursion purposes with tapping, that seems pretty smart. I am also running Jace, Wielder of Mysteries that does that same but is a planeswalker.

Dictate of Heliod

I have these two 5-drop rares. Mirrorworks creates a cloned token of any nontoken artifact that arrives onto the battlefield, so your Burnished Hart, Origin Spellbomb, Parcel Myr, creatures like Steel Hellkite, and loads more are all double-able with copies. If you copied an artifact dork you can tap it to surveil as well as the original. The enchantment has flash and gives your team +2/+2 out of nowhere permanently. That's a nice combat trick, as people swing at your vigilanced 1/1 token horde, and now they are 3/3s that kill a lot of attackers they thought were safe. It's also good just to increase your creature kill in the red zone range and this has synergy with other aspects of this deck as you'll see. Love it loads here!


Brilliant Restoration
Invoke Justice

I have a few key recursion spells that recur along with my self-exiling Tocasia. Brilliant Restoration is a 7-drop that costs four White mana, a bit high for a low-cost deck, but we can recur all of our artifacts and enchantments from the graveyard to the battlefield. I also have Open the Vault which brings back all artifact and graveyards for all players, but is a much easier to cast card. Invoke Justice is a five-cost sorcery, again with the four White, and then returns any permanent from your graveyard to the battlefield, from Dictate of Heliod to Spine of Ish Sah. Then you can place a quartet of +1/+1 counters on your things, ideally your Commander for a Damage Kill or what you brought back if it's a dork.

Scrap Trawler
Myr Retriever

I also have some artifact creatures with death triggers to recur, like this pair. Scrap Trawler is a 3-drop 3/2 Construct that brings back a 2-drop or smaller artifact when it dies, and it works for other artifacts as well for smaller sized stuff. The Myr is a 2-drop 1/1 that brings back any artifact from your graveyard to your hand for recasting when it dies, and I also am running Junk Diver and Workshop Assistant that play into the same space.

Key Card Flow

Arcanis the Omnipotent
Shorikai, Genesis Engine

Now let's turn to some card flow like Tidings, Thought Monitor, Fact or Fiction, and this pair. Arcanis the Omnipotent is a 6-drop, triple Blue creature that taps to draw three cards. With the haste from Concordant Crossroads that's three cards right now, and with vigilance from Tocasia that means you can tap it after swinging and blocking and then draw three cards. You can also spend four mana to bounce and save it from removal, or to abuse with haste to draw more cards after tapping on your turn. Shorikai is a 4-drop 8/ vehicle with crew 8 that is here for that 1, Tap: draw two discard one and make a 1/1 Pilot that crews at 3. Draw two? Discard one for bringing back later? Make a token for tapping and surveilling? All for one mana? Sounds pretty good here, right?


Meteor Golem

Duplicant is a 6-drop that exiles a target nontoken creature on arrival to the battlefield and then you can copy it's creature type and power and toughness. That's a nice answer to indestructible dorks. Meteor Golem is a 7-drop that destroys any nonland permanent on arrival to the battlefield, so it's more flexible but less powerful in its answering overall.

Tormod's Cryptkeeper
Goblin Firebomb

The 3-drop is an on-curve 3/2 with vigilance, and it can tap to sacrifice and exile all stuff in one graveyard form the game, which is a nice brake on graveyard abuse. The 1-drop has flash and taps and sacrifices for seven mana to destroy any permanent like the Meteor Golem above except it can hit lands like Volrath's Stronghold or Gaea's Cradle. This can be flashed out instantly for 8 mana to end anything. Did you notice that this common pair sacrifice for their effect so you can bring them back for another go around the bin?

Mana, Rocks, and Lands

Tocasia's Dig Site
Stonespeaker Crystal

Tocasia's Dig Site arrives untapped and ready to surveil one for three mana. It's also named after our leader, so it's nice flavor flow as well as mechanical synergy. The Crystal is a 4-drop that taps for two colorless and then you can pay 2, tap it and sacrifice it to draw a card and exile any number of players' graveyards. It's good as removal as well as card flow, and I am also running Mind Stone and Commander Sphere, plus others that can be sacrificed for cards and then brought back with your mass recursion.

Birds of Paradise
Copper Myr

Birds of Paradise is a classic mana ramping dork that can make any color of mana, and in this deck it can be used to make all of our mana, block, and then tap for Tocasia's ability. I also have Noble Hierarch that taps for my three colors on a 1-drop mana dork. Copper Myr will tap for Green and costs two generic mana for a 1/1 artifact Myr body that taps to the Battlesphere. I am running all the mana Myr like Palladium Myr, as well as Scuttlemutt. All the mana bodies here are being run since we want artifacts, dorks, and tappers. They are strong with a first turn Concordant Crossroads.

Academy Ruins
Inventors' Fair

Academy Ruins is essential since it allows you pay two mana to put an artifact from our graveyard on top of your library. It works great with your self-sacrificing cards like Armillary Sphere and Origin Spellbomb. Inventors' Fair is colorless source that will gain you life if you have three or more artifacts, and then it can be sacrificed for four mana to fetch out any artifact from your deck to your hand. Get the removal you need or the win-con that will push you to victory.

Tomb of the Spirit Dragon
Treasure Vault

You can pay 2 and tap Tomb of the Spirit Dragon to gain life equal to your colorless dork count, so your many token Myr, or your Soldiers from Mass Production or just generally elsewhere are pretty strong. Treasure Vault is an artifact land that will sacrifice to make a bunch of artifacts called Treasures. It can then be brought back with your Academy Ruins or other recursion to really get your treasure count up there. It also self-sacrifices and plays into that theme.

Ready for my decklist?

Tocasia's Super Fun Dig Site | Commander | Abe Sargent

And there we go! Anything in there that you love or that I missed? Let me know!

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