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Top Ten No. 3 from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan


Hello awesome MTG fans! Let's finish up my final Top Ten from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan! This is a great set for kitchen table play like Commander, Type Four, Five Color, Peasant, Highlander and all multiplayer stuff. Today is my final Top Ten from the set plus I'll knock out four Honorable Mentions rather than three with this to give me an even Top 40 for the latest set! Ready for the fun to begin?

Let's do it to it!

Honorable Mention #1. (#40. Overall) - Hurl into History

Hurl into History

Let's start with this five-cost common counter of an artifact or dork. I like five+ mana counters that give you something like Desertion, Spelljack or Draining Whelk. What does this give you? A free discover equal to its casting cost! You'll either cast for free from your deck or draw it if it's the wrong time. Note that this only works on dorks or artifacts or it would hit way higher on my lists, but that's a lot of kitchen table stuff. This is also an amazing addition to Type Four where you have infinite mana but just one spell/turn so a counter that shuts down a turn from play that also nets you a free discover is amazing there! It's very strong at the winning conditioning. Let's stick with discover for the next card!

Honorable Mention #2. (#39. Overall) - Trumpeting Carnosaur

Trumpeting Carnosaur

Hello red ETB trigger fans, do I have the body for you! This six-drop 7/6 trampling beater is awesome! Then you can discard him in your hand for three mana to Bolt a dork or planeswalker. Nasty removal and it triggers descend EOT stuff. Then it's here for that sweet, sweet ETB trigger to discover 5. Note that unlike cascade, this is not a cast trigger, so you can copy with blink or reanimation. Or you could double it with Panharmonicon. It's also quite strong in Type Four on the first turn with getting two casts from your card and then an evasive beater that can win in a few hits. Love him loads! Now let's hit up the common rarity again!

Honorable Mention #3. (#38. Overall) - The Hidden Cave Cycle

Hidden Courtyard

Let's hit up this common land cycle next! I mean, sure, lands aren't exciting, but they are needed to cast your stuff! Check out this common set. They arrive tapped so you take a turn off. They tap for one color of mana, but just the one. Then they can be sacrificed at sorcery speed by spending their mana and then four more to discover 4 for free. I know, another discover card and that's three in a row, but drawing or getting a free cast from a land that helps your mana is pretty good from where I am sitting! Let's do a gold card next!

Honorable Mention #4 (#37. Overall) - Zoyowa Lava-Tongue

Zoyowa Lava-Tongue

This two-drop Rakdos colored legendary dork is my second-highest scoring uncommon legendary leader from this set for the Commander format, and I built around this Goblin Warlock in a Budget Commander this week. This on-curve 2/2 body has deathtouch to keep away opposing stuff from attacking if they are bigger. Also note that this has an EOT trigger for just you. Did you descend? Great! Now your foe's will have to discard or sacrifice a permanent, and if they cannot, then they take a Bolt to the face! As you can see, this fun thing can really wreck opposing hands and board positions and gives you great value over time. I love this leading a Group Slug brew, with slow win death triggers alongside things that slow them down, like Manabarbs in Red or Underworld Dreams in Black. I love this powerhouse loads. This is our final Honorable Mention in my final list! Next is my first non-land Green color identity card!

#10. (#36 Overall) - Bedrock Tortoise

Bedrock Tortoise

Ah yes, the Turtle Champion itself! This four-drop 0/6 has two cool abilities either of which make him worth playing, but together? Wow! The first is that your dorks have hexproof on your turn so opponents cannot mess with you instantly but will have to wait to their turn when they'll have to tap out. Strong! Then your dorks with toughness bigger than their power deal that damage in combat, so this swings and blocks as an on curve 6/6 for four mana. Nasty! If the power is equal or better it won't reduce your damage like toughness matters things like Doran, the Siege Tower, so it's better than this traditional ability. Love this so much just in any Green creature deck that has enough dorks to protect and a few high toughness dorks here and there like Silklash Spider or Commander Eesha to run. Love it loads!

#9. (#35. Overall) - Brass's Tunnel-Grinder / Tecutlan, the Searing Rift

Brass's Tunnel-Grinder // Tecutlan, the Searing Rift

Hello legendary artifact fans in Red? I got your next awesome card here with this three-drop. It has an ETB trigger to discard any number of cards and then draw that plus one. That's very strong here in any place where you can discard things you cannot play with the wrong mana or lands or mana rocks or dorks you don't need or removal that's not pertinent to the game. Then draw plus one and you can keep the best card. Then if you descended in your end step you toss a bore counter here and then on the third turn transform it to the red tapping legendary land Cave. When you use that mana for any permanent spell, get a free discover equal to its mana value! That's just so good in decks that are heavy in permanents. And then you can really dig and make a free land to get you a free discover each turn with the tapping!

#8. (#34 Overall) - Mephitic Draught

Mephitic Draught

Hello common Black card draw fans! I hope that your day is going super mega well! I got your two-drop artifact with this ETB and leaves play ability to draw and lose a life too. Why is it here? You can drop it, draw, and then sac it for value and draw again, like with Goblin Welder to gain value such as swapping with a graveyard artifact, and you are now up a card! Then you can cast this in decks that care about you having artifacts like affinity for artifacts. See why it's here? I hope so as well! Next, we'll knock out another colored artifact from this set, but we are heading to mythic rare from one extreme to another, and its legendary as well like the previous one!

#7. (#33. Overall) - The Enigma Jewel // Locus of Enlightenment

The Enigma Jewel // Locus of Enlightenment

This mythic rare one-drop artifact that taps for two colorless like the iconic Sol Ring but just for activating abilities. That's pretty good though! I like this with Commanders that have activated abilities that you are building around. Later in the game you can spend nine mana to craft with four non-lands and turn it into the Locus. Then the Locus has the activated abilities of all of the exiled stuff and then you'll get a free copy of the activated stuff! That's great in activated ability decks built around things like Thousand-Year Elixir or legendary leaders or adjuncts like Arcanis, the Omnipotent or Avatar of Woe. Then let's stick to this artifact that has a color identity with the next card too, okay?

#6. (#32. Overall) - Unstable Glyphbridge // Sandswirl Wanderglyph

Unstable Glyphbridge // Sandswirl Wanderglyph

This 5-drop rare artifact is here for its ETB ability to destroy all dorks save one two (or fewer) power dork that each player controls decided on by you. Mass removal on a card like this is awesome! Then you can craft it with five mana to turn it into the 5/3 flying Golem. They cannot attack you if they cast a spell, and if they attacked you, they cannot cast a spell - nasty stopping of their plans. That's not bad either, right? I love this in Hate Bear decks where a two power Bear like Aven Mindcensor can be saved but then you'll flip to one too.

#5. (#31. Overall) - Anim Pakal, Thousandth Moon

Anim Pakal, Thousandth Moon

I love this card so much that I built a Commander deck around her here. Why? This 3-drop Boros colored gal gets a +1/+1 counter for each time a non-Gnome attacks and then you make free, attacking 1/1 Gnomes equal to her counter count! +1/+1 counters are rarely, if ever, in Red, and now you can build around it! Many have built around the artifact Gnomes like with Steel Overseer or you could run it like mine with a bunch of +1/+1 counter enabling on the leader.

#4. (#30. Overall) - Matzalantli, the Great Door // The Core

Matzalantli, the Great Door // The Core

Let's knock out another artifact but this time how about a colorless one that can fit into every Commander deck? This can tap with no mana to draw and discard, so it's free card flow that can trigger discard matters or set up graveyard stuff! Then you can tap this with four mana to transform into The Core, but only if you have at least four different permanent types in your graveyard. This will tap for X mana of a color equal to your permanent count in your graveyard which could be loads of mana in decks built around permanents.

#3. (#29 Overall) - Akal Pakal, First Among Equals

Akal Pakal, First Among Equals

Everyone's favorite archetype is artifacts, right? That's why this 3-drop 1/5 mono-Blue Commander option is next! As you can see, this has an EOT trigger for everyone's turn if an ETB artifact arrived, and note, there is no "nontoken" clause here to stop Treasures or Clues. Then you dig two and draw one and then the other heads to your graveyard for recursive purposes. Nasty synergy and free card flow for your artifact loving colors! But it's here on my third list since it's capped to once/turn and that's harder to do instantly on your foe's turn. And it's just one color, but might be beloved around artifacts with flash tricks or in the 99 as an enabler.

#2. (#28 Overall) - Thousand Moons Smithy // Barracks of the Thousand

Thousand Moons Smithy // Barracks of the Thousand

Let's knock out another artifact with a color identity with this four-drop legendary artifact! When this ETBS you make a White Gnome Soldier with size equal to your creature/artifact count, which counts itself, so it'll always be at least a 1/1. Nasty win con. In your precombat main phase you can tap five untapped dorks/artifacts to flip it to the Barracks that when you use it to cast the two types, you get another free Gnome Soldier. I love this with tokens, artifacts, Treasure and tokens are everywhere in Commander. And this? Breaks them all!

#1. (#27. Overall) - Kutzil, Malamet Exemplar

Kutzil, Malamet Exemplar

Our top card in our final list is my highest uncommon legendary dork to lead your decks in Commander in the entire set, so it's a suitable way to end this thing! It shuts down opponents casting anything on your turn! That's nasty to remove interactions like counterspells or Heroic Intervention. The second ability? When your dorks deal combat damage to a foe, you'll draw a card if their power was highest than the base power printed on their card. Just one per combat though based on how this is written, but wo with first strike and one regular speed or one with double strike. Card flow + shut down interaction in one Commander? It's so strong to begin the beats! I have called this leader for a future EDH Deck which should, ideally, be published next Tuesday, enjoy!

I hope that you enjoyed my Top 40 from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan! Have an awesome day!

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