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Magic RPG: Multiplayer


Have you ever wished that you started with more life? Have you ever wished that you could have 8 cards in your starting grip? Have you ever wished that you had power and could attack along with your creatures?

Welcome to the Magic RPG!

Hello everyone! I hope that you are having a delightful day today. So today is the last installment in my 2017 mega set of Magic: The RPG articles I envisioned when I redid the RPG for you earlier this year. Welcome to the final expansion I had planned. Below is the multiplayer expansion, designed especially for giving you additional options for player against multiple opponents. These abilities noted below are useful for both normal multiplayer as well as the Commander RPG variant I created a couple of months ago.

Here are the previous entries in this series:

  1. The Original Rules This includes everything from Stats, Skills, Traits, rules on how to build up your character which sets and cards you begin the game with access to and a lot more!
  2. The Battle Mage The first rules supplement introduces a new state called Battle Mage that gives you power, with skills that let you block or attack!
  3. Beginning of the Game Phase This rules supplement introduces a Beginning of the Game Phase when you do things like roll to see who goes first, take mulligans, and resolve some new skills and traits we bring to the table from the RPG that will be in effect for this game.
  4. Commander RPG This is the ruleset for Commander with changes to Skills and Traits as needed as well as changing and removing some rules. It also includes all of the Commander eligible Skills and Traits from the first three articles all at the end in a giant Appendix.

And that brings us to here!

The Magic: RPG is designed for you to play as a Planeswalker who learns and gains skills and new cards as they duel against other Planeswalkers. You begin with some Mage Points that you invest in your character. You have stats that set your life total, number of cards, size of your library, your power, and a lot more. You also have Skills that you can purchase multiple times each for various effects and Traits that can be purchased one time per Trait.

As a reminder, some Skills are Actions. They are in orange. What that means is that, for each Mage Point you invest in that Action, then once per game you can use that ability. I would recommend tracking that Action with a die for that game. As a reminder, some Skills and Traits give you Access to cards. They are bolded purple so you can tell them apart. You can only play cards you have Access to, and check out the original articles to find out what cards you begin the game with Access to already.

The goal here was to create Skills and Traits that are particularly good in a multiplayer context. I have a Trait below that I created about six months ago that I have been dying to show you so get ready!


I have six new Skills for you below! Among them are some cool options like

Abjurer — You have learned how to create light shields of magical force that can reduce incoming damage to yourself. For each Mage Point you invest in Abjurer, damage from non-creature sources to you is reduced by 1.

Alliance of Guilds — You have taken a trip to a special plane with its own rules and gained an alliance with a local Guild. For each Mage Point you invest in this Skill, choose a faction from Unstable. Gain Access to every card with that guild’s watermark. Make sure your friends are okay playing with silver bordered cards.

Exploit Weakness — You have learned how best to handle problems that occur on the battlefield. Even the strongest shield is weak somewhere and can be overcome. This is an Action. When you use this, for the rest of the turn, you may target opposing permanents as if they did not have shroud, hexproof, or protection, and opposing permanents may not regenerate.1

Strengthen from Within — After spending time in isolation learning how to connect with and grow your own internal power to strengthen yourself, you can now teach that to others you lead into battle as well. This is an Action. When you use this, every creature you control gets a +1/+1 counter on it.2

Prohibit — You know how to enforce some silence at the battlefield and the value of a reprieve to gather one’s wounded as well as harness resources for the next round of battle. This is an Action. Until your next turn, neither you nor your Planeswalkers may be attacked or targeted by any spells or abilities.

Tribal Majesty — You have learned how to connect tribal magic with modern enspellments. Each time you choose this Skill, choose three non-land, non-creatures that have the name of a creature type in their name, including a modified form of it as an adjective or adverb. Those three cards can the Tribal – X, where X is the name in their title. Examples include Goblin Offensive, Elven Cache, and Dwarven Catapult, which would gain Tribal – Goblin, Tribal – Elf, and Tribal – Dwarf respectively. If it is clearly related to a tribe, but does not have that name, you cannot tether them with Tribal Majesty. So Kuldotha Rebirth or Brightstone Ritual, for Goblins, cannot be used to make a Tribal - Goblin card, as one example.


Are you ready for the 22 Traits below? Great! We’ll start with the one that’s really, really FUN!

The Deck of Many Things — You have captured and secured this iconic magical item, but beware where you shuffle and draw a card, because anything could happen. At the beginning of each of your turns, before you untap, roll a d20 and take the selection result:

The Deck of Many Things

  1. Lose 5 life
  2. Discard a card at random
  3. Sacrifice a non-token permanent you control
  4. Exile 5 cards from your graveyard at random
  5. Your creatures and artifacts do not untap this turn
  6. Each opponent may put a creature card of casting cost 4 or less onto the battlefield.
  7. Each opponent may put a creature card of casting cost 3 or less from their graveyard onto the battlefield.
  8. Each player draws a card
  9. Deal 2 damage to all creatures
  10. Discard two cards at random. For each card discarded in this way, draw a card
  11. Scry 2
  12. Choose up to two target creatures. They do not untap on their next untap step
  13. Return target non-land with a casting cost of 2 or less to its owner’s hand
  14. You may put a creature card of casting cost 3 or less from your graveyard onto the battlefield.
  15. Put 2 +1/+1 counters on target creature
  16. Put a 2/2 Bear token onto the battlefield under your control
  17. Search your library for a basic land, reveal it and put it into your land. Shuffle
  18. Gain 2 mana of any color of your choice that lasts until the end of your turn
  19. Draw a card
  20. Gain 5 life

Are you Planeswalker enough to Shuffle the cards and see what fate has in store for you? 3 You’ll note that you have 10 guaranteed hits from #11-20, and then #8-10 are potentially useful to you or help everyone. Then the #1-7 are bad, so there is a risk here. Like it? I hope so!

Amulet of the Crescent Moon — Either you, or a companion, has been to Kamigawa, and met with the Kami of the Crescent Moon there and distilled its Magical essence into this Amulet you wear. During each player’s Draw Step, that player draws an additional card.

Bant’s Warfare — You have spent a good amount of time on Bant learning their method of warfare quite well. Your permanents that naturally have exalted give +2/+2 instead of +1/+1.

Builder of the Profane — You take science to its full extent and then layer in some magical appellations as needed to push on. You gain Access to all of the Contraptions from Unstable. You may now build a Contraption deck.

From the Depths — You have mastered deep powers from the Benthic Underwater. Whenever you cast an Octopus, Kraken, Leviathan, or Serpent, make a 3/3 blue Squid token and put it under your control.4

Growth in Numbers — You have learned how to best build over time. During your upkeep, proliferate.5

Into the Maelstrom — You are going to push this battle into an ongoing rush of Planewalking in order to secure better footing for everyone. During the Beginning of the Game Phase, choose 20 different Planes and show everyone. Each other player chooses 5. Create a Plane deck, and play with Planes as per the rules of that format. No Phenomenon though, just Planes.

Lessons Learned — Are you able to learn from the lessons of battle? Are you able to evince your lessons? Great! Your nontoken creatures gain Renown 2. (When this creature deals combat damage to a player, if it’s not renowned, put two +1/+1 counters on it, and it becomes renowned.)

Liar’s Contest — In the next Rakdos Show on Ravnica, they are hosting a Liar’s Contest. You intend to ‘walk over and participate. You gain this ability:

2CC: Name a card. Target opponent chooses whether or not that card is in your hand. You may reveal your hand. If the guess was incorrect, then you may draw a card. (This casting cost is colorless, and requires 2 generic mana and 2 colorless to use)6

Lightning Flinger — Whenever you deal damage with an instant or sorcery with “Lightning” in its name, you may deal one more damage. This does include Blightning or cards that have other similar plays on the word Lightning.7

Ode to Belief — During the Beginning of the Game Phase, each player may search their library for a card with a converted cast cost of 2 or fewer, reveal it, set it aside, and then place it into their hand after they finish mulligans.

Ode to Reverence — During the Beginning of the Game Phase, choose three numbers. On those turns, during their post-combat main phase, each player untaps all of their permanents and draws a card.

Raceway Expert — You have spent some time on Kaladesh learning the way of the race circuits. Your non-token creatures gain the Pilot creature type. Any Vehicle that is crewed by your creatures gets +1/+1 for each Pilot that crews it.

Sign of the Archer — As you were born under the Sign of the Archer (or you gave requisite sacrifices later to gain it’s power), you have a major affinity with all things bow-related. Gain Access to all Bows — Bow of Nylea, Heart-Piercer Bow, Fyndhorn Bow, Viridian Longbow, as well as five creatures with the Archer type of your choice. Your Bows cost one less generic mana to cast.

Sign of the Artisan — As you were born under the Sign of the Artisan (or you gave requisite sacrifices later to gain it’s power), you have a major affinity with all things craft related. You love to make high quality goods. Gain Access to every card with “Artisan” in its title. (But not “Partisan”). Choose three artifacts, and Gain Access to them as well.

Sign of the Eternal One — As you were born under the Sign of the Eternal One (or you gave requisite sacrifices later to gain it’s power), you have developed an ability to extend your life. Whenever you would gain life, instead gain double that life.

Sign of the Scale — As you were born under the Sign of the Scale (or you gave requisite sacrifices later to gain it’s power), you have developed a strong desire to work with fellow Dinosaurs, your Scale-Friends. Every Dinosaur you control, or creature with the “-Saur” string in its name gets “Enrage — Whenever this is dealt damage, put a +1/+1 counter on it.” (Examples include Pygmy Pyrosaur, Crag Saurian, and Brooding Saurian).

Swords from Sorcery — You have learned how to take Magic bequeathed to one person and move it to another without weakening its strength. During your main phase, you may spend the casting cost of an aura you control that is enchanting a permanent you control. You may move it to another legal target you control. As an example, if you had Unholy Strength on a creature you control, you could spend B on your main phase to move it to a different creature you control.

Strike of the Jester — You have learned the value of a subtle joke or jest targeting another and the powerful impact it can have on the battlefield. At the beginning of your upkeep, you may goad target opposing creature.

Temporal Machine — You have built a powerful Temporal Machine! At the beginning of your 6th turn’s upkeep, and every other turn after that (8th, 10th etc), shuffle your library and reveal the top card. You may cast that card without using any mana, or, if a land, put it onto the battlefield.

Trapspringer — You adore reveling in traps. Your traps may be played for their cheapest cost. You do not lose the game for failing to pay the cost for a “Pact” card. Gain Access to Pit Trap, Deadlock Trap, Leonin Bladetrap, Booby Trap and Trap Digger.8

Unstoppable —You have developed a certain ferocity, that is so powerful that your creatures you summon arrive to the battlefield without being able to being stopped by any effect. Your creature spells cannot be countered by spells or abilities.

And there we are! Another injection of multiplayer madness for your next night! I hope you enjoy giving these a spin in your next game!

1 This Skill originally turned off indestructible as well, but that was deemed too powerful in playtesting. If your playgroup needs some anti-indestructible tech, then feel encouraged to add it back if it’s balanced for you.

2 While this is initially inspired by Ajani Goldmane and similar cards like Oath of Ajani, I feel a lot of decks will enjoy the power of this Skill, so you are welcome Magic players.

3 I KNOW! So awesome, amiright?!?

4 We all know this is Kiora, right? Right?

5 Yes, it works with the cards you expect it too.

6 This card is heavily inspired by Liar's Pendulum and players I played with that would just be dominated by my ability to read them and guess wrong.

7 Ral Zarek says, ”Hello.”

8 This was originally two separate Traits that were pretty weak on their own, combined to give you one solid theme, as well adding the Access for a few cards. Enjoy casting Pact of the Titan or Summoning Trap!

Unstable is Now Available!