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What Are the Best Commanders for Enchantment Decks?


Hello awesome Magic/Commander fans! I hope your day is going well! Today, I wanted to do something very fun: count down the best legendary Enchantment/Aura matter leaders for your next Commander deck!

Ready? Let's get started!

Number Fourteen

Bruna, Light of Alabaster

This 6-drop legendary Angel is first on our list as a 5/5 with flying and vigilance. She rocks a nasty attack and block trigger, so you'll want to swing at an open player while still keeping her back on defense. You can swap Auras to her, and then drop any number from your hand and graveyard onto her as well! Since this is an attack trigger, you can put an unblockable Aura on and slip on through any defense. She is just so powerful and an ideal way to kick off today's list!

Number Thirteen

Mazzy, Truesword Paladin

This 4-drop Naya colored 3/4 Aura lover is next! When any of your enchanted creatures attack a foe, they are Rancored for the turn! (Trample, +2 power). Then when an Aura of yours dies, you can cast it again before the end of your next turn, although if not it'll be exiled so no recursion tricks there like Auramancer.

Number Twelve

Zur, Eternal Schemer

Next up is another take on the Classic and higher hitting Zur! This Esper colored 3-drop with a 1/4 flying, blocking body gives your enchantment creatures deathtouch to trade up, lifelink to double life swings, and hexproof to prevent targeted removal. A nasty trio! Then you can turn a non-Aura enchantment you control into a dork with size equal to its cost. It's a fun take on the old Classic!

Number Eleven

Tatsunari, Toad Rider

Our final shot before the Top Ten proper is this 3-drop Mono-Black 3/3. When you cast an enchantment spell, you can make a free 3/3 Frog token named Keimi. Then, when you cast enchantments, you drain a life from each foe - that's a win con cast trigger. Then you can spend two mana to give this and a Frog, like Keimi, unblockable for the turn, save by reachers and flyers.

Number Ten

Uril, the Miststalker

This Naya 5/5 hexproof leader is unique on today's list, since it's the only red zone threat that kills with Combat/Commander Damage. With hexproof your foes cannot target it, and with the boost in size from Auras attached, it'll grow big fast! And it's hard to interact with. Uril is so nasty with a trample granting Aura like Rancor or a flying Aura in White, or unblockable Equipment like Prowler's Helm. Get your beats on!

Number Nine

Tuvasa the Sunlit

This Bant colored 3-drop 1/1 is next! She gets a size boost equal to your total number of enchantments. That makes her one better than Uril since they can both kill in the red zone, but she's smaller and lacks hexproof. But then you can draw a card when you cast an enchantment, but just once per turn. So, there's a limit to that too. She's not a true Enchantress in the Command Zone. She's very flexible, hence her spot on the list, but not as strong in the red zone as Uril or non-interactable with hexproof, and not as good as higher hitting stuff.

Number Eight

Estrid, the Masked

Let's turn to the only legal planeswalker as a Commander on our list! This 4-drop, Bant, 3-loyalty leader has a +2 to untap all enchanted permanents. That'll make you tons of mana with enchant lands in Green like Wild Growth, enchanted mana dorks like Bloom Tender with Auras, or enchanted mana rocks like Sol Ring with Blue stuff. Nasty mana making right there. You can draw tons with an enchanted Arcanis the Omnipotent or The One Ring. Then you can -1 Estrid to toss an Aura on another permanent with totem armor to save it, so you can get those untaps without needing Auras. You'll want them to abuse the +2 instead. You can also untap after attacking.

Number Seven

Anikthea, Hand of Erebos

This three-color Abzan 5-drop 4/4 with Menace is next. Like Zur above, this gives abilities to your enchantment dorks, in this case menace, and is also an enchantment dork. Then you have an ETB or attack ability here, like Grave Titan. You exile up to one non-Aura enchantment from your graveyard, and now it's a 3/3 black Zombie token copy. This is similar to Zur where you can turn non-Auras into copies, but here, you can only do so once since they'll get exiled. This swaps Blue, with no enchantment support, for Green with things like Vesuvan Enchantress. The colors and perma copies without any mana investment are better here and you are in the colors (Selensya) of token making copying like Doubling Season to really abuse this. Love this Demigod loads!

Number Six

Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice

This 2-drop Grizzly Bear 2/2 is next, and is our top scoring mono-colored dork. Your Auras have an ETB ability to search your library for something of a cheaper or equal Mana cost and put it onto the battlefield onto your Commander! Getting free tutors is already amazing, and adding the free drops onto what you probably were already wanting to enchant is awesome! Since this Fox is so cheap, you can drop it turn two, turn three an Aura to enchant it, like Unquestioned Authority, to give it pro creatures to swing and then draw, and then Tutor out the double strike giving Battle Mastery and attack for four unblockable. See how powerful this is?

Number Five

Eriette of the Charmed Apple

This recently printed 3-drop Orzhov leader is next! She has a 2/4 size and two abilities. Each dork that's enchanted by your stuff cannot attack you or your planeswalkers, so you'll want to toss them on opposing stuff, Reverse Voltron style. Then in your end step only, you'll drain X life from each foe equal to your Aura count. That's a nasty win con there. She is an ideal original Orzhov identity since they were all about slowing down your foes and then killing them with things like Pillory of the Sleepless. She is our highest scoring Aura lover, as everything else on the list just likes enchantments generally.

Number Four

Ghen, Arcanum Weaver

I feel like all four of these could be #1. The Goblin Welder of enchantments is next! This 3-drop Mardu colored 2/3 that taps for Mardu mana will sacrifice an enchantment to recur a different one. Ideally, you'll do this early to drop a fat Aura or enchantment, or recur something in your colors to sac and have ETB/death triggers with. I also love this in a Saga deck to bring back dead Sagas. You are not playing this enough!

Number Three

Go-Shintai of Life's Origin

This 4-drop 3/4 enchantment Shrine is next! You can tap it for five mana, one of each color, to recur any enchantment to the battlefield from your graveyard. If your mana is set, you can do it the turn after you drop it. We all know how popular five color legendary leaders can be. There is a triggered ability here too - when it or another non-token Shrine ETBs you make a free 1/1 token Shrine that's colorless. Loving Shrines and enchantments in equal measure, this is a beloved classic already! I also like this with Sagas too, since it has two more colors and just bring them back without sacrifice.

Number Two

Zur the Enchanter

This 4-drop Esper colored flying 1/4 dominated Commander when printed. It has an attack trigger to search out an enchantment with a cost of 3 or less and drop to the battlefield. Just like Light-Paws, but this is Limited by just smaller stuff and once/turn when he swings. He adds two colors of options, loves things more than just Auras, and then really breaks things. Many out there might think he should be #1 due to power and rep. But sorry Zur fans, I don't rate him there...

Number One

Sythis, Harvest's Hand

This Selesnya colored 2-drop 1/2 is tops! She's my favorite! You have a simple cast trigger for all of your enchantments, gain a life and draw a card. There are no other limits there! If they are cast? Draw! This will happen even if countered, but doesn't work as an ETB ability for copies or tokens. An Enchantress in the Command Zone gives so much value over time! Run her!

There we are! I hope that you enjoyed my looksee at all Enchantment/Aura leaders!

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