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What are the Best Voltron Commanders?


Hello Commander fans that like dealing damage with their Commander to win the game! I've got you covered! Today we'll be looking at Commanders that are good with Equipment, Auras, +1/+1 counters or otherwise want to add things to win fast in the red zone with Commander Damage.


As a reminder, I make my lists first and order them, and then check places like EDHREC.com or others to see what they had!

Number Fifteen

Jeska, Thrice Reborn
Akiri, Line-Slinger

Let's start with our only planeswalker/Commander, Jeska, Thrice Reborn! She costs three, arrives with loyalty equal to your Commander casts, so one on the third turn with her only, and then partner. Her 0 ability will triple the combat damage a dork you control would deal, and its partner can make sure that this is Commander Damage to kill fast. Love her and her partner kin loads. Her partner will rule the roost here, typically adding one or two other colors, although there are some good red options, like zero drop Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh or super-secret 2-drop Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar. Shout out to artifact matters Boros colored Akiri, Line-Slinger to kill fast, but needs evasion like equipment.

Number Fourteen

Grunn, the Lonely King

Next let's hit up Mono-Green, with this legendary uncommon 6-drop 5/5. When it attacks alone, you'll double its power to 10/10. But if kicked it into a 10/10 base with three more mana, it'll double into a 20/20 and kill in just two hits of regular damage or Commander damage too. The only major issue here is that you have no way to make that happen for sure, like evasion such as trample or flying, or hexproof or indestructible. That's where Voltron stuff enters the battlefield like Rancor making it a 12/10 trampler doubling into a 24/20 trampler or Whispersilk Cloak to make him unblockable and shroud to shut down targeted interaction. Love him loads!

Number Thirteen

Raised by Giants
Wilson, Refined Grizzly

From partner to background is this cool 6-drop Green enchantment. This will turn any Commander into a base 10/10 size (and Giant type too.) Nasty! This is ideal with a Commander that chooses a background, just like Jeska above with partner. A great choice in color is Wilson, Refined Grizzly, since it cannot be countered, and has a 2/2 body with trample, reach, ward 2 and vigilance on just two early mana. Ward on an uncounterable dork is rough, and three more keywords are running around too. You can give it haste with equipment like Lavaspur Boots in OTJ while also granting ward. I also love this with red's Baeloth Barrityl, Entertainer to goad all opposing creatures to get in hits. Livaan, Cultist of Tiamat makes things bigger when you cast your Voltron spells like Auras and Equipment. Blue's Vhal, Candlekeep Researcher would tap for 10 mana to equip your stuff. Anything with an evasion like flying or trample or menace also works great!

Number Twelve

Zurgo Helmsmasher

This aggro-loving 5-drop Mardu 7/2 is next! It has haste. It must attack each turn. It has indestructible on your turn, so it's hard to answer, and then it has a Sengir Vampire ability to gain +1/+1 counters for each creature that blocks it and dies. It is hard to answer on your turn with indestructible, and can win in three punches. But it has no evasion and can be answered by sorcery speed answers like Vindicate. So, it's going to want evasion and pants to protect it, ideally both. Take an unblockable thing like Silver Shroud Costume to give it shroud for a turn and unblockable forever. Or a flying and power pumping aura like Serra's Embrace that also gives it vigilance to block too after the forced swinging. I love this with a protection from dorks aura since no one can block it ever, like Unquestioned Authority that replaces itself or the power pumping Holy Mantle. It's great with the entire Sword of X and Y cycle for two protections to swing, +2 size, and then two combat damage triggers. This is in my Mardu Commander Cube and folks really love drafting and building around him.

Number Eleven

Galea, Kindler of Hope
Colossus Hammer

Our final slot before the Top Ten proper is this four-mana 4/4 Bant lady! She rocks vigilance. You can look at the top card of your library, and cast it if it's an Aura or Equipment, and if it's the latter, you can equip for free! Wow. That's amazing with cheap equipment with high equip costs, like Colossus Hammer to turn her into a 14/14 vigilance for one mana, toss in a few more equipment like double strike giving Holy Avenger or Fireshrieker to deal 28 damage right now for three mana or cheap auras like the aforementioned Rancor for trample, and you win in a few hits or just one. Just the turn after you cast her, you can easily just win without haste. She is just so fast! Love her loads!

Number Ten

Slicer, Hired Muscle

Welcome to the top ten, our first and highest scoring Mono-Red non-partner/background dork, and most unique Voltron winner is this 5-drop 3/4 with both double strike and haste. It attacks for six on the turn you cast it. Then it triggers each opponent's upkeep, they can gain control, it gains goad, and cannot be sacrificed. It not, covert it. You'll want to do that to force everyone to attack and kill each other with it, save you. Add colorless or red equipment or Auras like menace adding Beamtown Beatstick and +1 power, or Blackblade Reforged to make a nasty high powered size leader.

Number Nine

Kosei, Penitent Warlord
Opal Palace

Here's a fun Voltron-y challenge! Is this Mono-Green 0/5 enchanted, equipped, or have counters? Great! His damage is dealt to all foes in combat damage, instead of to just one. Nasty killing fast, but you need three things to make it work! For equipment, might I suggest a cheap equipment that equips fast for big power like Bonesplitter? You could play Rancor for one mana and now you have a 4/5 trample for two mana invested, you can easily give him a +1/+1 counter from a land like Opal Palace, then swing with your 5/6 on turn four! He's a fun challenge!

Number Eight

Reyav, Master Smith

Everyone's favorite 2-drop uncommon Bear cost and body is next! Your Boros here is great, since when you swing with any equipped or enchanted dork, it'll get double strike. That means he is dealing four damage base plus double damage from the Aura and/or Equipment on him. That's pretty strong right there, then you can build him up fast with power boosters to kill quickly with Commander Damage. He's in White for flying and unblockable Auras, Red for hasted ones, and all equipment too. He's great with cheap stuff that increases power with innate double strike, like the previously mentioned Bonesplitter. Love him loads, and you can win with other stuff too if he is answered since they'll get double strike when swinging with something like Pacifism on him. Get this fun uncommon!

Number Seven

Balan, Wandering Knight

This Hill Giant sized and costed rare with first strike is next! You can spend two mana without tapping him to send all equipment you control here. That's great mana savings! Then if two or more equipment are here, you'll upgrade that first strike to double! That's so good! Getting just two mana to equip them all is arguably better than Galea above, since she only gives that free equipment from just your library's casts. Also, you cannot use Auras here, and have fewer color options for your equipment, but there are plenty of cheaper options to drop. Or a living weapon after they died, like Kaldra Compleat or Batterskull. Happy Balan Beatings!

Number Six

Thrun, Breaker of Silence
Thrun, the Last Troll

Now let's turn to the next Mono-Green duo, the Thruns! Ideally, to run Auras and Equipment and counters on a dork, we want one that's hard to answer. Each of these cannot be countered. Thrun, The Last Troll is four mana for a 4/4 with hexproof to prevent targeted interaction and then regeneration to save from removal or combat damage with mana. The Breaker costs five, 5/5 body and adds trample, cannot be targeted by Non-Green stuff only by your foes, and then has indestructible but your turn only. This Troll Combo are great with infect equipment, Auras and more and cannot be easily answered with targeted removal. That's why they are here. These are my highest hitting Mono-Green non-partner or background on today's list!

Number Five

Karlach, Fury of Avernus
Flaming Fist

Ah yes Karlach! This five mana 5/4 Mono-Red beater is next! She has an attack trigger to untap your attackers, give them first strike, and then you get another attack step. Just once though. Then her choosing of a background will let you tag team her with another color, like, say, Flaming Fist to give her double strike when she swings. Nasty! With double strike and another attack step, you have the chance to deal four Commander damage each turn, and can be divided into two attack steps and kill two players with 11 power. Just one +1 power effect will kill one player in one turn with 24 Commander Damage. But she has no evasion, so ideally you'll be adding in white flying, protection from creature Auras and red haste, and equipment like the Swords of X and Y to pump her power and then not be blocked, and give you four triggers too. There's also Gruul with Raised by Giants. She is so good at the beatings.

Number Four

Yargle and Multani

Welcome to Golgari! Your six mana buys you a massive two hit wonder 18/6! But there are no abilities here at all, they are just vanilla and they have a killable 6 toughness. Enter the Voltron part of today's article! You aren't in White or Blue for flying Auras, but you can grab bunches of trample in Green, and unblockable stuff in artifact form like Trailblazer's Boots. Since they can be destroyed and targeted, toss in protection like Swiftfoot Boots and haste too, and then Mithril Coat to give it indestructible. Love this with the aforementioned Rancor too, or maybe artifacts such as Loxodon Warhammer.

Number Three

Bruna, Light of Alabaster
Eldrazi Conscription

Our 2nd highest scoring Aura lover is this 6-drop flyer, vigilance, 5/5 beater in Azorius colors! She has an attack and block trigger to put Auras onto her, and then drop them for free from your hand to her in any number, as well as from your graveyard too. That means you can easily turn her into a one, two, or three turn win-con with her attack trigger with the right set-up of free Auras, ideally Eldrazi Conscription. That alone makes her a 15/15 flyer, vigilance, annihilator 2 and trample. That'll easily win in two hits, one with a double striking Aura like Battle Mastery. She can also swing again after removal and reload what died to your graveyard.

Number Two

Uril, the Miststalker
Ethereal Armor

This is everything the Trolls aren't. It costs five for a 5/5 hexproof, then gets a +2/+2 boost in size for each Aura on it. Plus you add two colors in Red and White and swap out cannot be countered for the loss of "cannot be countered." You are in the colors of Ethereal Armor, All That Glitters, and Ancestral Mask to pump big. You can give it flying and indestructible and two boosted size with Shield of the Oversoul. Red can give it haste or menace to make it even harder to block, like trample, +1/+1 and menace in just printed 2-drop Demonic Rukus. Or +3 power menacing boost with Madcap Skills. It's a beloved powerhouse!

Number One

Rafiq of the Many
Finest Hour

Our final Voltron Commander is very old school. When he debuted in Shards of Alara, he created the Bant synergy of Voltron with exalted and attacking one dork at a time. He began in my Commander Cube and is still beloved and drafted. With exalted, a 3/3 four-mana Bant colored dork that also gives the dork attacking alone double strike, so he'll attack as a 4/4 dealing 8. Then some exalted like Noble Hierarch and Qasali Pridemage will increase that power. You can give him lifelink with Battlegrace Angel, or, really, double attacks with Finest Hour on double strike. Or you can toss out power pumping Auras and Equipment to punch above their weight with double strike. Idolized? Sublime Archangel? He might be old school, but he's still awesome from where I am sitting.

There we are! I hope that you enjoyed my Voltron Commander Options!

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